Weekly Workout Recap

I’ve been complaining for the past few weeks about my low amount of miles since starting CrossFit but this week I feel pretty good about my runs.  Even though I still logged a very low amount of miles (15) it was nice getting 4 runs in this week.  Now that CrossFit is over I’ll be able to start upping my miles again and mixing up my runs.  Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to speed work, hill training, and strides.


One of the workouts from last week deserves some special attention.  Wednesday’s Run for Boston 5k.  I loved this one for so many different reasons.


Boston 2

This was a community run / walk in honor of Boston.  It look place at the Irish Coast Pub where I run on Wednesday nights (when I can make it, that is).  Typically we have 15-20 runners at the pub but this week there were almost 500 and over $10,000 was raised for Boston.  Simply amazing.  I know I say this a lot, but the running community never ceases to amaze me.

And now onto my workouts.  This the breakdown of my daily workouts for last week.  Any time you see AM circuit, it refers to this graphic:

workouts (edited)

Monday: AM circuit.

Tuesday: AM circuit, 3 mile run,  CrossFit (sprints, kettlebell swings, hang snatches).

Wednesday: AM Circuit, Run for Boston 5k

Thursday: Yoga, 2 mile run, Crossfit (double unders, rowing, squats, pushups and pullups).

Friday: Nada, nothing.

Saturday: 7 mile run, 25 minutes HIIT

Sunday: Rainy rest day.

I’ve been doing the above AM circuit for the past two weeks and have really enjoyed it.  However, my poor husband hasn’t.  I guess there’s just something annoying about your wife jump roping at 5:45am.  I tried different room and even going outside but he swears I keep waking him up. *whomp whomp*  So this week I’m changing it up a bit.  i.e. No jump roping.

workouts (without jump rope)

Feel free to join to me.  I created this circuit to address my weak hip flexors, and to increase upper body and core strength.  The last circuit took about 10 minutes to do so I’m assuming this one will take in between 10-15.

Question:  Does your early morning routine ever bother others in your house?

24 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap

  1. I love the circuit you came up with! I dont have a kb but i use a full gallon jug of water that is unopened. It works pretty well!!! Love u and great job w the wrkouts!

    • Thanks, lovely! I’m not sure how much a gallon of water weighs but it would surprise me if it’s close to 15lbs. What a great way to modify exercises so you can still get them in. Genius!

    • That’s definitely a good thing! When I get up early on the weekends to run (I run at night during the week) I rarely wake the hubs up. I guess it was just the obnoxious jumping around. He’s fussed when I do burpees, too. lol!

    • Skipping? I like it! It sounds so refined; much more than jump roping. 😉 Tips on double unders? Nope, I always get caught in the rope, too. I wonder though, if you’re hitting your forearm, are you jumping straight up? My crossfit instructor caught me kicking my feet back (instead of straight up) which caused the rope to hit my forearms.

  2. I live at home (still) and I wake up early all the time and I am sure I wake up my household, but I think they are used to it haha. I used to work at 4am and 5am so I would be up and out the door REALLY early. Crazy that he could hear you outside! I wish my area had a running community like this!! Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough!

    • 4am?! Craziness, Britt! The only time my alarm clock sees a wake up time that early is for races or during long training runs on Saturday. I woke up a few times last summer at 3:30am just to try to beat the heat for my 20 milers. (The heat index where I live creeps into the 100-110* range during the summer.)

      I think I have a solution for your running community dilemma. Start one!! Seriously, if you start one, people will come. 🙂

  3. Everyone is an early riser in my house so I never have to worry about bugging anyone. Although when I really move in with the fiancé it may be a different story lol!

  4. oOOoOoo i like these circuits! Thank you! I have to wake up at 5am for work, so I will probably do these in the evening along with whatever the workout of the day is – definitely a good boost and some core action. I don’t have a jumprope at home, but should get one. It’s such good exercise for so many different things!

    • The jump rope is killer, Beka! I mean I feel it everywhere from my calves up through my core and finally in my shoulders. Crazy good stuff. I do my intense workouts at night but I’ve been liking these mini circuits to jump start my day before I go sit at my desk. BOOOOOO desk jobs.

  5. WOW! Your running group is awesome! So cool they raised so much money! My morning routine doesn’t bother anyone at my house, but it’s just me, my husband, and my puppies! :0)

  6. Funny story, my housemate told me I “ruined her day” because I woke up at 5am to go for a run…sorry about that for her…no not really, I don’t care. But great week of workouts and love to see you logging some more miles again! 🙂

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