Kid Approved Taco Cups

Thank you all for your supportive words and prayers from Wednesday’s post.  Every one of your comments meant a lot and really touched my heart.  Continued prayers for guidance and wisdom are definitely appreciated.

Several months ago I did a guest post for Stephanie from Fit Mom in Training which included a kid approved taco recipe and some thoughts on clean eating.  I realized recently that I’ve never shared it with y’all! *Face palm*  My apologies…

A lot of people have the misconception that clean eating is complex, uses incredibly strange ingredients and is not kid friendly at all.  And while that is partially true, there are a lot of great, clean recipes out there aren’t like that at all.  Recipes that use normal ingredients and are easy to make.  Introducing clean meals to your family is a great way to help your children develop life long, healthy eating habits.  Can I get an ‘Amen’?

So here is one of those recipes; a clean eating, kid approved taco cup recipe.  Besides loving these things myself, I tested them out on my niece and nephews this summer and they loved them, too!  They are a bit messy to eat (the taco cups, not the kids) but who cares, tacos are supposed to be messy, right?

Taco Cups

recipe 2

I have a 20 miler on tap for tomorrow – eek! I’m pretty nervous about it because 1.) my foot issues and 2.) I’m having to do it solo.  20 miles is a looooooooooooong way to run without any company.  I’ll have my Ipod but, for safety reasons, I really don’t like listening to when I’m by myself.  I want to be able to hear someone rushing up on me or if a car is about to hit me. Basically, I want to hear if I’m about to die – lol…  Only 5 weeks until Rock-n-Roll New Orleans; y’all wish me luck!

Questions:  What’s your favorite {healthy} go-to recipe for kids?  What do you do on solo long runs to keep yourself focused?

22 thoughts on “Kid Approved Taco Cups

  1. Totally craving Mexican food now, friend! 😉 Have a great run tomorrow! Would you be able to pop in one earbud and keep the other ear “free” if you need a boost? That could work.

  2. So far most of the kids in my family love veggies and fruit. It’s easy to help them eat clean. I usually run with just one earbud in and on low for the distraction when I’m out alone. Lately I’ve been liking the sans-music runs though. However, never run 20 miles! I think half marathons is the longest I’ve gone. Have a great run tomorrow ❤

    • That’s awesome that the kids in your family love their fruits and veggies! I actually ended up running without any music and it ’twas lovely. You’re going to have plenty of long runs like that in your future, girlie!

  3. Any way you can tape your foot? I’m a bit of a taping fanatic now (sorry!), but I feel that it really helps me workout even when I’m recovering (and do it safely, or as safe as possible, considering..)

    Looks like a yummy recipe! Love the ‘squish tortillas in cupcake tin cups’ idea to get them to stay in a form! So cool! Like a tostada!

  4. These tacos look amazing. So cute and delicious. Holy long run alone. I don’t know what I would do running 20 miles alone, let alone with someone else haha. Good luck! Get some good music!

  5. what a great idea for kids! i know my little h and c would LOVE those taco cups! i swear their favorite place to be is the kitchen!!

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