Life Happens

I realize that most of my blog posts are perky and upbeat, pretty carefree which fits because that’s my personality in real life.  But every so often life happens and gets in the way of my cheery disposition.  That’s what’s going on right now.

If you remember, a few weeks ago I asked for prayers for my family.  I didn’t disclose what was going on but you all touched my heart with your willingness to pray for a situation you had no idea about.  So here I am again, asking for prayers.  This time, I feel comfortable disclosing that my lovely stepmom Starla was diagnosed with breast cancer.  While it’s only been three weeks, they’re moving very quickly with treatment and she is having a double mastectomy this morning.  I would greatly appreciate prayers for the surgeon, hospital staff and her recovery.

Two lovely women in my life.  My stepsister Sarah and Starla at Sarah's high school graduation, 2012.

Two lovely women in my life. My stepsister Sarah and Starla at Sarah’s high school graduation, 2012.

Starla is such an amazing woman and has a great attitude about this whole thing.  Seriously, I would be afraid of her if I was cancer.  She’s going to kick it’s butt.  She has such an awesome attitude that I actually feel selfish for worrying.  However, the truth is I am.  But why?  In my heart, I know that God has complete control of the situation; however, my head is still desperately trying to figure out what can I do?

I went for a run earlier this week and after 6 miles of prayer and reflection I realized that I can’t do anything.  There is nothing on this Earth that I can do to make the cancer go away, to make sure her doctors give her the best care, to make recovery any easier.  Nothing, zip, zilch, NADA.  So instead of carrying around that burden, I turned it over to God and said, “Here.  You take this worry.  I can’t deal with it any more.”

Bible-verses-on-joy-happiness-and-joyPhoto Source

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.  So today, I will wait anxiously for the call that surgery went well, but I will try not to worry.  I know everything is under control.  I encourage you to remember that as well when an seemingly overwhelming situation presents itself to you.

58 thoughts on “Life Happens

  1. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for her! This is really sad and scary but you’re right- it’s totally out of your control this time. That’s a very scary realization. I hope everything goes well and she recovers faster than ever!

  2. Gina,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Starla seems like a very strong woman and she has a great attitude. It put a smile on my face to read about how positive she is. She is facing this with strength instead of fear. Kudos to her!!

    Lord, I ask that you watch over the medical staff and Starla today. I know it is in your capable hands. Amen.

  3. Hugs Gina! You are sooo right in turning it over to God…because He is the only one in control.

    Lord…please lift up Starla as she undergoes surgery this morning. Lead and guide the surgeon’s hands and help him to get all of that cancer out of her body. Help Starla to recover quickly and please help her stay cancer free. Be with Gina and the rest of her family as they wait this morning. Give them peace. All these things I ask in your precious name…Amen.

  4. I’m so sorry, Gina. It sounds like if anyone can beat cancer, it’s her. I’m definitely sending you and your family some more prayers today.

  5. Gina, I’m so sorry to hear, and sending positive thoughts your way. I know no words can make anything any easier, but just need to stay positive and trust that things will turn out okay. Love ya, girl. xoxo

  6. I’ll be thinking of you and your family my dear! I hope all goes well and she has a quick and full recovery. Starla has an amazing family and support system. She’ll get through this!

    • Thank you my dear cousin! I know you got my text yesterday but she’s doing very well, just in a good amount of pain. I am grateful to have such amazing family support (like you), too. Love you!

  7. Awh! I am praying so hard right now for you, your stepmom, and the rest of your family! I am so sorry you’re having to go through all of this right now, but the lord is good! May his will be done! Prayers for peace, comfort, and a speedy recovery <333 love you!

  8. Prayers to you and your family. So sorry, it is always hard to hear the C word. Both my parents had it within 2 years of each other. They are doing well now, but it was a tough road. You are doing the right thing in giving it up to God, take care of yourself.

    • Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear about your parents but SO happy that they are doing much better! I can’t imagine how hard that must have been on you. {{hugs}} Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

  9. I will be sending positive thoughts her way as well as to your family at this time. The upshot of breast cancer is that MANY survive and recover, not that getting cancer in any way is good….there are worse scenarios. My dog was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and I opted for amputation since her type was slow growing/low chance for metastasizing and fortunately she’s been cancer free ever since. My grandmother passed from lung cancer in 2009 (she was also 85 yrs old…), so all I can tell you about ‘the C’ word is that yes YOU can’t do anything about the cancer (in my case with my dog I could make the decision), but you CAN still be loving/supportive like you’ve been since family support is the most important thing at this time. Sorry for rambling…stream of consciousness…

    • I loved reading your rambling stream of consciousness yesterday, it made perfect sense and made me smile. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. It doesn’t matter what age they pass away at, it doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve often wondered how Chloe became a {very adorable} three legged dog. I’m sure it was a hard decision to make at first but it doesn’t seem like it’s affected her much. 🙂

      Thank you so much for all of your kind words, Nicole. They really meant a lot. Starla is in recovery and we (her family) will be there to support & cheer her on with every step of her journey.

      • I’m glad she is in recovery and its wonderful to hear that she has great support behind this time in her life 🙂 One of my good older friends is a breast cancer survivor and she’s so upbeat and chipper all the time I would not have known that she faced it in her 30s! I’m sure Starla will be another great recovery story and if/when you run a breast cancer race (I did a 5k in 2005), I’d love to support you!

      • Oh wow, Nicole, that’s so awesome to hear about your friend! 30s is so young to have to face something that life changing. And yes, I totally agree that Starla is a fantastic recovery story in the making. 🙂 She teaches high school kids, she’s pretty hard core – lol. Every year down here there is a Making Strides breast cancer walk that I will make sure to be part of this year.

  10. Gina, I didn’t know until I talked (via FB) with your dad last night. Letting go of worry is one of the most difficult things in life but when you do, it is so free-ing! Letting go is something I have to remind myself of EVERY DAY! I have never formally met your step-mom but she sounds AMAZING (just like YOU)! I love you so much and I am so glad to hear that things went well! (just read your post this evening!). I wish I had the words to make you feel better/make everything alright/ make the worry go away, but I don’t. I am thinking of you, Starla and your family! Love you so much! Sending love, hugs, positive thoughts and everything else good your way! xoxoxo

    • Oh, thank you so much Melissa! You are so sweet and totally made me teary with your comment. I’m glad you got to chat for a minute with Dad last night and get an update. She is doing very well (pain aside) and I’m just so amazed by her. I’m very fortunate to have so many wonderful women (I love you and all my moms) in my life to show me what grace under fire looks like. {{hugs}} right back to you!

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  12. Thanks to all for supporting Gina, me, and our family. It is such a blessing to be prayed for by all of these selfless people who will pray for someone they don’t even know. Thanks for supporting my amazing daughter and helping her find peace that only God can give. Thank you, Gina! The more prayers the better .

  13. Thinking of you during this time. I’ve been there with my mom, so if you need an ear, let me know. Wishing your family lots of strength and positive thoughts!

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