Kona Kase Review

Recently I was given the opportunity through my Fit Approach Ambassadorship to review Kona Kase, a monthly box full of goodies to fuel your active lifestyle.  I checked it out first to see if it was something I’d be interested in, I’m not the type to just review anything (picky is good, right?), and liked what I saw.


Free box of goodies? Sign me up!

I received my Kona Kase several weeks ago and I was like a kid in a candy shop.  Yes, I realize I’m incredibly easy to please.  Especially when it comes to fitness & health food stuff.  The kase contained 8 different full size items.


Some of them I had heard of (Clif products and Earnest Eats) but others I had not.  I’ll be honest with you, I was most eager about diving into the samples I hadn’t heard of. I LOVE finding new things that make my life a bit more convenient and are healthy too.  What was really great about this particular box was that it contained several Paleo friendly items (remember that I’ve gone Paleo(ish) this past month).  The few non-Paleo items I gave to my running friends. Gee I’m so sweet….

I’m not going to recap the whole box but some of my favorites were the Wild Squirrel chocolate sunflower seed almond butter.


The dark choco mint Earnest Eats bar.  Love this company!


And finally the BruBar.  Although this one contained rolled oats so it doesn’t make the Paleo cut, I really enjoyed it before my long run this past Saturday.  I didn’t feel bad either.  Remember, I’m paleo(ish).  There’s a lot of wiggle room in that ‘ish.’ 😉


But I digress, this isn’t a review of the contents but a review of the Kona Kase company.  One thing that sets Kona Kase apart from other monthly subscriptions is the fact that they include a card detailing exactly what’s in each case.  This was incredibly helpful because I usually spend a ton of time Googling products.  It was lovely to have everything right at my finger tips.  Bonus – the card contains special discount codes just for Kona Kase subscribers.


Now here’s the fun stuff.  How Kona Kase works and all the other must know deets.  Kona Kase is a once monthly subscription – but it’s pressure free subscription. You can cancel at any time.  It’s $15 per month and always includes free shipping.  Value wise, my kase had a least $20 worth of items so it’s definitely worth it. And if you really fall in love with Kona Kase (I’m mean, what’s not to love?) they offer a referral program where your friends can get 50% off of their first box and you get $15 for each friend.  Say what?!

Not sure if you’ll love what’s in your box each month? Totally understandable. If you’re curious about the type of the products that have come in other month’s boxes just click here, they have all of their kase contents from past months listed.  It’s some good stuff, I tell ya.

Oh, and I think I might have neglected to tell you this kase also had chocolate in it.  Not like healthified, weird ingredient chocolate but like amazing chocolatier, melt in your mouth dark chocolate.  Don’t judge, it falls into the health food category with all those wonderful antioxidants.


Yum!  If you’re curious about trying Kona Kase, enter referral code “mcknight” to get your first box half off!  Also, make sure to show them them some love on Facebook and Twitter!

Question:  Have you ever tried a monthly subscription like Kona Kase? If so, what must have item did you discover?

Disclaimer – I was given a Kona Kase to review.  All opinions are my own.  Duh.


21 thoughts on “Kona Kase Review

  1. I’ve never tried a monthly subscription. I think I’d like it, but I think items might also sit a lot without getting eaten (just knowing my personality). This box looks delicious!

  2. I am so craving dark chocolate now! That’s normal for 7 a.m., right? I’ve received a few subscription boxes for review purposes, but I haven’t signed up for anything. I’m such a creature of habit, so I gravitate toward my favorite snacks–apples, bananas, Greek yogurt, almonds, etc. But if a box offered dark-chocolate-covered almonds … 😉

    • Mmmmmm…..Your favorite snacks would all be great paired with some dark chocolate! This is the first box that I’ve actually been excited about all of the contents. I’ve had a few other boxes where the items are still in my cupboard.

  3. I found those Everest bars in HOMEGOODS of all places! I love trying new bars and boxes each month to see what’s out there! Nothing like new crack to get hooked on 😉

    • Oh, no! I went back and double checked their code and that’s the right one so I e-mailed the company to let them know it’s not working. Don’t worry Christine, I’ll get you the 1/2 off code! 🙂

  4. Nope i havent tried kona before! Those look like really yummy treats tho!!! Specially that wild squirrel! Yummmmo! You know me and my nut butters!!!!

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