Random Thoughts from Speed Work

Last night my training plan had 7 miles of speed work on tap.   I’ll go out on a limb here and tell you that I am not speed work’s biggest fan.  I’m seriously a lazy runner.  Give me 20 miles of LSD (long slow distance, not the drug) over 5 miles of speed work any day.  But my training plan calls for it, so I dutifully do it.


I don’t have to be happy about it though.  Well, basically, I fight the idea all day long.  I know there’s no way I’m skipping my speed work, but there’s a part of me that still holds onto the ‘let’s take a night off idea’.   So off to the gym I went and hopped on the treadmill.  Bleh.

As I was on the ‘mill, I was watching everyone else at the gym.  They all looked like they wanted to be  there; nobody seemed disgruntled.  Then it hit me, I’m sure to others it seems like I want to be on there….on the treadmill….hanging on for dear life.  I had my game face on, I laughed occasionally at some random thoughts, nobody would have suspected that I had an internal battle the size of Bunker Hill going on.

So I wanted to share my fragmented thought process caused by last night’s speed work.  The next time you’re at the gym and see someone ‘really enjoying’ themselves, remember that you have no idea what’s going on behind the sweaty facade.

Before the run:

  • I have to stop at home first to  let my furry child go potty.
  • I really should make dinner.
  • I don’t have my blog post ready for tomorrow.
  • You’re running 20 miles this weekend.  You won’t miss these miles.
  • I need to clip my toenails.
During the run:
  • I really don’t want to do this.
  • Oh great… My warm up’s over.
  • Hmmm, it feels pretty great to stretch my legs out.
  • I should have peed before starting; only 5.5 miles left.
  • What is this Dance Moms show about?
  • Feeeeeel the burn.  Is it supposed to burn this much 3 miles into the run??
  • You can quit anytime, nobody here would know.
  • Someone call poison control! The sweat…It dripped into my eye!
  • If anyone ever talked to my kid the way this dance instructor spews hate, I would knock her out. (that thought was caused by the show I was watching.)
  • Man, I reeeeaaaally need to pee.
  • Why not just skip the cool down. 5.5 miles is still an ok distance.
  • Only one Yasso left!!
  • I’m pretty sure the people behind me thin I’m drunk. Why can’t I run in a straight line?
  • I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.
  • Last Yasso done! Oh wait, I still have a 1.5 miles cool down.
After the run:
  • I did it! Suck it Bart Yasso.
  • I wonder if the guy next to me would call the cops if I high fived him.
  • Maybe I should just apologize to him for flinging sweat.
  • I smell bad.
  • I really don’t want to get into the car with myself.
  • Why don’t I have to pee anymore?
  • I’m glad I didn’t quit.
Question:  Do you ever internally fight something?  What’s one of the most random thoughts you have during a dreaded workout.

35 thoughts on “Random Thoughts from Speed Work

  1. LMAO!!! dance Moms has been on my mind when I run too… and the Bachelor and what I would do differently… It’s amazing how our brains kick in to weird stuff! Loved this post!!! Made me laugh!!1

  2. Lol, I tend to have similar thoughts that are super random! I make lists….remember to do things…review ways that I can karaoke songs on my iPod with no one watching but on stage..ah, to be random 😉

  3. Bahahahhaa I love all the thoughts you have while running. You should hear some of mine. Actually, no you shouldn’t. They’re pretty embarrassing. I definitelyyyyy think about clipping my toenails, and then forget and really regret it later haha

    • Well now I simply MUST hear a few of your thoughts, Sarah! 😉 I love that I’m not the only one that thinks about clipping toe nails and then forgets. Although, this was the first time my psyche tried to use non-clipped toenails as an excuse not to run, lol!

  4. Love it! I thought I was the only one that had super random thoughts like that! I also go through the … “what’s that on my leg, is it a spider?”, “why is my hair bouncing so much, how many pins do I need?”, “is that a pain in my ankle?”, “OMG – why do I do this to myself?” ha ha

    • OMG, Deb!! I totally know what you’re talking about with the ‘is that a spider on my leg?’ You know you’ve put in a good workout when the sweats rolling down your legs and feels like a bug crawling on you. I loved hearing your random thoughts!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha…HILARIOUS. Oh man, if I did a post like this, I’m sure a large part of it would have to be censored. 😀
    I am amazed that you do speed work on a treadmill. You could not pay me enough money in the world to get on a treadmill and run hard, I think I’d rather chew tin foil. Good for you for getting that done!!

    • Oh, now I want you to do a post like this so I can be privy to your random thoughts – lol! I’m sure I would be in tears on the floor. 9 months out of the year I do my speed work outside but during the winter it’s just too dangerous (IMO) for me. I’d be the one who broke her ankle because she didn’t see the pot hole or got hit by a car. Just call me Grace.

  6. Gotta love speedwork!….can’t stand the thought of it, dread it before….hate it during….SO relieved and donning a air of accomplishment when it is done! Whew!

  7. Ohhh my gosh I am SO with you on this. Given I don’t run 20milers, but I would run 10 over speed running any day. I did a fartlek run a week ago for the first time, and it was SO hard!! I do not speed up very well haha. Great job on getting it done though!

    • Oooooh, I like fartleks for the sole reason that I giggle every time I say their name. “Oh, yeah, I fartleked last week.” {insert disgusted / shocked face of a non-runner} Yes, I have the same sense of humor as a teenage boy….

  8. oh geesh! i love your thought process! the same type of random craziness goes through my head when i am excercising too! i am a watcher of dance moms, and it’s only because it’s a serious trainwreck, and the girls are all from my area! it’s totally painful, but i just can’t look away! i agree that i would NEVER let anyone speak to my child like that!!!!

    • I didn’t realize that they were from your area! I think I would have a hard time not watching it, too. I know it’s the dance instructor that is being hateful, but I can’t believe the moms allowed her to do it. Craziness, dearest Jenna, pure craziness!

    • Bahahaha, I know you had some crazy thoughts, too! And why do we always feel like we’re going to fly off the dadgum treadmill? I swear, I’ll get so close to the edge sometimes that I hear that lovely vvvvvipppp sound of my shoes sliding off.

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