Weekly Workout Roundup

This was a crazy busy weekend! My aunt and uncle from Minnesota came a visited Friday and Saturday and then Saturday my niece and nephews came over.  It was totally fun chaos in our house Saturday.  Sorry no pictures, I try to respect people’s privacy and not broadcast everything to the world.  I was so sad when everybody left Saturday evening, and now I feel family-less again. Boo.

Since everyone was at my house Saturday, I shifted my long run to Sunday.  Let’s just say that it went pretty terribly.  Like painfully terrible.  I woke up Sunday with the intent to get 18 miles knocked out before church but I knew pretty quickly that that was not going to happen.  It 98% humidity and I was seriously struggling; by mile 5 I felt like I had already ran 10 miles. Then the pain started to kick in.

Between the kettlebell workouts and running around with my niece and nephews (think piggy back rides up and down the stairs) my upped and lower body muscles were horribly fatigued.  The cherry on the top was having excruciating foot pain.  I ordered new shoes last week and they came in Saturday but I didn’t have time to check them out.  People, DON’T RUN IN OLD SHOES! This includes me.  Duh, Gina.  I ran the 18 miles 3 weeks ago and felt amazing.  Oh well, bad runs make the good ones that much better, right?

So I came home, showered and grabbed my “better then sex kit” which consists of Pro Compression socks, my foam roller and the newest addition, Perform Pain Relief kit.  I joked about throwing a bottle of wine in the kit for good measure.  After a few hours, I started to feel better.


My “Better Then Sex Kit”

For the rest of today’s post I wanted to give a workout recap. One of these days I’m actually going to start consistently posting my weekly workouts and goals.  Every week I plan on it and then something comes up or I decide I want to talk about something else.   I’m linking up with Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints for the weekly workout roundup.


Here are last weeks workouts:

  • Monday – Easy paced 4 mile run.
  • Tuesday – Speedwork; 6 mile run with 4 Yassos at a 7:53 pace.
  • Wednesday – My first Kettlebell workout!
  • Thursday – 5 mile run with 3 miles at marathon pace; worked shoulders at the gym.
  • Friday – Kettebell workout.
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 18 mile long run followed with lots of icing and stretching.

Well, there you have it.  A total of 33 miles and 3 strength workouts.  Did you notice anything missing?  How about any stretching (yoga) or cycling?  I’m asking for an injury by ignoring those two crucial things.  (What’s ironic is that I wrote those last few sentences before the terrible 18 mile run.)

My goals for this week:

  • Get all my training runs in.
  • Two kettlebell workouts
  • One strength training session at the gym
  • One cycling session to keep the legs loose.
  • Two yoga sessions; specifically seated hip openers to help with my tight lower body.

Also, I’ve decided to start the 100 pushup challenge again.  I have exactly 6 weeks of training left (EEK!) until the Rock-n-Roll Marathon and the 100 pushup challenge is 6 weeks long…..Perfect!

Question:  How do you track your workouts?

23 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup

  1. Running in old shoes is a recipe for disaster! I did that a couple of weeks ago and now my left knee has been bothering me since then. 😦
    I track my workouts on Training Peaks: http://www.trainingpeaks.com You can keep track of everything on there, including the mileage on your shoes! I use the free service and it works well for me!
    Good luck with the 100 push up challenge! I’m sure you’ll nail it!! 😀

    • I know, I totally regret not taking the 5 extra minutes to get the new ones ready to roll. I’m normally really good about changing my shoes; my body starts giving warning signs a couple weeks before but with the holidays and everything else I kept putting them off. 😦 Boooo for bad judgment.

      I’m excited about the pushup challenge. I’m planning on owning it – lol!

  2. I was a bad girl and didnt post yesterday! Gasp! You are killing it girl! I hope everything feels better though…stinks that we really don’t know shoes are “old” till something hurts..ugh!

  3. oh no! Get those new shoes on asap! And more stretching Gina!!!!! Dr’s orders. 😛 I am also a “weekly workouts roundup” poster too, but I usually post mine Mon/Tuesdays. I have a KB workout on tap this week too!

    • Ummmmm, you kind of have a free pass with moving and everything. 🙂 Help me think of a plausible excuse? ;p New shoes are ready and waiting to be taken for a spin! (After the foot stops hurting, though.)

  4. I seriously need to start that push-up challenge! It seems like there’s always an excuse not to do it (big Crossfit workout one day; then still sore the next day.. lol). Like I’ll never not be sore to do it 😉

    Love the “better than sex” kit! lol

    Sounds like you’re a busy Gina.. stay injury-free!!

    • Start the program when you’re ready, Jen. Honestly, you’re probably getting way more benefit from crossfit then you would with the challenge. I think I’m making crossfit (at least one session) my March or April goal for the month.

      Yes, ‘better then sex’! So glad you got a kick out of that. 😉

  5. oh man! im sorry that your run wasnt so great and for all the pain youre dealing with! ouch!! rest up and take care of yourself so youre ready for the next one!! ❤

  6. haha. That kit looks great:) I tend to use runkeeper to track any of my cardio workouts. The rest I remember until Saturday when I type up my weekly exercise recaps.

    • I think every runner should have one of those kits – lol! I use daily mile to track my miles but I don’t really keep up with my other workouts. I love reading about people who keep journals and then look back at their progress over the year(s) but I’m not that disciplined…

  7. After my injuries I’ve taken to stretching everyday. The nice thing is that I’m starting to increase my flexibility! It does take commitment to do this and I moan and groan about it, but feel so much better after.

    P.S. when you instagrammed the BioFreeze, it reminded me to pick up some more because I was almost out! Did that today and so happy! My ‘injury recovery kit’ includes similar things: compression socks, BioFreeze, The Stick, foam roller and Rock Tape. 🙂 Hope your foot gets better soon!

    • Stretching is such an important part of recovery yet it’s almost always the first thing to go when I get crunched for time. I totally know better! I did get in a quick yoga session yesterday and my hip flexors are loving me for it.

      Yay, for remembering to pick up Biofreeze! I’ve never tried Rock Tape but hear/read really good things about it.

  8. Your better than sex kit is awesome!! Hahaha. I hate those runs that are so tiring. I use dailymile to track my running, and anything else I don’t track. I do yoga and spin class too!

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