Don’t be a Resolutioner

Happy 2013 y’all!! Did you have a great time ringing in the new year? I managed to make it until 11pm to watch the East Coast celebrate 2013. Wooooo! I sure know how to party into the wee hours of the night, right?  On the plus side, I did get to take advantage of the last day of empty machines at the gym.


I adore getting free range of any machine that I want; I’m like a kid in a candy store.  But I know that as of yesterday the gym was filled with New Year resolutioners.  Each year tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, flock to the gym in an attempt to make good on their 2013 goals.  For that very reason I chose to spend my first workout of 2013 avoiding the fuss of the gym.


6 mile tempo run in 95% humidity and 70* heat. Happy New Year to me!
My Sparkly Soul band kept all the sweaty flyaways our of my face.

Even though I just fussed about the gym, I have to admit that I enjoy the chaos during the first week in January.  I love that every machine is full and I love even more seeing people who haven’t exercised in awhile getting after it. But here’s the thing, I know that by the third week in January, most of the shiny newness of those 2013 fitness goals have worn off which means the gym will go back to it’s pre-New Year population.

Somehow putting down the goals on paper isn’t quite enough to keep most New Year resolutioner’s avid attention.  I’ve been there, I get it.  Life has a way of derailing even the most well intentioned goals.  So what does it take to stick with your goals and not become a resolutioner? When I was thinking about how to answer that question, I considered several years of resolutions.  I’ve broken dozens of resolutions in my life but it’s the ones that I stuck with that really caught my attention.  What did I do differently that year to not drop out like normal? This is what I came up with.

How to not be a New Year Resolutioner:

  1.  Make your goals attainable. Don’t choose a goal you know you can’t achieve; it’s setting yourself up for failure. By doing this you’re actually sabotaging all your goals, not just that one.
  2. Break them into smaller goals. Achieving smaller goals throughout the year will give you a confidence boost and help you reach your ultimate goal. Before I ran the Marine Corps Marathon I started with a 5k. Small goals lead to bigger goals.
  3. Make yourself accountable. Be annoying; tell everyone you know what you want to accomplish. Bu doing this you put a fair amount of pressure on yourself. Even better, get some accountability partners. Friends who will hold your feet to the fire when the going gets tough.  This one personally worked wonders for me when I hooked up with running friends.
  4. Be determined. You can’t accomplish anything unless you first believe in yourself and recognize the hard work that you’re going to put into making things happen.
  5. Reevaluate. If something’s not working and you’re tempted to give up on your goals, take time to reevaluate what’s not working. It’s totally ok to decide something’s not right for you.  Instead, consider altering your goals. Get rid of what doesn’t work and don’t be afraid to try new tactics.  This does not mean you’re a failure.

Now that you have some working tips on how to stick to our New Year resolutions, I hope you feel more comfortable with what you’re trying to accomplish this year.

And now as promise, I’m excited to announce the Sparkly Soul giveaway headband winner.  There were 101 entries and, using, lucky comment #80 was the winner.  Congrats, Kristy, get ready to sparkle! I’ll be getting in touch with you soon with all the details.  I know you’ll be stoked to experience first hand how this band doesn’t slip and slide like the rest – cheers!

UntitledQuestion:  What do you do when the going gets tough with New Year resolutions? I’d love to hear any tips that work for you!


23 thoughts on “Don’t be a Resolutioner

  1. Definitely agree with #2 and #3! Schedule a new race or event that makes me continue to work towards that goal or set up a date with friends to have a “results” day. Having people available to be disappointed in me definitely makes me work harder when I get down on myself.

  2. thank you for setting the goal section up the way you did ! I am still contemplating how I want to write my goals for this year as I already have an idea, just not committed to how I can achieve them (with marathon season only starting here in Florida so late and into 2014) since I am not sure I can achieve it the first half!
    thanks for this point and happy accomplishing!

    • I’m so glad you found this helpful, Genna! I’m excited for you to tackle a marathon, what an amazing and fulfilling goal for you to check off your list! Good luck coming up with a plan of attack; I’m sure you’ll do fabulous. 🙂

  3. I agree with them all!i had friends ask me why I got up & ran on New Years…it’s no different than any other day and nothing stops or changes! 😉

  4. I agree, new years resolutions are often unrealistic. I wish the weather here was in the 70s! I can’t take much more of the 15 degree runs in the morning! Making yourself accountable is definitely a great way to accomplish your goals without giving up three days into the new year. Great tips 🙂

    • I know, I think it’s great to be super ambitious with goals but at the same time don’t get upset and quit when they’re not reached. I have two goals that I really want to accomplish this year (run a 50k and race my first tri) but I know that realistically, those probably won’t happen.

      Oh, and I’m packing my winter workout clothes as we speak. I’ll be there shortly. 😉

    • I always feel bad when I complain about the heat and I know it’s 20* or colder elsewhere. If it makes you feel better, this summer when it’s 100* and 95% humidity down here you’ll be enjoying the perfect temps up there.

  5. Love this post. I don’t mind the resolutioners that much because they have a right to be there as much as everyone else but some people are so rude about it. I don’t know haha…I know the gym will clear up eventually you know? These are great tips for real though!

  6. i really love all of your tips! i know that writing things down and telling other people about my goals are what keep my accountable for the new year!! tangibility (is that a word?!) haha! is what really works for me!! xoxox

  7. I love the re-evaluate section on goals, I think it is so key when you hit bumps along to way to reflect and change and tweak the goals.
    Thank you for this.
    Happy New Year!

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