Sweat Like a Man….and Win a Shirt!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of doing some sort of athletic endeavor with me, it’s no secret that I sweat like a man. But not like a stinky man. More like a dainty, feminine man. Hmmmm, not sure a sweaty feminine man is quite the visualization I was going for… Basically, I sweat a lot during workouts.

Taken: 1/29/13 Ignore my awesomely sweaty self.  That's what 7 miles of speed work does to me.

Proof I sweat like a man. I was trying to show off my baby bicep in this picture after 7 miles of speed work.

Before I really got inundated with the athletic community, I was actually a bit embarrassed to sweat in public. I mean after all, girls don’t sweat, they ‘glisten.’ Pfft. Whatever. I’m glad I got over that fear quickly. I’m actually quite proud of those little liquid drops of awesome that I produce; let’s me know I’ve done some work. {Side note…my Handana rocks the house for keeping sweat off of my face!}

Sweat is your body’s natural defense to heat. The more you sweat, the more efficiently your body is working to cool you down. If you’re not sweating, there’s most likely something wrong. (No joke.) A study conducted by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute found that the average runner will lose 2 to 4 pounds of sweat per hour while running in 85 degree heat and 40% humidity. That’s a LOT of sweat.


Ok, I don’t sweat THAT much…. But it is a funny movie.

Since sweat basically keeps us alive in the summer (ok, slight exaggeration) shouldn’t we celebrate it? Well, the creative minds over at ViewSPORT certainly think we should. They’ve created a whole line of sweat activated athletic shirts. As you sweat it up in your workout, a secret message is revealed. The tagline for their shirts is “Motivation Revealed.”

When I received a shirt to review, I was super excited. Not only do I sweat like a man, I’m also incredibly easily amused and a sweat activated shirt is basically the entertainment equivalent of playing with your food.


The first thing I noticed about my shirt was how buttery soft it was.  It’s not a tech shirt but I didn’t have any problem running almost 9 miles in it; no chafing or irritation.  I wouldn’t recommend you take it on a 20 miler but it’s great for 10 and under.  It’s also great for gym workouts and every day wear.  I really dug the cut of the shirt, too.  I have a longer torso and this was the perfect length, not to mention it came in slightly at the waist and then relaxed over my hips. I hate wearing t-shirts that just hang all the way down.

shirt 3

Gotta love pre-run pictures where you’re still basically asleep.

I took my shirt for a test drive on my long run last Saturday and I probably drove my friend Mel crazy by asking her 27 million times ‘what does it look like?’ ‘can you see the hidden message?’ If you haven’t figured out the hidden message on my shirt appeared on the backside.

Well sure enough, by the end of the run I had managed to sweat enough to reveal “BOOM.”  I love it!  Finally, a shirt that rewards me for sweating like a man!

My spibelt sort of messed up the bottom of the O's but still, how awesome is that??

My spibelt sort of messed up the bottom of the O’s but it’s still awesome….
and gross that I sweat that much.

And the best part? ViewSPORT wants to reward one of you lucky readers for sweating like a man, too! They make both male and female shirts so for all the fellas out there, don’t be shy, this contest is for you, too.

Mandatory entry:  Leave a comment answering if you sweat like a man and are proud of it.

Additional Entries (leave a separate comment for each one you do):

  • Follow ViewSPORT on twitter
  • Tweet about the contest.  Ex. “I’m proud to get sweat like a man and want to win a @ViewSPORT shirt via @asphaltnosher. http://wp.me/p28bf6-IB”
  • Upload a picture to Instagram showing me you sweat like a man. Make sure to tag me @asphaltnosher and @viewsport.

That’s 4 chances to win an awesome shirt! Contest ends on at midnight (EST) on Wednesday, April 24th. The winner will be announced in Friday’s post.  Wish me luck, tomorrow I’m running my first Warrior Dash!!

86 thoughts on “Sweat Like a Man….and Win a Shirt!

  1. Wait this is so awesome. I sweat like a man when it’s hot out. It’s my way of showing how hard I worked.

  2. After having a baby I DEF sweat like a man everytime I do anything, especially when I workout. Love the shirt they have you!
    Emma @ a mom runs this town . com

  3. Well I definitely sweat like a man and do NOT look dainty after a race! My cheecks are FLUSHED because I have such fair skin, so I look like a sweating cherry. No its not a cute look. I look sunburned (only it goes away in an hour).

  4. I SWEAT TONS!!!!!!!! I have read that if you hydrate well (which I do) you do tend to sweat more. I even have a shirt that says I’m a sweaty bettie, BUT its not sweat activated….I NEED a sweat activated tee!!!!! 😉 I could use it for bikram or running. Considering that I live in Florida both bikram and running are about 100 degrees!

  5. Hey! Just by your post via Hollie’s and omg so glad that I did as found another amazing blog wow… I feel so ordinary reading everyone’s posts on here… You’re inspirational and I can’t wait to read more of your blog when I have more time… Hope you have an awesome wkend (we are a day ahead here so it’s already Saturday 1am) yes opps and I should be sleeping! Auds 🙂

  6. I definitely sweat like a man, and I did so on my run this morning. It was in the mid 60s, and I had run maybe .4 miles before my lower back was DRIPPING. It was nasty. Nasty, I tell you!

  7. That’s so funny you mention about how you used to be embarrassed to sweat… so was i. I wouldn’t do anything at the gym that really required a drop of perspiration. Now I don’t feel like I had a good workout unless I’m totally drenched! I sweat so much I give people around me an inpromtu “shower”. sorry/oops

  8. You are my favorite..ever. I get so excited when I get sweaty enough to have the beads drip off my face. It’s such an accomplishment. This shirt is awesome, I wantttttt! You have officially stolen the place of ideal runners body in my humble opinion by the way, your bod is killer!! Good luck at your race!

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    • Actually – come to think of it – I do tend to sweat the most on my TM in basement (we’re talking buckets lol) and the more I think about it, I sweat more than I think. So I adjust my answer to yes, I sweat like a man!! Awesome!

  10. Girl, I totally sweat like a man! It’s pretty gross 🙂 my BFF never sweats & I’m a hot, sweaty mess after a workout! Love @viewSport!

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  12. I completely sweat like a man!!! I’ve always been a but embarrassed by my insane sweat glands, but recently I’ve become proud of it – a few of my trainer friends have actually commented on wishing they could sweat like me!!! HOLLA!!! Alli

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