Emotionally Exhausted

This weekend started out on such a high note. My amazing husband graduated with his master’s degree on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day and I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of him.

Watching him walk across that stage to pick up his diploma really felt like we closed a huge chapter in our life book. This is the first time in our dating/married lives that we’ve both been out of school.  The thought of starting an entirely different chapter in our lives is both exhilarating and a bit frightening.  The world is our oyster and we can choose whatever adventure we please.

While we went to bed basking in the limitless potentials of our new chapter, I woke up early Sunday morning to find out that another chapter had been very abruptly closed. My amazing aunt Sherry died very early Sunday morning from a massive heart attack. Her death leaves a void that cannot be replaced. The two things that will be missed most is first and foremost her spirit. She was an amazingly thoughtful woman.  Phone calls, cards, you name it and she did it. She always went that extra mile to let someone know they were loved and thought of. Secondly, I’ll miss her sense of humor. Man alive could Aunt Sherry get you laughing. Especially when all the family was together; you just never knew what was going to happen or who was going to say what. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from family get-togethers.

Going from an extreme emotional high to an incredible low in the matter of 5.5 hours has left me emotionally exhausted. Throw into the mix some other personal things that have been going on this past week and I’m just spent. I’ll be traveling later this week to Iowa for Aunt Sherry’s funeral so there won’t be any blog posts until after Memorial Day.  I guess the silver lining in this weekend is that I’ll get to see my dad and family this week. Memorial Day is always a hard time for our family since my bother was killed in Iraq so it will be nice spending time together.  That’s my Aunt Sherry, still giving gifts from beyond the grave.

No question today, just a plea to tell your family and friends you love them.


21 thoughts on “Emotionally Exhausted

  1. and I also want to tell you today, gina, that I love you! as god brings us to it, he also brings us through it. I wish we could understand his will and his plan, but we aren’t meant to. all we can do is thank him for the constant assurance that he will never leave us, and that his comfort exceeds all pain and sorrow. xxoo

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Enjoy the time with your family and treasure those happy memories. People that leave a mark on our lives like that are never truly gone because we keep them alive.

  3. Congratulations to your husband! I’m so, so incredibly sorry about your aunt. There is not a whole lot that can be said other than that to make it better. I know how you feel about Memorial Day- my family has similar circumstances surrounding thanksgiving. Celebrate and remember the good times, it makes it easier to get through and becomes an even more important time to spend with family than ever. Thinking of you xoxo

  4. Congrats to hubby! I can’t imagine the hard work and dedication he put into his degree! I was never one for school, so look up to people like him fo sho!

  5. Oh Gina 😦 I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. I’m glad you get to spend time with your family now. And congrats to your husband. The photo of you two is really adorable. 🙂

    Just know I’m thinking of you! Stay strong.

  6. Oh Gina, I just want to give you the biggest hug right now! Last summer I lost 2 family members within 3 weeks of one another and loss is just so draining…and then to have other things going on, I completely understand. Take a blogging/tweeting/internet break, spend time with family and all of us here will continue to send our love and support 🙂 I will have a little moment of silence in honor of your brother on Memorial Day in acknowledgement of his service and hope for your family. HUGS and Chloe sends lots of gentle doggie kisses (even though I’m sure Riley gives you plenty already)!

  7. Gosh I am so sorry for your loss and will keep her in my prayers. I hope you can still celebrate the great accomplishment of your husband even in this hard period of time. Hugs your way!

  8. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers to you and your family, safe travels for you as well! Congratulations on your husbands graduation!

  9. Thanks Gina, Congratulation Jody long tie coming with both of you. Working together together. New things in tour lives. Wamp an miss our daughter tremendous ,when they left Az we wondered about her. Your so right her heart was working to let others she loved them. Wamp is driving now the road got me wondering so bad. We are heading into or close to Pueblo &rain. Looking forward to seeing you. LoveAlways. Mode P

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