Weekly Workout Roundup

Sorry about the late post, I’m actually home sick today and have just rolled myself out of bed.  I ran the Woman’s Half Marathon yesterday and I promise to have a recap on it later this week.  It was a great race (minus the fact that I threw up on the course) and enjoyed running in memory of my aunt Kathy.


I rarely get sick (I’ve only used 24 hours of sick leave all year) but when I do, I go down hard.  So today will be a low key day filled with lots of napping, a ‘The Office’ marathon, and maybe some Christmas card writing.  Here’s hoping today will be semi-productive.

As far as the post goes, I’m totally taking the easy way out and am going to join my friend Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints in her weekly workout roundup. It’s her birthday today, so make sure to stop by and wish her a happy one.  She may even share with you a cupcake her hubby made.


Dec 3-9

I ran a total of 27.6 miles last week but fell really short on my cross training.  I don’t talk a lot about my workouts but I’m thinking of adding this weekly roundup to my blog.  What do you think? Would you like to see my weekly workouts or just leave things the way they are? And with that, I’m off to crawl back into bed.

Question:  Do you keep track of your workouts? Do you find that it holds you more accountable?


26 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup

  1. I definitely track my workouts – I use Daily Mile and don’t necessarily use it to hold myself accountable, but rather to have a good record of my workouts and progress.

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Oh no.. feel better, Gina!!!

    I like seeing workouts; not like you should compare yourself to others or anything, but sometimes it’s neat to see how others are progressing!

    Get lots of rest, chickie.. and feel free to slack on the blog front if you’re not feeling well!!

  3. Sorry you got sick, hope you feel better soon! I keep track of my workouts on Daily Mile, and my runs on runkeeper. I like seeing how I’ve improved. I would like to see your weekly workouts! I’m thinking of adding that to my blog too.

    • I would totally love seeing your weekly workouts! I think it will help hold me accountable with my cross training. I always get my runs in but I find myself procrastinating on the other aspects of fitness.

  4. I really hope you feel better soon Gina! I so hate you got sick on the course! Yes! I love seeing your workouts! Definitely start posting them! I usually post mine on my Fitness Friday post but haven’t the past two weeks since I’ve been resting due to my knee injury. Hoping to get back to that post this week. 🙂

    • Thanks Mindy! I’m so sorry I bailed after the race. I really wanted to catch up with you and Larisa. I think I’m going to have to come to Mobile for lunch sometime. I hope that you get the all clear from the dr., too! Way to have a great race yesterday – go ‘team injured’!!

  5. Hope you’re feeling better, Gina! As you know, I’m all about keeping track of my weekly workouts. Seeing which ones I need to complete–and checking off which ones I’ve finished–helps me stay motivated, accountable, and focused. A few bloggers have tagged me in their own WIDDIU post, so I’m thinking about making a badge/weekly roundup. We’ll see. 🙂

    • I need to start posting my goals for the week, too. Your WIDDIU is genius, you should totally make a badge. I find that I’m much more accountable if I put my goals out there; I have the type of personality that I don’t want to disappoint by not following through with something. I think that’s why training plans work so well with me.

  6. Every week! Thanks for joining in! I hope you’re feeling better because you kicked major butt yesterday! I love your pin board graphic, you genius you!

  7. Though you say your cross training dipped this week, I have to say that I’m so impressed with all those good form pushups. I don’t think I could do five right now. I’ve neglected my arms. And congrats on your half! Nice to add bling to the collection!

    • Those pushups are KILLING me!! Those pushups you see me log are part of the 100 pushup program. When I started 4 weeks ago I could only do 10 good form (boy) pushups. It’s not a fun program but I guess the proof is in the pudding. Thanks for the congrats, I’m rather fond of the bling. 🙂

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