March #GoalGetter2013 Checkin


Alright, I know that I’m a week late with my March goals check-in, but better late than never, right?  As a recap, here were my March goals:

Get better!! This one may seem like a silly goal but it’s super important right now.  I haven’t been this sick in years and it’s really messing with me mentally.  I feel like I’ve regressed, fitness wise, tremendously.

Spend more time in the kitchen. Yep, I putting this one back on my list; however, I’m going to be more specific this time.  I will make at least one meal the both of us can enjoy.  One of the reasons I find this such of a struggle is due to the fact that Jody aka the hubster refuses to eat clean.  After 1 1/2 years of clean eating, I still haven’t been able to get him on the bandwagon.

  • I would give this one a B-.  I did end up finding some things that we can both enjoy but still didn’t spend as much time as I could have in the kitchen.

100% clean {and husband approved} Sausage Stuffed Baby Portobellos.

Enjoy my next half marathon.  At the end of the month I will be running the Viking Half Marathon and I just want to have fun.  I’m not worried about time goals or PRs.  Just whatever happens, happens.


Cross train, cross train, cross train! Now that I’m not training for a marathon (first time since last July) I can focus my attention on cross training without fear of injury.  I will be hitting the weight machines pretty hard, cycling my little legs and {of course} still getting in my running – just not 40 miles a week worth of running.

  • C.  Because it took so long to get over being sick, I really only had two full weeks in March to cross train.  I did make it to the gym several times during those two weeks.

Focus more on my spirituality.  I have dropped the ball big time with my devotions and Bible reading in the past few months.  Instead of getting up and getting into His word, I find myself jumping onto the computer to check the blog/social media/my favorite bloggers.  My priorities definitely need re-arranging.

  • D.  Once again, I let this goal slide by me.

Now for my April goals:

Prioritize my spirituality.  I’m making this my number #1 goal this month.

Don’t die in CrossFit.  Ha! I’m loving crossfit so far but I really need to make the most of it with learning proper technique.  Right now, running is on the back burner as I attempt to increase my overall strength.  I’m still doing two short weekly runs and one long{ish} weekend run but I’m not logging my usual miles this month.

Maintain a mostly Paleo diet.  When in crossfit, do as they do, right? My instructor encouraged/challenged us to try going Paleo so I’m going to give it my best shot.  I’ll share some more thoughts on it in a later post.

Complete my first mud run / obstacle race.  I’m signed up for the Warrior Dash on April 20th and am completely stoked to run it.

Haven’t joined the #GoalGetter2013 challenge yet? It’s never too late to get started working towards a better you.  Check out this introduction post and then join some of my favorite blends (bloggers + friends = blends) as we work toward achieving our 2013 goals!  This is your #GoalGetter2013 team:

Question:  How are you coming with your goals? What are you wanting to accomplish in April?

Life Happens

I realize that most of my blog posts are perky and upbeat, pretty carefree which fits because that’s my personality in real life.  But every so often life happens and gets in the way of my cheery disposition.  That’s what’s going on right now.

If you remember, a few weeks ago I asked for prayers for my family.  I didn’t disclose what was going on but you all touched my heart with your willingness to pray for a situation you had no idea about.  So here I am again, asking for prayers.  This time, I feel comfortable disclosing that my lovely stepmom Starla was diagnosed with breast cancer.  While it’s only been three weeks, they’re moving very quickly with treatment and she is having a double mastectomy this morning.  I would greatly appreciate prayers for the surgeon, hospital staff and her recovery.

Two lovely women in my life.  My stepsister Sarah and Starla at Sarah's high school graduation, 2012.

Two lovely women in my life. My stepsister Sarah and Starla at Sarah’s high school graduation, 2012.

Starla is such an amazing woman and has a great attitude about this whole thing.  Seriously, I would be afraid of her if I was cancer.  She’s going to kick it’s butt.  She has such an awesome attitude that I actually feel selfish for worrying.  However, the truth is I am.  But why?  In my heart, I know that God has complete control of the situation; however, my head is still desperately trying to figure out what can I do?

I went for a run earlier this week and after 6 miles of prayer and reflection I realized that I can’t do anything.  There is nothing on this Earth that I can do to make the cancer go away, to make sure her doctors give her the best care, to make recovery any easier.  Nothing, zip, zilch, NADA.  So instead of carrying around that burden, I turned it over to God and said, “Here.  You take this worry.  I can’t deal with it any more.”

Bible-verses-on-joy-happiness-and-joyPhoto Source

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.  So today, I will wait anxiously for the call that surgery went well, but I will try not to worry.  I know everything is under control.  I encourage you to remember that as well when an seemingly overwhelming situation presents itself to you.

Remembering Sandy Hook

As a nation, we are all still reeling from the tragic event that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday.  26 lives taken way before their time; the innocence of an entire school full of elementary children stolen; the trust of a community shattered.  There are no words to adequately convey the heinousness of what happened or provide comfort to the families.  Instead we try to do our best to understand ‘why’.

As I watched the news over the weekend, that has been the question at the forefront of everything.  Why?  Why would someone do something like this? They’re just innocent children and teachers.  Why? Why?? WHY??  I have asked that question, with tears streaming down my face, only to find the same answer – “We don’t know why”.

The families, 27 of them -including Adam Lanza’s family- are just now starting to realize that what happened on Friday wasn’t just a horrible dream.  Those families, who sent their children to school on Friday full of hope and excitement for the weekend, now have to start putting together the pieces of their broken life.   My heart breaks for them.  It aches to provide them comfort somehow; yet, I know from seeing my parents lose a child, there isn’t anything we can do to ease the pain.

Instead, we grieve with them.  Give the parents space to be angry, flood the community with support.  In times like this, I am reminded that God is waiting to provide comfort.  He grieves with us and his shoulders are broad, they can carry all the anger, hurt, confusion that we can heap on him. “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted. He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18

Please reflect on the lives that were taken Friday.  Such beautiful children and adults, so full of life and hope for the future.  Say a prayer for their families and community.  Remember them; love them.