2012 in Review and Goals for 2013

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2012! I had so many great moments this year so I’m really sad to see it come to an end.  For those of you that are curious, I did manage to drag my sick butt out of bed Saturday and get a very cold and hilly 12 mile run in.  Although, I think I probably should have stayed in bed.

Here’s a bit of humor to start your day off with.  Saturday morning, I couldn’t see while I was driving to meet my running girls but I chalked it up to the fact that I got up ridiculously early (4:45); turns out I was wearing my husband’s contacts.  It was a 45 minute drive to where we were running and I was already 1/2 way there so I did what any reasonable person would do.  I ran 12 miles with basically beer goggles on.  Did I mention that his prescription is -5.25 (basically blind) and mine is only -1.25?? On the drive home I kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t get pulled over.  I was pretty sure the “I’m not drunk, I’m just wearing my husband’s contacts” plea wouldn’t amuse a cop. Oy!! Ok, now that you laughed hysterically, let’s get back to your regularly scheduled New Year’s Eve post.

Happy-New-Year-2013-HD-Wallpaper-6Photo Source

I think what I’ll remember most about 2012 is that I feel like I finally rediscovered the person I was before my brother was killed.  It’s been so nice enjoying life and not carrying around unnecessary emotional baggage.

A lot of rediscovering myself had to do with rediscovering running this past year.   As of January 1, 2012, the furthest distance I had raced was a 10k.  I was just starting to get back into running and, with only one 8 mile ‘long’ (ha!)  run under my belt, I made the decision to run a marathon in memory of my brother.  10 short months and several races later I conquered the Marine Corps Marathon.  I didn’t start blogging until June so I thought it would be fun to recap some of my favorite fitness accomplishments from this year.

2012 – A Year of Fitness Firsts  

  • I ran my first 15k in February, the Double Bridge Run, in Pensacola, FL.  This race really is the one that flipped the switch in my head from someone who dabbled in running to ‘hey, I’m a runner.’
Taken at the Double Bridge Run 15k in Pensacola, Florida.  This was an amazing run! I was so happy to run it with Mary, my running inspiration - she's a beast on the road! (And also happens to be like a mom to me.)

The Double Bridge Run 15k in Pensacola, Florida. Luckily, I’ve learned how to take better race pictures since then.

  • I ran my first ½ marathon, Roll-n-Roll in New Orleans, LA.  I experienced quite a bit of marathon envy watching the marathoners split from the half-marathoners.  I wanted to call myself a marathoner so bad I could taste it at that point.


This is me ignorantly thinking that kayaking 2 miles would be a breeze. HA!

This is me ignorantly thinking that kayaking 2 miles would be a breeze. HA!

  • I ran my first ever beer run.  It was a 4k which added to the quirky fun.



  • I set PRs in my 5k, 10k and ½ marathon.
  • I RAN MY FIRST MARATHON!! Need I say more?


  • And finally, my legs logged 1,247 miles in 2012!!

The human body never ceases to amaze me with what it can do when you set a goal.  To go from very little fitness to running a marathon in 10 months is something that I’m very proud of.  Not just because of the physical aspect of it, but also because I conquered that annoying voice in my head always telling me “you won’t ever…” or “you can’t…”

2013 is going to be another great year that I get to tell that dumb voice to shut it.  Now that I have a solid year of running and my body is used to the abuse I give it, 2013 is going to be the year of focusing on speed.

2013 Goals

  • Run a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon.  Realistically, I’m only 4 minutes away from that happening so this is kind of a default goal.  My real goal is to run a 1:55 (or better) 1/2.
  • Run a sub 25 minute 5k.
  • Run a sub 50 minute 10k.
  • Run a 4:15 marathon. (Hopefully I’ll get this one in February.)
  • Improve my running form.
  • Weight train consistently.
  • 6 pack abs!!

Personal 2013 Goals

  • Continue to grow in my spirituality – super important to me!
  • Give back more; donate my time to various causes.
  • Focus less on me and more on others.
  • Continue to encourage others on their paths to healthier lifestyles.
  • Find a better balance between clean eating, running and life in general.

Super Ambitious Goals (AKA ones that probably won’t happen but I’m going to try anyways)

  • Compete in my first triathlon.  I really, really, really want this one to happen but, realistically, the cost associated with getting into the tri world is a bit prohibitive.  That and the swim scares the daylights out of me.
  • Run my first 50k.  I’ve been researching these this week and unfortunately most of the ones in the South are in the spring and registration has closed.

