Friday Favorites

Hoooooray for Fridays! In anticipation of the weekend, I thought I’d share some bits and pieces of things in my life that I’m absolutely loving lately.  These things never fail to bring a smile to face.

Cat bearding. Seriously. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, stop whatever you’re doing and search #catbeard on Instagram.  It’s so wrong in so many ways but I just die laughing.

My failed cat beard attempt.

Failed cat beard attempt. My poor cat….

Gymboss.  I have been wanting an interval timer forever and finally have one! I especially like that it looks & feels like a ’90s pager.  Every time it vibrates and beeps I’m temped to make a huge scene in the gym like I just got an emergency page. If only I had the stones to actually do it…. Be on the lookout for a fun Gymboss giveaway I have coming your way.

Kickin' 1990s style complete with neon.

Kickin’ 1990s style complete with neon.

Vega Energizing Smoothie.  This made my favorites list for two reasons.  1.) My breakfast isn’t complete without it, and 2.) I’m lazy and this is a great way to get nutrition in a glass.  Breakfast is a meal that I really don’t like spending much time on.   With this shake (it’s not smoothie in my book) I get to start my day with two servings of veggies, protein, fiber and Omega-3.  Plus it’s gluten/dairy free.  I like a bit more protein so I still eat either eggs or turkey sausage with it.


Vega Energizing Smoothie. I’ve gone through 3 1/2 bags of this in 8 weeks…

Freshly cut grass.  Did I just admit to that? Whatever. I don’t care if you know I’m weird like that.   I love it. It instantly reminds me of summer and floods me with memories from growing up.  I don’t know why, but I have Minnesota (where I spent a lot of my childhood) attached to that smell.

The beach.  I guess because I live on the coast most summers I don’t have much of an interest in going to the beach.  I mean I run it ALL the time but never just go and hangout.  However, I’ve already enjoyed several days this year of lounging around with my Nook and I plan on enjoying several more.

Super windy trip to the beach.

Super windy trip to the beach.

Woodchuck Hard Cider.  No, this isn’t real food and yes, I realize that this is absolutely nutrient void.  I don’t drink Woodchuck Hard Cider very often but when I do, one word: YUM! This gluten free cider is the perfect compliment to my hubby’s fantabulous grilled steaks.  I recently discovered the summer version which has just a hint of blueberry.  Plus it’s paleo approved which makes me feel a bit less badly about imbibing it.


Question:  What are you loving lately?

Weekly Workout Recap

Ah, Monday, we meet again.  Although I really can’t complain about anything after the great weekend I had.  My stepmom Starla flew in from Colorado which was the catalyst for the fun weekend events.  This is the first time I’ve seen her since she’s been battling cancer and she looked amazing!  So vibrant and fun-loving as ever.  It totally happied my heart so much to see her.

Originally, I was supposed to go up to USM to watch my stepsister’s lacrosse game but, unfortunately, it got cancelled to do inclement weather.  So after a quick change of plans, Starla & Sarah drove down here where we got to watch my niece and nephew play soccer.  I ended up missing nephew’s game (boooo, it would have been fun seeing 4 year olds play) but caught my niece’s game.  I just have to say that it’s ADORABLE watching little kids play soccer.  After the games, we all hung out at my sister-in-law’s house.  Bliss, I tell ya.

Me, my stepsister, stepmom and sister-in-law. <3

Me, my stepsister, stepmom and sister-in-law. ❤

Sunday, the hubby and I went to eat with some friends at one of the beach restaurants down here.  It was so nice that we decided to go home, grab our swimsuits and hit the beach.  It was in the upper 70s yesterday and today the low is supposed to be 36*.  It’s crazy how weather can change so quickly; I think it’s pretty safe to say that there will be no beach going this week….  On plus side, I have a 1/2 marathon this weekend and it looks like the cool weather will stick around through the race.


My view during lunch.

Weekly Workout Recap for 3/18 – 3/24

Monday: 3 mile run, weights – abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Tuesday: 100 weighted squats, jump rope, weights – abs, biceps, triceps, lats and deltoids.

Wednesday: 4 mile run.

Thursday: 10 mile run.

Friday: kettlebell workout, weights – abs, biceps, triceps, lats and deltoids.

Saturday: played with 3 rambunctious kiddos! (Yes, I’m totally counting that.  No wonder my SIL is so toned!)

