Weekly Workout Roundup

I did it!  Marathon #2 is in the bag.  It was fun, tough, challenging, and painful but I’m glad I did it.  My time was 4:18:50 which is a 9:50 pace.  I really didn’t have a concrete time goal so I’m pleased with it; I am looking forward to taking more minutes off of the next one!


Newest bling to add to the collection

I’ll have a full recap later on this week so for now I’m just going to do my workout recap.  Although, between tapering for the marathon and being sick, the workouts were pretty pitiful.

Monday: 3 mile run.

Tuesday: 150 pushups.

Wednesday: sick, sick, sick…

Thursday: 170 pushups, 4 mile run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Yoga – sun salutations and seated hip openers.

Sunday: Rock-n-Roll New Orleans…..26.3 freaking miles! (Yes, I managed to run an extra .10 of a mile.)

Also, last week, I finished the 100 pushup program!! This was the six week program that I attempted last Nov/Dec and ended up quitting with just two days to go.  It was still incredibly challenging towards the end but I’m proud of myself for finishing.  I’ve been joining Jennifer, Alex and Jacki with their #nogirlypushup challenge and I think the extra accountability really helped.girly-pushups1

If you haven’t checked out their challenge, do so.  You can will some very cool prizes! Last week, I won some socks from The Sox Box.  Waaahoooo!  I’m still going to continue with the pushups but I don’t think I’ll be doing 170 in a day anytime soon again.

Question:  How was your weekend? Did you do anything extra special or just have a relaxing few days at home?

41 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup

    • How fun, Natalie!! What event are you training for with TnT? Eventually I want to do a run for charity and we have a pretty strong chapter (I don’t know what the local TnTs are called) down here. It’s such a great organization!

  1. Congrats on completing your marathon! WOW! The medal is so amazing!! Plus all those push ups…you are amazing girl! I definitely would not call your week in workouts “pitiful”… at all. Cheers, Tara

  2. I am SO SOproud of you! You’re my inspiration for MCM this year! Wow, what a great time you must’ve had in NOLA! I did a catch up workout roundup today but we reconvene next Sunday 😉 xo

    • Yaaaaaaaaay prizes!! Yes, thank you so much for suggesting the KT tape awhile back; it was so worth it. I don’t know if I’ll do it for 1/2 marathons but I will definitely do it for marathons and even long training runs. Good stuff!

    • Abby, I have 0% doubt that being 100% healthy, perfect weather, stars aligned, angels smiling down you would blow 4:30 out of the water!! I’m pretty sure my arms fell off somewhere around the 130 mark…

    • I totally had trouble doing one in the beginning, Frank! Baby steps. I actually failed (err… quit) the 100 pushup program the first time because it just got to be too much. Like I said, baby steps. You can totally do it!

  3. Any week that you run a marathon ia a fantastic week!!! Way to go again 🙂
    I am so in on a pushup challenge. Maybe I can stick to this one and be able to do a nongirly one by month end!
    I didnt do too much this weekend workout wise. But lots of walking and time on my feet!

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