Bulu Box Review

Every once-in-a-while, because I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador through Fit Approach, I get the opportunity to try new products.  Yay! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Sometime there are strings attached to the trials (write a review) and sometimes there aren’t any strings, just products.  The Bulu Box falls into the latter of the two categories but I still wanted to do a review because I think it’s kind of a cool idea.


So what exactly is a Bulu Box? It’s a vitamin and nutritional supplement sample box.  Each month they send you premium samples of various items available in the health market.  It’s a great way to test drive some products to see if you actually like them before buying the regular size.  It also introduces you to products you may not have otherwise known you can’t live without.

So to give you an idea, this is what came in my box:

Box o'goodies

Box o’goodies

products_he_softchews_1 FRS Health Energy Chews: I was really excited about this because it was a full size product ($20 value) and seemed like a great thing for marathon training.  You take two chews before exercise and it helps keep you energized.  The downfall for me? It’s not clean energy at all.  The first two ingredients are sugar and corn syrup.  This is why reading labels is super important.

imgDefendEnergy Immuno-Viva Defend + Energy:  This is similar to those Emergen-C packets but unlike Emergen-C it’s a natural immune booster and energy supplement. I haven’t tried it yet so I’m not sure how it tastes.

Ce Towelette Lav 6pk Crystal Body Deodorant: They sent me a lavender and white tea sample which contains no chemicals or harsh irritants.  It’s also ecofriendly since the towelette is biodegradable.   One of my long term goals is to go as natural as possible so finding this in the box was really great.

Drinkwell Multi Vitamins:  I couldn’t actually find a website for these vitamins but I did find an article on them.  Basically, they are a vitamin for binge drinkers.  I literally laughed when I found that in the Bulu box! I guess runners like to drink….a lot?? I wonder if water falls into the ‘binge’ category.  Anyways, if anyone wants me to send them this sample, let me know.  But be forewarned that it may come with some AA referrals, too.

image CocoaWell True Energy: Is an energy supplement that “lifts your mood, fuels your body and promotes alertness, all while reducing the effects of everyday stress.”  I tend to stay away from energy supplements but I’m curious to try these out on a run.

0000018_almased_300 Almaseed Synergy Diet: Is a natural metabolism enhancer, i.e. weight loss supplement.   Almaseed touts that it enhances your immune system and boosts energy. What intrigues me most is that it’s safe for diabetics.  I’m actually going to send this to my dad, a diabetic, to see what he thinks about it.

So there you have it, the contents of my Bulu box.  As you can see it’s a pretty eclectic mix of stuff.  Bulu Box is a $10 monthly subscription, shipping included, and what’s really cool is you can earn rewards points each month to purchase full size products you may like.

Question:  Do you ever try new supplements or do you stick with what you know?