A Smoky Mountain Getaway (In Pictures)

So instead of doing a traditional vacation post recap where I yammer about how amazing it was, what a great time I had, yata yata yata….I figured I’d just share some of the highlights and my favorite pictures with you.


  • Time with my hubby.  Between our work schedules life can get pretty hectic so it’s always awesome to get away together.
  • Our condo. Two bedroom, two bath, almost as big as our house. Totally awesome.
  • Hiking. Even though it rained ever day we were there, The Hubster and I still managed to get a couple good…and wet…and cold hikes in. Outdoor bliss, I tell ya.
  • Seeing a baby bear cub. Unfortunately it was very high up a tree so no picture. 😦
  • Driving.  Countless hours of driving around back mountain roads and gawking at nature.  With the rain/fog it made the mountains pretty hard to see but it was still gorgeous.
  • Unplugging. Stepping away from the computer/phone/online world and reconnecting with my husband in the real world.

And now the pictures!











Just one of the many ahhhhmazing views from this weekend.













Question:  Have you ever visited the Smoky Mountains? What’s your favorite vacation destination?


29 thoughts on “A Smoky Mountain Getaway (In Pictures)

  1. It looks like you guys had an amazing time! I don’t blame you not to do a traditional recap, everyone would rather look at pictures and let that tell the story anyway. We’ve been to the mountains, but we went to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood, so I think if we go back we will do a vacation like yours and stay out in nature :).

  2. So glad you two had a great time!!! The pictures are gorgeous! I LOVE the Smoky Mountains! My Dad and Stepmom took me there almost every summer when I was growing up. Me and the hubby have been a few times too. I LOVE all the hiking! And the creek running through everywhere…that water is freezing…even in the summertime!

  3. Those hiking trail photos look amazing! I love outdoors-y vacations like that. I haven’t been to the Smoky Mountains, but I know Tyler reeeeaaallyy wants to vacation there at some point. I’ll have to show him these pictures!

  4. Gorgeous hiking photos! I love outdoors-y vacations like that. I haven’t been to the Smoky Mountains, but I know Tyler really wants to vacation there at some point. I’ll have to show him this!

  5. I’ve never visited Smokey Mountain (I don’t know where it is either), but it looks gorgeous! Love love all the waterfall/brook photos and all the green scenery! I would have loved to do some yoga in the middle of that forest!

    • They run along Tennessee & North Carolina. Kind of the opposite end of the continent from you but definitely worth visiting sometime. 🙂 I think we vacay’ed there at just the right time (minus the rain) because everything had just started blooming.

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