It’s Not Always About the PR

Happy Easter weekend y’all! The older I get the more and more I realize that Easter’s not just about colorful eggs and tons of candy.  Easter weekend is the cornerstone of my faith; a reminder of the price that was paid for my salvation.  The hubs and I are pretty low key people so we usually just spend Sunday relaxing with each other.  Now tomorrow, that’s a different story.

Tomorrow I’ll be running my next 1/2 marathon – yay!  It’s just a little bitty race but I think it’s still going to be fun.  Smaller races usually pay extra special attention to their runners.  Which I likey very much.


Initially, I had a hard time getting excited for this race.  Running the marathon 4 weeks ago and then getting very sick on top of it really took the wind out of my running sails.  Up until yesterday, I’ve had a take it or leave attitude towards this race.

I was curious though, just where did this funk come from?  I’ve ran races sick before and I’ve ran races back to back so I knew I couldn’t really blame it on either of those reasons.  After thinking about it for a little bit, I realized that this is the first major race that won’t I PR (set a personal record) at in over a year.

When I registered I told myself that this race was about having fun and not trying to outdo myself but apparently I didn’t internalize it. What makes it even worse is that I feel totally hypocritical.  I’ve always been the one to tell people that it doesn’t matter if you PR or not, it just matters if you have fun.  Pot meet kettle. Now stop calling it black.


After I realized I was self-sabotaging, it was pretty easy to correct that problem.  I’ve owned up to the fact that I’ve let my speed slip since the marathon and I am not capable of setting a PR, nor am I even going to try.  Instead, I’m going to take the opportunity to bask in this race.  I am going to enjoy the scenery.  I’m going to have impromptu photo stops if I want them.  I am going to high five every poor soul that puts their hand out – and I may even come back for seconds.  Why not??

So now that I’ve decided all of that, I am actually really looking forward to tomorrow! It’s funny how such a simple change can have a huge difference.  The only stipulation that I put on myself is that this race won’t be my slowest 1/2 which is currently 2:18 (10:35 pace).

Tomorrow’s race course boasts beautiful views and it will also pass us by many of the site locations from blockbuster movie The Help.  Yep, that’s right, The Help was filmed in this town.  That’s pretty cool.

the help

Other things that I’m looking forward to with this race is the *free* make your own trail mix bar they have for runners and complimentary hors d’oeuvres.  I’ve never been to a race expo that serves hors d’oeuvres.  Plus I’m going with one of my lovely running girls! ❤

All-in-all, it’s going to be a good time.  There will be other PRs in the future but I’m ok with this race not being one of them.

Question:  Is it all about the PR for you or are you ok with a more relaxed race? Do you have any Easter plans?


31 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About the PR

  1. That’s so cool you’ll be running through “The Help” country! Since I’m a type-A person, I need to have a plan for each and every race. Sure, I may not “race” it or try to PR, but I do need to identify why it’s significant–maybe it’s an easy run, maybe it’s a certain pace I’m trying to hit, etc. You can’t “race-race” all the time, right? 😉

    Have a great Easter, friend! We’re baking Easter bread today! 😀

  2. I definitely struggle with it being all about the PR. I get down on myself pretty easily if I DONT PR but you don’t have to every single time. It’s an important thing to learn I think. I hope this weekend you’re able to have fun with it. There will be plenty of other races to PR at!

    • I totally get caught up in the racing environment; it’s like it super charges you or something. I think by letting myself know ahead of time that it’s ok to kill myself, I will be much less disappointed in me.

  3. How fun – it’ll be so cool to run where the Help was filmed (LOVE that movie). Have a great race tomorrow! I’ve got a half tomorrow too (I signed up for it yesterday), but am actually going to try and make it a good, strong race, before I head into 4 weeks of nonsense aiming for my sub-2 at Nike. WOOT!

    Enjoy it tomorrow! 🙂

    • Right?! It’s going to be a gorgeous route for sure. I can’t believe you signed up for a 1/2 on a whim; did the thought it’s only a 1/2 cross your mind? (Perks of being a marathoner!) I have no doubt that you’ll get your sub-2 next month. =D

  4. Sounds like your race will be beautiful too! I probably should go into mine not expecting to PR, but I just can’t help it! Of course once I get started, I may change my mind. The make your own trail mix bar sounds amazing!
    We won’t be doing much for Easter either, just forever thankful to Him, as always!

    • I think you may be surprised tomorrow, Katie! My best PRs have happened during marathon training. And don’t be shocked when you stop at 13.1 miles and still have a ton of energy left. Happy Easter to you! ❤

  5. I love The Help! I usually have a plan of attack for every race I run. It usually has something to do with PRing. Hopefully I can learn to have a little more fun, not that racing is never fun!

  6. I LOVE your attitude towards this race! I think it’s going to benefit you so much and while you may not get a PR, I think you are going to surprise yourself and do well! I do like getting new PR’s in races, but most of the races I have participated in I have “run” not “raced” I always take is slow and steady! HA! I just want to finish without walking!

    • You were right, Britt – no PR yesterday but I still had lots of fun and surprised myself with my ‘easy’ pace. 😉 I thought I might be sad about not PRing but I totally wasn’t. I’m thinking I might adopt this attitude for other races, too. (That may just be the lazy runner coming out in me.)

  7. Love that you’ve found the reason to run and taken that pressure off! I haven’t done squat the past 2 weeks and have a half in 14 days. I don’t think I’m going to PR, but hey, if I do – cool!

    I would be privy to register for any race with Viking as the sponsor since I’d *DIE* to have all Viking appliances in my kitchen!! Make your own trail mix bar is a pretty neat idea! Good luck and have a GOOD TIME TOMORROW!

  8. I loved the book “The Help” and that is soooo cool that you will get to run past some some of the scenes/locations where the movie was shot. Good luck! I will be cheering for you! xo

  9. I love your perspective very much!!! It is spot on! Enjoy that race and take it all in while thanking god foryour talent and ability to race!! Good luck! Xo

  10. Been busy with gparents, so I saw you finished in 2:05, so yay on at least meeting your goal of not-the-slowest-half 🙂 So jealous about the trail mix bar! Do tell us what you put inside! I love unsalted raw cashews, almonds, cranberries, small dark chocolate bits and sometimes small yogurt bits 🙂

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