Things I’m Loving

After two sort of heavy posts, I wanted needed to post something fluffy; no thought provoking stuff going on today. {insert sigh of relief} Just a few things of what’s been floating my boat lately.

The weather.  I’m in spring heaven right now.  All week long I’ve enjoyed cool mornings (temps in the 40s) and warm afternoons (70s) with all the sunshine my pale skin can want.  The trees are budding, flowers are blooming and it’s just bliss every time I walk outside.

First signs of spring in south Mississippi.

First signs of spring in south Mississippi.

Froyo. I’m not going to lie.  I’ve been on a froyo kick lately.  I’ve discovered that peanut butter is my absolute favorite followed closely by salted caramel pretzel.  Topped with Oreos and peanut butter chips, of course.

Last night's froyo. They were out of PB so cheesecake with berries and a few brownie chunks it was.

Last night’s froyo.
They were out of PB so cheesecake with berries and a few brownie chunks it was.

My sparkly Toms.  By far the best shoe purchase I’ve made in awhile.  Just seeing the obnoxious sparkles on my feet brings a smile to my face.  Yes, I do have the taste of a 5 year old.  So what?

What? You don't wear compression sleeves with your Toms?

What? You don’t wear compression sleeves with your Toms?

Maurices.  Thank you for actually carrying clothes that fit me AND are cute.  I realize my height to pant size ratio is a bit off but thank you for confirming that I am not the only girl in the world that wears a size 1-2 long.  Plus your vintage style dresses are right up my alley.


Very Grumpy Cat. Hilarious, I tell you.  This apathetic feline’s disdain of all things right in the world never fails to make me laugh. If you’re on Twitter, follow him. You can thank me later.  @VeryGrumpyCat and @GrumpyCatPics.


And there you have it.  Just a few of the things bringing joy into my life.  On tap for the weekend is my first race since the marathon; a local St. Patrick’s Day 5k.  My lacrosse playing stepsister is coming down from USM and we’re going to run it together.  She wants to break a 30 minute 5k so I’m going to pace her.  Hello, instant excuse for not trying to PR.  I hope y’all have a great weekend!

Question: What are you loving lately?  Are you running any St. Patrick’s Day races?


31 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Oh goodness!! That grumpy cat is hilarious!! I’m also a huge fan of toms!!! The more sparkle the better, girlfriend!!! Lately I’m loving the chobani bites new flavors! So yum! Have a super Friday! Xo love you!!

  2. I’m totally going to sparkle it up during Open House weekend! Have my awesome costume and going to glue rhinestones to my face (with safe glue)! Last year I wore this headband with sparkly blue hair hanging down in my hair (in pigtails), the kids loved it! Plus people recognized me 🙂 You should sparkle whenever and wherever you like!

  3. Salted caramel pretzel froyo? Why is this flavor not in NYC?! I had froyo twice last weekend, and I would definitely be up for some tonight or tomorrow. A few triathletes from my hometown are coming to stay with me this weekend for the TRI-MANIA Expo, aka heaven for trigeeks. 🙂

    • Whoop-whoop! Enjoy your TRI-MANIA Expo, Carrie!!! And we need to have a talk with your local froyo place; they simply must start carrying salted caramel pretzel froyo. You’re being short changed – lol.

  4. LOVE grumpy cat!! omg salted caramel anything wins major must have points in my book! Mike doesn’t like froyo so I usually only get it on my own 😦
    I feel you on the being an odd size… I’m only 5’2, but I wear 2 LONG in jeans at express and most other places if it fits my hips, the waist is too big, but if they are long enough they are too big everywhere usually… I found american eagle jeans in the favorite boot cut style in a size 2 long fit well, or if i want to wear them with flats specifically i can spring for the regular lengths (way too short with any heels).

    • I finally got Jody turned onto froyo but it took awhile. Ok, I’ll totally stop complaining about clothes shopping. I’m sure you have a much harder time than I do! I have the same hip problem though. I’m skinny but I definitely have a butt and hips so the waist is normally too big. Yay, for finding stores that sell clothes to fit us!

  5. Love the sparkly Toms. Up until now I’ve been considering the Paris themed ones but I am a shiny person! What can I say? I am actually running a Shamrock 5k tomorrow and love the fact that race packet pick tonight was at the Irish pub!

    • I hope you had an amazing time at your 5k today, Angie!! Any run that has you pick up your packet at an Irish pub is a win in my book. I haven’t seen the Paris themed Toms, now I’m off to stalk their website. I just have to find them!

  6. Grumpy cat is awesome! You’ve gotta love him. I like Maurices’s too. For the opposite reason, I can find things labeled short. Lately I’m loving that I’m getting closer and closer to my 10 minute mile goal.

    • Yay for specialty sizes and recognizing that we’re not all cookie cutter shapes! Maurices has it going on in that department. And way to rock your 10 minute mile goal; that’s an absolutely fantastic accomplishment!!

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