Warrior Dash Recap

I have been wanting to do a mud run for about a year and a half but it hasn’t worked out with my race schedule until now.  Saturday morning I woke up nice and early to get ready for my first mud run.  I did what I normally do when I first wake up on race morning and checked the weather.


Say WHAT?! 39 degrees?! Temps like that are unheard of in Mississippi this time of year.  I grumbled a bit to my husband’s 17 year old cousin who was doing the race with me.  This was his first race ever and I was excited that he was such a good sport to go with me.  He doesn’t want to be on the blog so there won’t be any pictures but I just have to say that we made a great team! I seriously wouldn’t have been able to make it over some obstacles without him.

My wave didn’t start until 10 but we had to be bused into the event grounds so we left the house around 8.  On the bus ride into the Warrior Dash I noticed just how soggy everything was.  It had rained pretty hard in the days before the race so there was plenty of standing water.  Think swampland(ish).   Registration was a breeze as was our gear check so we had plenty of time to wander around and snap a few pictures.

warrior dash

I watched a couple waves go off and then lined up about 15 minutes prior to our wave time.  Unfortunately, people were getting into waves they didn’t sign up for so I ended up waiting an extra 45 minutes.  On the plus side, it warmed up into the 50’s by the time my wave started.


3….2….1….And we’re off! 3.6 muddy miles of barbed wire, rope climbs, swimming and FUN.  Because of all the rain earlier in the week, most of the course was under at least  1″+ of water so my shoes were soaked before the first obstacle.  Also, because of the rain, it was hard to tell some of the pits that the Warrior Dash had dug out until you saw someone fall waist deep into what you previously thought was solid ground.


This was the first & last picture my hubby took before the finish line. The course was completely out of the spectator’s view.

After 10ish minutes (no Garmin = no accurate time) I came to my first obstacle which was the barbed wired crawl.  The trick to this one is to keep your butt low to the ground which for some reason is hard for me. I got snagged a few times but made it out with my clothes in tact.

In the effort of NOT turning this post into a book, I’m just going to post pictures of the remaining obstacles.

These were the obstacles. (If you can't tell, it's from their post race survey.)

These were the obstacles. (If you can’t tell, it’s from their post race survey.)

Storming Normandy. Reeeeeeal barbed wire.

Storming Normandy.
Reeeeeeal barbed wire.

Trenches I wasn't a fan of this one. I couldn't see the end of the tunnel and felt incredibly claustrophobic.

I wasn’t a fan of this one. I couldn’t see the end of the tunnel and felt incredibly claustrophobic with so much mud on top of me.

Vertical Cargo Climb. Super easy - thankfully!

Vertical Cargo Climb.
Super easy – thankfully!

Deadweight Drifter. Must know how to swim! (And be able to tolerate frigid water, too.)

Deadweight Drifter.
Must know how to swim! (And be able to tolerate frigid water, too.)

Giant Cliffhanger Should have been super easy but the mud makes it super slippery.

Giant Cliffhanger
Should have been super easy but the mud makes it super slippery.

Meeeeee on the  backside of the Clif Hanger.

Meeeeee on the backside of the Clif Hanger.

Warrior Roast Meh, highly overrated.

Warrior Roast
Meh, highly overrated.


Muddy Mayhem
This was my absolute favorite obstacle! Right before you finished you had to crawl through a ton of sloshy mud.

Me crawling/sliding through Muddy Mahem.

Me crawling/sliding through Muddy Mahem.

There were a few obstacles that I couldn’t find pictures on but you get the idea.  After running, jumping, crawling and pulling myself over things, I had finally made it to the finish line.  Bruised, beaten but so pleased with myself.  I had totally underestimated the difficulty of the Warrior Dash; it was definitely a team effort (which included random strangers, too) because there were some obstacles that were impossible to do without help.

warrior dash

After collecting my medal I headed to the shower area (a large pond) to try to get some of the crud off before going home. I had mud in places I didn’t even know was possible…. All-in-all, this was a fantastic event that I would do again in a heartbeat.  It was difficult but not too difficult for a first time mud runner.

Awesome race shirt! We also got a fuzzy horned hat but I didn't think to take a picture of that.

Awesome race shirt! We also got a fuzzy horned hat but I didn’t think to take a picture of that.

Be prepared to have VERY attractive post race legs.

