Before I Procreate

I realize the title of this page, Before I Procreate, may seem a bit strange.  I’m going to attempt to explain… It was spawned out of a conversation with my mom.  One day I was going over all the things I wanted to accomplish and she referred to it as my bucket list.  I stopped and thought about it for a second and realized that I have much, much more I’d like to accomplish before I die.  These were things that I wanted to do before having kids.  Thus, my before I procreate list was born.  Some of them are totally silly, some (according to my husband) are irresponsible, but all are totally me!  As I complete each of these, I’ll make a note with the date next to it.

  1. Sky dive
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. Have an all natural household (i.e. ditch the harmful chemicals)
  4. See Niagara Falls
  5. Run a 10k……………………..12/17/11 ‘Pass to Bay 10k’
  6. Run a 15k………………………2/4/12 ‘Double Bridge Run’
  7. Run a ½ marathon…………3/4/12 ‘Rock-n-Roll New Orleans’
  8. Run a full marathon………………10/28/12 ‘Marine Corps Marathon’
  9. Race in a duathlon…………….6/23/12 ‘Jackson Co. Bicentennial Duathlon’
  10. Ride a mechanical bull
  11. Get over fear of open water / distance swimming
  12. Race in a triathlon
  13. Go on a cross country motorcycle trip
  14. Visit Arlington National Cemetery / DC…………….. 10/28/12
  15. See the Grand Canyon
  16. Go parasailing
  17. Go on a 50 mile bike ride
  18. Learn Italian
  19. Go mountain hiking/backpacking
  20. Visit a winery
  21. 6 pack abs!!
  22. Run a 25 minute 5k
  23. Run a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon……………..2/9/13
  24. Go on a swamp tour
  25. Run the Marine Corps Marathon……………….10/28/12
  26. Run through Garden of the Gods…………5/25/12
  27. Get braces…again.
  28. Eat an authentic ‘Chicago style’ hotdog
  29. Have a candlelit picnic on the beach at sunset
  30. Learn to knit

14 thoughts on “Before I Procreate

  1. I love your list! 🙂 Skydiving is one of my biggest “to do” things that I want to do soon. Maybe we could go together??

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  5. That’s a great list! I wanted to go skydiving and learn to fly a small plane before having kids but my husband and I were blessed with our daughter sooner than we planned 😉

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  8. I need to publish my bucket list – it motivates my life on a daily basis, but I really just have it in my head. I love yours! Lots of fun things 🙂

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