Question: What did you accomplish in 2012 that you are super proud of?  What are your goals for 2013?


33 thoughts on “2012 in Review and Goals for 2013

  1. wow you had a TON of new races this year! That’s pretty incredible! I hope you accomplish every single one of your goals in 2013 🙂

  2. Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished this year, Gina! I think you’re just grazing the the tip of the running iceberg, so I’m excited to see you kick even more butt and take names in 2013! Oh, and even though I love your goals, I’m obviously partial to the completing a triathlon one. 🙂 Money-wise, getting into the sport can be tough, but it’s definitely possible to swim, bike, and run on a budget. If you want, I can trigeek out and send you an email later this week. 😉

    • I would totally love for you to trigeek out and send me some tips! The first step I have to take is taking some swimming lessons. i.e. Getting comfortable swimming and not floating in a pool with a drink. 😉 I’m totally excited about 2013 and can’t wait to tackle these goals!

      • Yaya, I’m on it! Oh, and just so you know, triathletes may not drink while swimming, but I know people who do their swim (or bike or run) workouts, and then go grab multiple alcoholic beverages after. 😉

  3. You sure had a great year and accomplished so much in 2012! You should be so proud! I know 2013 will be just as amazing for you and even better!! You rock!!! Happy new year! Xxoo

  4. First of all, thank you for your brothers service for this country. So glad you were able to run the marine corp marathon in his honor 🙂 Quite an achievement!

    You might have been better off tossing his contacts… if your vision is only -1 something, you probably would have been fine! I’m at -2.25 in both eyes, really would need contacts to drive safely. Still a funny story!

    Want abs? Me too! AND core strength (not necessarily the same thing). I just joined this 30 day ab challenge for January, did the first week exercises today and it is a butt kicker (ok ab kicker!). The person who set up the challenge has a circuit of exercises to do each week 3-4 times, with 1 minute planks on ‘off’ days for recovery. And if you post at least 8 pictures/videos of you doing the work in Jan, you are qualified to be a potential random winner of an ab workout book!

    Site with numerous challenges: http://www.challengeloop.com/ (sign in with facebook)

    30 day ab challenge: http://www.challengeloop.com/challenge/30-day-abs

    • I’ll definitely have to check out that site, thanks for sharing it with me! I definitely want 6 pack abs (if even for a short while) but honestly, I would rather have great core strength. The funny thing about me wanting 6 pack abs is that I NEVER show off my stomach so I’m trying to figure out why this is such a priority in my mind. And thank you for your sweet words about my brother. ❤

      • I don’t like showing my stomach either…For the purposes of this challenge I did take a ‘before’ picture and will take a picture at the end of the month to hopefully show progress!

  5. What an awesome year you’ve had, girl! I’m so sorry about your brother. I can’t even imagine. 😦
    I’ve considered doing a tri, but the swim part scares me too! I think I would just stick to a duathlon. What I’m proud of is doing 2 half marathon’s this year. Next year I’ll do 13, as well as get a sub 30 5k!

  6. Hahaha omg I can’t believe you wore your husband’s contacts!!! I could never imagine wearing the wrong contacts..let alone wearing the wrong contacts while running 12 miles! That’s talent 😉

    You have such a long list of AMAZING accomplishments in 2012! I can’t believe you ran your first half and full marathon in the same year. That gives me some hope for my running future! I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for you girl! Happy New Years!!

    • Prior to last Saturday I could never imagine doing that either! I’m just amused at the fact that I didn’t figure it out before I left the house. *sigh*

      You’re going to do amazing things this year, Connie! I’m super excited for your 1/2 and whatever else you get yourself into. 🙂

  7. Gina, you’re so inspiring to me!!
    I love that you accomplished so much in just one year!! From only doing a 10k to doing a whole marathon? So awesome!!!
    You’re going to nail those 2013 goals!!!

    • Thanks girlie!! That’s why I always tell non-runners if I can do it you can, too. You’d be proud of me, I’ve hit the weights (upper body) twice this week. 🙂 And I think after the marathon in February that I’m going to give crossfit a try. Thanks for inspiring me with that!

      • Awesome!! So happy to hear it!! 🙂 You may need to start eating more though so you can retain that muscle you’re building! You’re so small – you can afford to chow down! 😉

  8. First of all your hubby and I have the same prescription – basically blind = super cool!
    Great goals. I am sure you will get all your time goals no problem because you work so hard.
    I am trying for my sub 4:30 marathon, first tri, and 13 races in 2013 (up from 1 last year).

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