Weekly Workout Roundup

Eep! Today’s the first day of April!! I’m not an April Fools’ Day prankster but I adore getting a good laugh from those that are.
I hope you all had a great weekend filled with lots of fun, fitness and family.


The weather didn’t really cooperate this weekend but I still had a great time. From running my last 1/2 marathon of the season (recap to come later) to eating way too much food with my husband on Easter, it’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed the past few days. And to cap the Easter weekend off right, I vegged out on the couch watching The Lion King and listening to the thunderstorm. {I know. I’m really exciting aren’t I??)

Lemon strawberry shortcake I made. Not clean but SO good!

Lemon strawberry shortcake I made. Not clean but SO good!

Tomorrow marks another chapter in my fitness journey…..I start CrossFit! I am simultaneously excited and pee my pants nervous. I know that it’s going to be challenging but I will benefit from it tremendously. One of my big goals for this year is to increase my strength and tone up. I say, bring on the pain!!


As for my workouts last week, I feel pretty good about them. Nothing stellar but it was race week so really anything goes, right? 😉

Monday: 3 mile run, 3.75 mile walk with the hubs.
Tuesday: yoga (hip flexors) 4 mile tempo run.
Wednesday: yoga (sun salutations)
Thursday: 30 minutes cycling.
Friday: nada except traveled to race.
Saturday: Viking 1/2 Marathon; enjoyed a low pressure (no PR) run and finished with 2:05:31.
Sunday: enjoyed Easter. ❤

Question: How was your Easter weekend? Are you an April Fools’ Day prankster?


18 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup

  1. I’m so proud you this year for your running and now working on some kind of a strength training. I’ll be honest with you I really love the CrossFit experience but a part of me wants to take what I’ve learned & lower the weight because I don’t plan on trying to increase and increase it like they do, And just continue to strength training my own gym. I learned so much for the two boxes that I visited I just can’t commit to be over hundred dollars a month to keep it up. That cake looks delicious Im definitely still in sugar regab but my sugar I give up for Lent is back! Lol

    • I have no doubt that I’m going to love CrossFit. I’ve been looking for a structured weights program to benefit my running. I’m with you though, I can’t commit to the expensive membership fees so I’m going to soak up as much info as possible that way I can do at least some of it on my own. The cake was delish – I’ll send you some! I ate a slice yesterday and have vowed no more. Hubby’s happy because he gets an entire cake.

  2. Nice work this week and glad you had a god half marathon with no pressure. Those are always such good races. Good luck in cross fit. I bet it will be such a nice change from running and can’t wait to read your musings about it.

    • Yes, please do!!! I have a feeling I’m going to need someone to help get me in and out of my car for the next few weeks. But hey, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right?? (I’m not sure I agree with that logic…)

  3. ahh!! good luck with your crossfit, babygirl! i know you’ll go in there and give it your all! even if you don’t like it, you are amazing for trying something new!!! definitely enjoy the experience even if it’s not the best one, you will learn something!! cant wait to see what you think. ohh, and fyi: i definitely i totally watched lion king this wkend too along with mulan! hahaha ❤

    • Thanks Jenna! I completely plan on giving it my all. I’ve wanted to do CrossFit for a long time now but the risk of injury was just too high when I was marathon training. You have great taste in movies; I can’t believe I missed Mulan!!

  4. Can’t wait to hear about your crossfit! I’ve always thought it looks intense, but not real sure if I would want to do it. I do love strength training at home though. Can’t wait to read your 1/2 recap! And that cake looks deelish!!

    • I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now but it was too risky (injury wise) to start it during marathon training. I know it’s going to hurt but I’m really looking forward to that. I know, that sounds strange…. 1/2 recap will be up on Friday! ❤

    • I know, I wish that they weren’t so expensive. The one that I signed up for is the same price so I’m only doing it for a month. I figure that’s roughly the price of a race registration so I just cut one of my races out to make up for it.

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