Weekly Workout Recap

Earlier this month I mentioned that I was shutting down Noshing on Asphalt and that my last post would be on June 26th. Unfortunately one of the {unspecified} life events that I mentioned on my horizon has officially (and unexpectedly) jumped forward. It’s now staring me in the eyes, demanding my full attention. I hate it when life doesn’t follow my timeline….Ugh. So this Friday will be my last post. I’m sorry to be so vague but since this is a public blog I don’t want to advertise everything to the world. A girl’s gotta have some secrets, right? 😉

As far as workouts go last week, they were hit or miss.  Honestly, more miss than hit since I was dealing with some personal stuff.

Weekly Workout Recap:

Monday: Yoga.
Tuesday: Nada.
Wednesday: 6 mile beach run.
Thursday: Nothing.
Friday: Nothing….again.
Saturday: 7 mile run.
Sunday: House/yard work. Lots of it in 103* heat index.  Totally counts as a workout, right?

Speaking of Saturday’s long run, I have a confession to make.  It almost didn’t happen.  Friday night, I was the embodiment of a stress eater which is something that rarely happens.  I got home late, got some not so great news and didn’t have any clean or paleo food prepped. I was tired and didn’t feel like going to the grocery store to get ingredients to make anything.  So what did I do? I hopped online and ordered pizza.


And I paid for it dearly…..let’s just say my body HATED me.  When 4:30am came around to get up for the long run I was still feeling incredibly sick. Why did I eat that crap??  I know my body can’t handle it.  I considered not going but I knew I needed to for my own sanity.  So I hauled my butt out of bed, questioned what in the world I was doing, and got dressed. I selected my Zombie Run t-shirt since it was most reflective of my grumpy disposition…and I felt like the walking dead.

Yikes. No makeup, 4ish hours of sleep and

My poor running girls, this is what they had to deal with on Saturday.  Grumpy, sick Gina with only 4 hours of sleep and no makeup.

I met my favorite running girls for 7-10 miles (ended up with 7) and I was so glad I did. By the end of the run I had perked and felt much better.  I ❤ my running girls.

I’m so disappointed with myself and my workout last week but it is what it is.  And this week isn’t going to be much better. Although, I know I will at least get some exercise this week since I’m committed to a duathlon. YAY!!! This was my first ever duathlon and last year I placed 3rd in my age group. I’m in better shape this year so  hoping to come home with another trophy.

My running buddy Lorena signed up, too, which made this race even better!

From last year’s duathlon.
This is Lorena, one of my best running friends. She keeps me accountable when I don’t want to be (or when I eat pizza the night before a run).

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Question:  Were your workouts hit or miss last week?


Pass to Bay Christmas 10k Recap

This past Saturday I ran the Pass to Bay Christmas 10k which is a fun annual race put on by our local running club.  I ran it last year for the first time and, even though my finish time in 2011 wasn’t so hot, I quickly decided that it will be an annual event.   I mean for a $17 entry fee, why not make it a yearly thing?


Friday night, I laid out my clothes so all I’d have to do in the morning is get dressed and run out the door.  I’ve learned that if I don’t lay out my stuff ahead of time, I inevitably end up forgetting or not being able to find something.  As I was laying out my clothes, I kept telling myself how much I was going to regret my ‘outfit’ selection.  It’s been unseasonably hot and humid lately, yet I chose to wear a heavy long sleeve shirt, an undershirt, tights, knee high stockings and shorts.  Sound tacky? Yep, it was! But I didn’t care, I wanted to dress up a bit and have fun.

The other reason I was excited to run this race is because my 18 year old step sister decided to run it with me – score!  She’s on her college lacrosse team so she’s been running a good bit lately but this was her furthest distance ever.  SO proud of her.


Saturday morning we drove over to the start and got our bibs.  It was already in the upper 60s and gross humid.  I contemplated ditching parts of my outfit but thought, ‘what the heck’, just have fun.   Not many people were dressed up so I embraced my individuality.

Doesn't this look like it belongs in some heinous Christmas card or something?

Doesn’t this look like it belongs in some heinous Christmas card or something?


Geez, the sun was super bright!

A couple minutes after 9 we started.  My goal was to PR but I knew I had that on lock since last year’s time was a measly 1:04; don’t judge, I had just started back running last year.  My ‘secret’ goal was to get under 56.  About 3 miles into the race I knew I was in trouble with the heat and wouldn’t get my 56 minute goal.  I was literally rolling with sweat (gross, I know) and my sunglasses had fogged up so much I couldn’t see out of them.  But hey, I looked cute, right? 🙂

Mile 4 came around and I found myself trucking up the lovely incline of Bay St. Louis bridge.  If you detect a bit of sarcasm, you’d be right.  I’m not a huge fan of hills, especially ones that are almost a mile long.  After I got done with the bridge there was about a mile left.  I picked the pace up a bit to try to make up for the time lost going up the bridge and I crossed the finish line at 56:58.  I PR’d but I didn’t reach my ‘secret’ goal.  Oh well, there’s always next year.  I knew I was taking a risk with my outfit of choice but I wouldn’t have changed anything.  I know if I want to PR next year, I have to ditch the outfit.

After finishing, I walked around a bit, got some sort of sports drink and then headed back out on the course to find my sister and finish with her.  We stayed around for the awards.  It was kind of cool because Rebecca from season 8 of The Biggest Loser was there handing out awards.  She’s trying to run in each state before she turns 30.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t watch BL so I had no idea who she was/is.

Sorry, not a great picture.  I wasn't paying attention when I took it.

Sorry, not a great picture. I wasn’t paying attention when I took it.

I missed placing in my age group by just a little bit; I came in 4th.  I was so proud of my friends Mel and Lorena.  They took 1st and 2nd in their age division with speedy times!


And then it was time to ‘refuel’.  My stepsister, running girls and I headed to a local pizza joint where we enjoyed some awesome, and cheap, pizza. YUM!!!! So good.



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Question:  Do you have certain races you run for fun or do you try to PR at every race?