Weekly Workout Roundup

Wow, this weekend really seemed to fly by! Saturday was a gorgeous spring (yes, I did say spring) day.  Temps in the low 70s and very little humidity.  I tried my very best to stay outside all day long and did a pretty good job at it.  After knocking out my 14 mile run (hooray for cut back weeks!) I hurried over to a local half marathon so I could cheer on one of my running friends.
The cowbell is ready for some action.

The cowbell is ready for some action.

She's teeny tiny in this picture but my friend Lorena is on the left.

She’s teeny tiny in this picture but my friend Lorena is on the left.

I had so much fun being a spectator and cheering everyone on!  After the race I hung out with friends at the post race party and then grabbed some pizza.
Yesterday, on the other hand, was rather unspectacular.  I had a project that I needed to get finished which kept me tied up from 8:30 am to 7 pm.  UGH! I didn’t get anything done that I had planned on.  No cross training, no yoga, no fun stuff outside.  Boo.  But on the plus side, I got what I needed to finished and submitted. *weight off shoulders*Oh well.
Today starts a new week so no use complaining about yesterday.  Here’s how I did on my workouts last week.
Monday: 20 minutes of cycling (warmup), 7 mile run with 7 strides, kettlebell workout, 24 pushups.
Tuesday: (AM) Yoga – seated hip openers, (PM) 60 minutes of cycling (hill training) totaling 14.43 miles.
Wednesday: 7.4 mile run at 8:56 pace, Irish Coast Running Group.  I tried to hang with the fast kids but ended up losing them. 26 pushups.
Thursday: (AM) Yoga – hip flexors; (PM) 5 mile run.

Friday:  Mini upper body session.  Biceps, triceps, deltoids.

Saturday:  14 mile {hilly} long run (10:14 pace).

Sunday.  30 pushups.

Question:  Have you ever spectated a race? What’s your favorite way to cheer on runners?

28 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup

  1. So jealous of your spring-like temperatures! It was in the 20s here this weekend. Also, LOVE the cowbell! There are always some on site during triathlons. 😉 Great job with your workouts, friend!

  2. At least you got done what you needed I suppose. I love the feeling of finishing a bunch of work LOL. Anyways, your workouts look pretty good regardless. I need to get some weights in. I’ve spectated a lot of races but more or less when I’m injured actually.

    • Thanks, Hollie. I’m glad to have it done but I hate that I wasted the entire Sunday. Good luck getting your weight workout in this week. And hopefully the next time you spectate a race it’s because you want to and not because you’re injured.

  3. Whew! That is an awesome week of workouts busy ladayyyy!
    I haven’t gone to a big race to spectate, but my very first running event I ever went to was to watch the bf run his first marathon (which is also th reason I started running 🙂 )

  4. Awesome workouts 🙂 as much as I love being in races I always love to watch one every once in a while. They are always so inspiring! At a bike race this summer I was given an awesome cow bell!

  5. I’ve never spectated a race but I want to VOLUNTEER at a half or full marathon event since its so inspiring just to watch people put their heart out there! I’d love to return the favor of positive words when you are struggling since a random stranger’s shouts have helped me on more than one occasion 🙂 SO on my bucket list to volunteer at least a couple times a year!

    • Yes, you must volunteer sometime!! I volunteered at a triathlon last year (in hopes to build my courage up to doing one this year) and had the BEST time! Plus, I now have a much better appreciation for everything that volunteers do to make races seamless. I always thank the police when I run by them, I thank/high five the water station people, and most of all, I actually try to put my water cup in the garbage can instead of the ground. With your personality, you will love volunteering!!

      • Thanks for the tips! I haven’t done many races, but always good to be reminded to thank ppl during the race since as you say they are doing so much to help it run smoothly (regular ppl and police alike!)

  6. Awesome workouts lady! I loved your comment on my blog today-it seriously made my DAY!!! Loved it! Oh and love the cowbell-reminds me of going to my brothers hockey tournaments when I was younger!

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