Music That Gets You Moving

Are y’all tired of the sappy, emotionally charged downer posts I’ve put up this past week? ‘Cause I know I am! I feel like I owe all of you a box (or two) of Kleenex.  I’m so happy to report that this week has been a million times better than last week and I’m feeling back to my annoyingly upbeat self.  Not to mention I got this little nugget of joy in my inbox last night!

I have my last 20 mile run tomorrow and I’m soooooo ready to get out there and tackle it.  Then next weekend I’ll be running the Gulf Coast 1/2 Marathon in Mandeville, Louisiana – yay!

This race is a series and I ran the one in Pennsacola, Florida, this spring. It was just alright, not fantastic by any means.  The course was long (as in 13.35 miles), flat, boring, very few spectators.  BUT I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this course so I’m really excited it!

Plus, I can’t wait to get my hands on some more race bling.  They have the coolest finisher’s medal….a bottle opener!

I’m also excited to run this because it will be a good test run for the Marine Corps Marathon.  But I need your help. My 1/2 marathon playlist needs some new beats.  The only time I run to music is at the gym or during a race where I know they won’t have music.  My music taste is super eclectic so I’m up for any suggestion!  My current top songs on my playlist are:

  • I Love Rock ‘n Roll (Joan Jett)
  • Joy to the World (Three Dog Night)
  • Last Resort (Papa Roach)
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leopard)
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye)
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC)
  • The Boy From New York City (The Ad Libs)
  • Everybody Dance Now (C+C Music Factory)
  • Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (The Four Tops)
  • {And I almost hate to admit this song but if you’ve ever been stuck behind someone in a congested race you’ll understand…} Move B*tch (Ludacris)

Man, I can feel my adrenaline increase just thinking about these songs! Makes me want to dance.  And yes, I am guilty of during some sort of strange run/dance & random fist pumping during races.  Annnnnnd also high-fiving any poor spectator that might make eye contact with me.   I could pretend like I’m embarrassed by those revelations, but the truth is, I’m not! I love to have fun.  And I don’t want to disappoint Mr. Gosling.

I’m looking for songs that around 150+ BPM (beats per minute) but will take any suggestion into consideration!  Side note – If you’ve never used to help find music with a certain BPM, stop what you’re doing right now and check it out (but make sure to come back to me…I have abandonment issues…HA).

So tell me, what else should I have on my playlist? What song(s) gets your blood pumping?