Sparkly Soul Giveaway

Holy cow! Do y’all realize that we only have only four more days, 3 shopping days, until Christmas?! I hope you’re ready because if you’re a procrastinator it’s officially the last minute Not that I would be one of those people *cough cough* or anything. Ah, what can I say?  I’m my best under pressure.

Since this is really my last official post before Christmas, I want to do something special.  Annnnnd what’s more special than a giveaway?? Especially a sparkly giveaway?? {enter trumpet fanfare}



Yep, that’s right! Thanks to the awesome ladies at Sparkly Soul, Inc., one of you will soon be the owner of your choice Sparkly Soul headband.  YAY! I wish I could give one to all of you, but sadly I’m still on the hunt for that money tree.  I know it’s somewhere, I just can’t find it.

The one thing you need to know about the headbands from Sparkly Soul it’s that they’re AWESOME! And I’m not just being nice because they’re letting me give one away.  I’ve gone through several different headbands and this is the first one that actually works for me.  I have a pretty tiny head, seriously, it’s child size, so I always end up having to bobby pin sports bands in place that way they don’t slide down during runs.

Looooove my green wide band!

Looooove my green wide band!

When I got my Sparkly Soul headband, I admit that I was a bit skeptical that it would stay on so I immediately tested it out.  I put it on and proceeded to thrash my head around like I was at a Metallica concert.  Eureka! They weren’t kidding about the no-slip grip!  Oh, what’s that?  You thought I’d test it by taking it for a run? How boring. There may or may not have been some air guitar involved, too… I’m so glad there’s no proof of this, uh, test.

Suffice to say, I was pretty darn pleased.  I think the secret to the stayputability is because it’s elastic all the way around, not just a portion of it. It’s also lined with super soft velvet so it doesn’t pull or get stuck in your hair like other bands.  I’ve worn it on several runs now (most recently the Pass to Bay 10k) and couldn’t be happier with it; in fact, I like it so much, I put it on my Runner’s Gift Guide.


Me = happy
I didn’t have to mess with the band once during my 10k.

Sparkly Soul bands come in wide (5/8″) and thin (3/8″) styles in just about every sparkly color you can imagine.  They fit children from age 5 through adult which explains why I can wear them.  They aren’t just for workouts, either.  I’ve worn mine several times around town and always get compliments.

Now the fun part, how to enter the contest.

Mandatory entry:  Leave a comment with what style and color you would choose if you won. (You have to visit Sparkly Soul’s website first)

Optional entries (leave separate comments for each of the following):

  • Follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Tweet about it: ‘I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC band from @asphaltnosher!’
  • Subscribe to my blog (you don’t want to miss anything right?)

That’s 5 chances to win!  The contest will go through next Friday, December 29th and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Want more Sparkly Soul? Make sure to follow all of their social media channels.  They’re always having awesome giveaways and posting things to keep you motivated.  On Facebook, Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr (@SPARKLYSOULINC), on G+ (Sparkly Soul), and LinkedIn (Sparkly Soul, Inc.).

I was not compensated for this post.  I was provided with a band to giveaway to a reader.  All opinions about this product are my own.  I will never give a product a positive review unless it deserves it.


A Runner’s Christmas Wish List

Happy 12-12-12!! Do you have any plans on celebrating today?  I have a run later tonight but I’m not planning on making it a 12k or anything like that.  I know, I’m boring…. I’m still getting over whatever crud I picked up over the weekend.  I ran 5 miles last night and felt pretty good. I’m glad I didn’t stay sick long; thanks for all the well wishes!!

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of Holiday gift guides for runners.  Each holiday list, like a fingerprint, is unique to the person who created it; influenced by their own styles, experiences, and wants.  So, here is my list of top 10 things I would love to see under my tree or in my stocking.  I may or may not set this post as my homepage for the next few weeks as a subtle hint to the hubs. 😉

Price Guide:

  • $0-20
  • $$20-50
  • $$$50-100+

headbands10. Headbands ($) Specifically Sparkly Soul headbands.  I have tried lots of different headbands but theses puppies are the only ones that actually stay put on my small head.  Not only do they keep the flyaways out of your face, but they add a touch of sass with their sparkly fabric.


9. Handana  ($) I fell in love with this product after reviewing it.  It’s seriously genius and you can never have too many of them.  It allows you to keep the sweat out of your eyes and off of your face with just one swipe of your hand.

8. Workout Gear  ($$) This one should be a no brainer.  You can never have too many moisture wicking tops and bottoms.  And don’t get me started on sports bras and socks, those little pieces of fabric are expensive!

headbands7. Fuel / Supplements ($ / $$) This is another one that adds up for runners.  My favorite way to fuel with all natural Honey Stingers.  On long runs during marathon training I could easily go through three gels and at $1+ the price adds up.  Also included in this category is recovery drinks like Cytomax and protein supplements.

6. GPS Watch  ($$$) I already have one (LOVE my Garmin Forerunner 110) of these but I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention it.  If you’re in the market for a really nice Christmas present and the runner in your life doesn’t have one of these, you will be the best present giver ever if you get one.

5. Massage Gift Certificates ($$) Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Runners especially need this with all of the wear and tear we put on our body.  If you want to make it a romantic present, opt for a couples massage.

headbands4. Race Medal Holder ($-$$) This is the perfect gift for your runner to showcase their accomplishments.  *Confession* My medals currently hang on my husband’s tie rack….behind his ties.

3. Running Shoes ($$$)  A bit of fair warning about this one….Only buy shoes if you know exactly what type your runner prefers.  Running shoes are unique to each runner so you can’t just pick any pair.  If you have any doubt, opt for a gift card.  I personally love my Asics Noosa Tris in a size 8 1/2. *cough cough*

2. Race Registration ($$ – $$$)  I love this one! There are so many races runners want to register for, but if they’re anything like me, they have to pick and choose which ones to register for.  Why not give them the gift of registering for a race that’s on their bucket list?

And the number one item?????

1. Gift Cards!! ($ – $$$)  If all else fails, get your runner a gift card to their favorite running store so they can select their own wishlist items.


Question:  What’s on your holiday wish list??