Sunday: Lazy beach day. ❤

Not a super stellar workout week by any means but I’m not dissatisfied either.  I’m still trying to find my groove now that I’m not in marathon training.  Although, I am loving my newly flexible workout schedule.

Question:  How did your workouts go this week? Do you thrive on the structure of a training plan or flying by the seat of your pants without a plan?

Getting Away

Between my husband’s job and his masters program, I really don’t get to see him much from mid-November through the end of December so each January we try to take a mini-vacay just to say ‘hi’ to each other again.  And that’s exactly what we did this weekend.

Hello from Florida!

Hello from Florida!

We left Friday morning, headed to the sunshiny state of Florida; specifically our favorite place – Panama City Beach.  Ok, I realize that I live on a beach but there’s just something magical about the emerald green waters that Florida’s beaches have.  We got there Friday and got checked into the condo and hauled in all of our stuff.


Yes, that’s two suitcases for 4 days.  I’m normally a light packer but I knew I had a 20 mile run on schedule for Saturday and I thought I might hit the gym a few times while I was there.  Don’t judge.

Temporary home away from home.

Temporary home away from home.


After bringing all of our stuff in, we got to do our very favorite thing while in Florida; watch the sunset.  I know, call us Grandma and Grandpa but it’s really what we like to do.

Sunset day 1

Sunset day 1

Sunset Day 2

Sunset Day 2

Sunset day 3

Sunset day 3

Since I had the run scheduled for Saturday morning, I fixed some pasta for supper (love having a full kitchen!) and the we called it an early night.

After knocking out the run Saturday morning (don’t worry, I’ll have a separate post on Friday about it), the hubs and I headed down to the pool.  With temps in the high 60s it was the perfect weather to soak up some much needed vitamin D.  It’s funny how big of an impact the sun can have on your disposition.  Oh, and the view didn’t hurt either.  I had a book with me so I was content to sun bathe for awhile.

PCB pool view

The thing that I love most about our mini-vacations is that we have no schedule.  No need to feel like we have to do things or pack our days full of stuff.  Sometimes it’s just nice to hole away and not go, go, go.

The vacation was filled with lots of good food.  Some healthy, some not.  Typically, I try to stick to my clean eating guns but I really didn’t feel like it this weekend.  I still ate healthy but I indulged, too.  Life’s about balance; not deprivation.


Breakfast. YUM!

Post 20 mile run meal.  Confession, I was only able to eat 1 1/2 chicken strips and 1/2 the mac n cheese.  It was just way too rich.

Post 20 mile run meal. Confession, I was only able to eat 1 1/2 chicken strips and 1/2 the mac n cheese. It was just way too rich.

My cute hubby waiting patiently for me to take the picture before devouring the massive ice cream cake. Oh emmm gee, so good!

My cute hubby waiting patiently for me to take the picture before devouring the massive ice cream cake. Oh emmm gee, so good!

We had a little bit of excitement Saturday night. As we were heading out to supper, Jody noticed some water on the kitchen floor and before we knew it, there was water running down the walls of the condo.  We went outside and were greeted by a waterfall coming from the floor above us.  Long story short, the condo directly on top of us had flooded.  It had over 12″ of water in it.  So we moved.

Yes, that would be water coming out of the electrical panel. And also the waterfall from the floor above us.

Yes, that would be water coming out of the electrical panel. And also the waterfall from the floor above us (it’s not rain).

Sunday was just another day of laying around, sun bathing, and eating.  I really should have gone to the gym like I had planned, but I was just enjoying doing nothing.  And then Monday we went home.  Back to the real world – bleh.  I wanted to stay in Vacationland just a bit longer.

Goodbye.  Until next year, you stay classy, Florida!{Please tell me someone got that Anchorman reference...}

Goodbye. Until next year, you stay classy, Florida!
{Please tell me someone got that Anchorman reference…}

I stayed {mostly} unplugged during the weekend which was really nice.  Between the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e-mails, I can get a bit overwhelmed with all the notifications and constant checking of my phone.  Plus it’s really annoying for my hubby to carry on a conversation with someone whose constantly connected to her phone.  The next time you get away, I definitely encourage you to unplug.  Spend some quality time with each other and not 500 million of your ‘closet’ friends. 😉

Question: When you go on vacation, do you have to have things to-do planned or do you just relax?