The End of an Era

I’m not really a TV watcher at all anymore but I have to confess that I skipped last night’s workout just so I could have my butt plopped on the couch at 7pm sharp to catch the final episode of The Office.  The only thing missing was a large vat of popcorn drenched with butter and some chocolate bon-bons.

the office

The Husbster and I have been huge Office fans for several years now. (Admittedly though, we both lost interest when Michael Scott left.)  We even have an The Office version of Clue.  All the cool kids have that, don’t they?

Hands-down, the best athletic supporter ever!

“That’s what she said.” – Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin
Yes, I made my hubby carry that sign for my first marathon.

So what exactly is it about The Office that has captivated my attention for so long? I think the fact that it’s incredibly relatable has a lot to do with it.  Each of the characters possess an everyday quality that we can find just about anywhere and we all know those characters in real life.

There’s the bumbling boss who {Michael Scott}, try as he might, just can’t seem to get things together or say the appropriate thing.  Then you have the guy who’s desperate for power {Dwight Schrute} and will do anything to distance himself from his subordinates.  The perfect couple {Jim and Pam} who have a chemistry every girl dreams of having with her husband.  Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the Brittany Spears and K-Fed couple {Ryan and Kelly} who are so hot and cold and all over the place.  And we all know a crazy cat lady in real life – yikes.


Throughout the past 9 years The Office has provided so many inappropriate “that’s what she said”s, hundreds of hilarious pranks, Lord knows how many office romances, plenty of office rivalries, and countless moments that melted your heart.  I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, at times I wanted to scream. But mainly I laughed.  A lot.  To the point I thought I might pee my pants at times.  Dunder Mifflin, you’ve always left me satisfied and smiling and for that I thank you. That’s what she said!

Question:  Are you a fan of The Office? What’s your favorite moment from the past 9 years?


17 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. Awww Gina! I love the office. My favourite moments are anything with Jim and Pam! My fav epi is the “Dinner Party” when Jan and Michael have everyone over to their house for dinner…so classic! I shed a tear yesterday too…it’s the end of an era!

    • Yessir, that one was chock full o’ Michael Scott moments. Although hands down, my favorite episode was the one where Dwight cut the face off the CPR dummy a la Hannibal Lector style. “Harvest the organs!”

    • Whaaaaaaaaat??? We can no longer be virtual running bff’s, Mindy! 😉 Haha, just kidding. I’m sure there are lots of shows I’ve never seen that would make you cringe.

  2. I am a HUGE the Office fan! But like you, the shows seemed to go downhill for me about Michael Scott left. But I’ve seen every episode that is currently on Netflix. Can’t wait to watch all the ones I haven’t seen yet…which I think is just this last season. My favorite moments are anything with Dwight Schrute and his beet farm haha 🙂

  3. The Office was one of the very few shows I watched, although I still missed a lot of them. But I love it! I was sick and went to bed early last night, so I didn’t get to watch the Finale. I’ll have to find it online!

  4. Just remember, you can’t disown me because we’re family 😀

    I just couldn’t get into the office. I tried watching the first season and I didn’t care for it. It just wasn’t a sit-com for me.

  5. So many goosebumps and a few tears watching last night’s episode. I started watching during the second season and was hooked almost immediately. During college, I’d watch it with all my friends while pregaming before the bar. It’s been such a big part of my life, and although it hasn’t quite been the same since Michael Scott left, I’m really sad to see it go. (And I can’t believe how emotional the ending of a TV show can be.)

  6. Wow 9 years!? It doesn’t seem like it was on that long. I never watched the show religiously, but whenever it was on I would tune in if I were by my TV. It always had me wanting more. Maybe I should get the seasons and watch them all!! That would probably take me 3 days if I watch them all day…

  7. I am a huge fan! It basically has the same effect on me as comfort food. I turn to it when I’m sad and need to smile. I cried more last night than I care to admit, but I was thrilled that they seemed to do it justice with a proper goodbye!

  8. omg I totally cried at the end of the finale. Just because I was so sad to see it go! The office has been a big part of me and my hubby’s life! It started the same year we got engaged! 🙂 My favorite moment is still when Jim finally asked Pam to marry him! And of course when they found out she was pregnant too! Oh and when Michael and Holly finally got together as well! 🙂 I just like the gushy stuff I guess! lol 🙂

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