Rock-n-Roll NOLA Expo

After writing about how disappointed I was with the Rock-n-Roll series being all about the money on Friday, my running girls and I headed over to the expo to pick up our bibs and shirts.  After driving around in circles for a bit (navigating New Orleans isn’t the easiest) we finally found a place to park and headed into the convention center.


We snaked our way through the convention center, admist a muck (ok, maybe that word is a bit harsh) of pre-teen cheerleaders in WAY too heavy makeup; apparently there was a cheer competition or something going on, too.

The first stop at the expo was picking up the bibs and doing a last minute corral change.  When I had registered for this back in May I put 4:30 as my estimated finish time; however, my goal was to break 4:30 so I moved up two corrals.

Marathon #2 in less then 18 hours! EEEEP

Marathon #2 in less then 18 hours! EEEEP

After the last minute corral change, it was we headed to pick up our shirts.  I have to give RnR props because their expo is expertly executed.  Before you can enter the vendor booths you have to pick up your bib, swag bag and tee’s.



Awesome participant tee. I looooove it!!

Then it was time for the FREEEEEBIES!! And the expo did not disappoint with the freebies.  We stopped at the Brooks store first where I won a free cotton tee and my friend Stacey won a pair of free shoes. HECK YES!!

We stopped at different booths and sample various products.  I headed to the Perform Pain Relief booth and was incredibly surprised to find that they were handing out full size products…Um, yes please!


After taking some silly pictures, we headed over the the KT Tape booth.  My friend Lorena has been having some horrible IT band issues and her massage therapist recommended she get taped before the race.  I had decided to get taped too to see if it would help with my foot issues.  I was somewhat skeptical but knew I’d find out soon enough.  I figured that even if it failed, the KT Tape still looked cool.


I have to admit, I felt slightly like a legit athlete with this stuff on…

Then it was time to take all of our freebies and bid adieu to the expo.  My running girls and I were starving and we still had to check into the hotel.



After navigating the parking garage from hell we finally arrived at our hotel.  We ditched our race gear and headed to find some grub.  We had decided ahead of time to eat at Chef John Besh’s restaurant, Domenica.

Outside of Domenca.  It was gorgeous.

Outside of Domenica. It was gorgeous.

And like the true non-city dwellers we are, none of us thought to call ahead for reservations.  We got there just before 7 and they said they wouldn’t have a table until 10. Whaaaaaaaaat? My tummy needed food ASAP.  So we ended up ordering at the bar and then heading back to the hotel.  I ordered the Calabrese pizza which was thin crust topped with spicy salami, fresh mozzarella, capers & olives.  Maybe not the smartest pre-race meal (sodium wise) but it ’twas yummy.

mmmmmmmmmmm Get in mah bellay

Get in mah bellay

And then it was time for bed.  I knew those 26.2 miles weren’t going to run themselves in the morning.  After all was said and done, I had finally started to get excited about running my 2nd marathon.


Ready to Rock-n-Roll!

Question:  What do you do at expos? Do you take advantage of the freebies or just get your race stuff and go?


26 thoughts on “Rock-n-Roll NOLA Expo

  1. I think my favorite part of races are the expos! I don’t take too many freebies, I like to look at the booths I’ve heard of online and see products in real life than only online. Love the KT Tape!!

  2. I think Rock and Roll Expos give out the best freebies! We ran the R&R Virginia Beach and had a blast at the expo getting coupons for PF Changs for free food and Starkist tuna also gave out great stuff! Hope your race went well!

  3. I think half the fun of expos are the freebies – who doesn’t like experimenting with free stuff versus spending $20 to discover you don’t like a product? Not I! Broke kid speaking. 🙂

    And I’ve always wanted to try KT Tape too, the lines are usually just crazy. Maybe next time I’ll get to give it a shot.

    Can’t WAIT to read about the race – I was secretly hoping today’s post would be the race post! Expo, shmexpo.


    • I know, I felt so bad putting up the expo recap. *YAWN* And now I’m going to feel badly because I’m breaking up the recap into part 1 and part 2; it’s just too long to post otherwise…

      Oh, and the tape line was horribly long (at least 45 minutes) but well worth the wait.

  4. Rock n Roll has the BEST expos. They’re so awesome!!! I walked out with so much free stuff for my half. It was amazing! Can’t wait to hear how the actual race went 🙂

  5. I have only been to one race expo for the Toronto marathon and there wasn’t very much free stuff-so we didn’t stay too long. lol! Love those running shoes too btw! Cheers!

  6. That hotel is beautiful!!!! Looks like you got some great goodies at the expo!

    I like to walk around, visit many of the booths, and get freebies! Also helps to take lots of pictures, since that’s how I became a Cascadian Farm blogger friend! You never know who you will meet 🙂

  7. The most annoying part is the food situation! We started at 4:45 a.m. and still had trouble finding somewhere to eat that didn’t have an hour long wait! Crazy!

    • Totally crazy!! I forget that actual big cities (not Gulfport or Biloxi) have long waits for seating. Especially on a Saturday night. Just bad planning on my part. But the food was still very tasty!

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