Be prepared to have VERY attractive post race legs.

Warrior Dash Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be a team player. Unless you are racing this event to win, stop and help your fellow mud runners when they’re struggling. Chances are there’s an obstacle up ahead that you’ll need help conquering.
  • Wear shoes you want to donate. ‘Nuff said.
  • Wear your hair in a braid (if you have long hair). Trust me on this one; it a lot easier to wash the muck out of your hair if it’s braided vs. loose in a ponytail.
  • Bring extra towels. And clothes…and shoes (preferably flip flops).
  • Take a before picture. This will be priceless when coupled with your after picture.
  • Look up the course obstacles in advance. It’s good to have a plan of attack before you get to the obstacle.
  • Get to your corral early so you can get in front. 
  • Be prepared for cuts, scratches and mega bruises.  Think of them as battle wounds.
  • Have fun! Embrace this event and all of it’s muddy gloriousness.


  • Bring your phone unless you want a new one.  You will be crawling through water and mud on your belly and sliding through water and mud on your back. Plus you will need both of your hands.
  • Race it for a certain time.  The running part is fine but be prepared to wait your turn at the obstacles. They get incredibly backed up.
  • Wear fashion tights or leggings. While fashion tights/leggings are very cute, they rip incredibly easily – especially on barbed wire. Wear athletic leggings/capris instead. They are made for more strenuous activity and are a bit thicker. There was a girl on Saturday that had to run the entire race with her bum hanging out because she went for the cute tights. 😦
  • Wear makeup. Unless it’s like extra waterproof and it’s in some awesomely warrior-like design. Otherwise, let the mud be your makeup. Some people pay top dollar in spas for the treatment you’re about to receive.
  • Jump right into the middle of the mud pit. Unless you have a strategy out. (And climbing over the poor person stuck next to you isn’t a strategy.)  If you jump into the middle, you will get stuck immediately and not be able to climb out.  Stick to the outside edges.
  • Be afraid. You knew what you were getting into when you signed up. Now is no time to be scared. It’s going to be hard but it’s going to be a blast. And the best part? You won’t get in trouble with your mom for getting your clothes dirty.

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Weekly Workout Recap

Another amazing weekends in the books! I’m sad to see it go but that just means that I have all week to plan another one.  I had the Warrior Dash this weekend so the hubby and I took off work Friday and went on a road trip 3 1/2 hours north.  We made a small detour to one of our favorite national parks, Vicksburg National Military Park.  If you are into Civil War history at all, put this park on your must visit list.


One of the many state monuments in the park.

wild flowers

Springtime in Mississippi. Love all of the beautiful wild flowers!

Saturday was spent getting all muddy (and bruised, too).  I have been wanting to do a mud run / obstacle race for about a year and half but the timing hasn’t worked out until now.  Let me just say, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long. I’ll have a full recap on the Warrior Dash later this week but it was an absolute blast!

warrior dash

Last week I mentioned that I was feeling a bit lost with my workouts and lack of training schedule.  I had planned on creating a new training plan but ran out of time.  So that’s going back on my to-do list this week.  Before too long, I’ll be starting to train for my next marathon – exciting!

Weekly Workout Recap April 15 – April 21:

workouts (edited)

When you see AM circuit, this is what I’m referencing.

Monday: AM circuit.

Tuesday: AM circuit, Boston Prayer Run 5k, CrossFit (run, walking lunges, push presses, pull-ups, and rows).

Wednesday: Recovery day; super sore from the night before.

Thursday: AM circuit, 2 mile run, Crossfit (pistols, run with sandbag, rope climb, sandbag throws, and monkey bars).

Friday: Nada, nothing.

Saturday: Warrior Dash.  3.6 miles of mud, barbed wire and jumping fire.

Sunday: Sat in car all day – blah.

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Question:  What fun activities did you get into this weekend?

March #GoalGetter2013 Checkin


Alright, I know that I’m a week late with my March goals check-in, but better late than never, right?  As a recap, here were my March goals:

Get better!! This one may seem like a silly goal but it’s super important right now.  I haven’t been this sick in years and it’s really messing with me mentally.  I feel like I’ve regressed, fitness wise, tremendously.

Spend more time in the kitchen. Yep, I putting this one back on my list; however, I’m going to be more specific this time.  I will make at least one meal the both of us can enjoy.  One of the reasons I find this such of a struggle is due to the fact that Jody aka the hubster refuses to eat clean.  After 1 1/2 years of clean eating, I still haven’t been able to get him on the bandwagon.

  • I would give this one a B-.  I did end up finding some things that we can both enjoy but still didn’t spend as much time as I could have in the kitchen.

100% clean {and husband approved} Sausage Stuffed Baby Portobellos.

Enjoy my next half marathon.  At the end of the month I will be running the Viking Half Marathon and I just want to have fun.  I’m not worried about time goals or PRs.  Just whatever happens, happens.


Cross train, cross train, cross train! Now that I’m not training for a marathon (first time since last July) I can focus my attention on cross training without fear of injury.  I will be hitting the weight machines pretty hard, cycling my little legs and {of course} still getting in my running – just not 40 miles a week worth of running.

  • C.  Because it took so long to get over being sick, I really only had two full weeks in March to cross train.  I did make it to the gym several times during those two weeks.

Focus more on my spirituality.  I have dropped the ball big time with my devotions and Bible reading in the past few months.  Instead of getting up and getting into His word, I find myself jumping onto the computer to check the blog/social media/my favorite bloggers.  My priorities definitely need re-arranging.

  • D.  Once again, I let this goal slide by me.

Now for my April goals:

Prioritize my spirituality.  I’m making this my number #1 goal this month.

Don’t die in CrossFit.  Ha! I’m loving crossfit so far but I really need to make the most of it with learning proper technique.  Right now, running is on the back burner as I attempt to increase my overall strength.  I’m still doing two short weekly runs and one long{ish} weekend run but I’m not logging my usual miles this month.

Maintain a mostly Paleo diet.  When in crossfit, do as they do, right? My instructor encouraged/challenged us to try going Paleo so I’m going to give it my best shot.  I’ll share some more thoughts on it in a later post.

Complete my first mud run / obstacle race.  I’m signed up for the Warrior Dash on April 20th and am completely stoked to run it.

Haven’t joined the #GoalGetter2013 challenge yet? It’s never too late to get started working towards a better you.  Check out this introduction post and then join some of my favorite blends (bloggers + friends = blends) as we work toward achieving our 2013 goals!  This is your #GoalGetter2013 team:

Question:  How are you coming with your goals? What are you wanting to accomplish in April?

Spartan: Am I Tough Enough?

So often with this blog I just ramble about my life (that’s what a blog is for, right?) but today I really need your advice.  I have been wanting to do a mud / obstacle run for about a year now.  So far my race schedule hasn’t worked out to do any and I’m reeeeeeally getting antsy.  I mean what girl doesn’t want to get covered in mud and jump over fire?!

At the beginning of this year I discovered the Spartan Race.  The  best way I can describe it is the Warrior Dash’s big brother…on steroids.

I watched the video, thought to myself these people are insane and then promptly searched for locations in my area which yielded nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nothing even close.  However, it turns out that the Gulf Coast has lots of crazy people that wanted a Spartan Race to come near us.  Pretty soon there was a Facebook page called The Gulf Coast Demands a Spartan Race and then I started seeing petitions to have one come down here.  Next thing I know the Gulf Coast is getting a Spartan Race – yippee!

Alright, so I know you’re thinking “at the beginning of the post she said she needed my advice where the heck is this going?”  Well this is where you come into play.  See I really, really, REALLY want to do this race but unfortunately it’s only 13 days after my first marathon.  I have no idea what shape I’ll be in or if my legs will even still be functioning.  Plus, I think I’ve failed to mention that I have 0 upper body strength.  It’s pitiful, I can do like 10 boy pushups before my form starts to breakdown.  (Hello strength training??)  To give you an idea what I’m talking about, these are some images from the Spartan Race Website.

So, my lovely readers, what are your thoughts?  Am I tough enough to Spartan or should I play it safe and recover?  What are your experiences with back-to-back intense events like this? The final thing I think you should know is that I’m already registered for the Color Run on November 17th.  If I register for the Spartan race I’ll be racing 3 (if you want to count the Color Run as racing) out of 4 weekends in a month.  I’m a compulsive race register(er) and I’m worried I’m suffering from the ‘eyes are bigger then my stomach’ syndrome…. The deadline to sign up for discounted registration is August 15th.  HELP?!?!