2 Week Sugar Detox….Mission Complete!

It’s official….My 2 week detox is over and this girl couldn’t be any happier!!  So how’d I do?  Well, the past two weeks have been a total mental game but I’m happy to say that I won!  If you remember, I started this challenge with just a few goals in mind:

  • To Reduce my cravings & getting my sweet tooth back under control…..CHECK
  • Clearer skin….Not really
  • Less headaches….CHECK
  • A much happier digestive system….CHECK
  • Eliminating the few pounds I put on during marathon training….CHECK
  • More energy!! CHECK, CHECK, CHECK

With the exception of clearer skin, I’m very happy with the detox results.   I guess with running so much, I’m just going to be prone to breakouts.  I really shouldn’t complain because it could be much worse; I’m just used to having a crystal clear face.

The main portion of this detox was centered around eliminating sugar and processed foods.  Here’s an idea of how the past two weeks have gone food wise:

Breakfast: LOTS of eggs. I don’t want to see another egg or egg white for a long time; I missed my cereal terribly.  I also ate lots of RAW multi-grain hot cereal and peanut butter toast.

Egg whites, spinach, turkey sausage, crumbled feta.

Egg whites, turkey sausage, orange bell peppers and salsa verde.

Lunch: Leftovers from suppers the night before, sandwiches of any kind and lots of vegetables. (Sorry, no lunch shots… I get rather hangry around lunch time and forget my manners.)

Supper: Pasta, soup, lean proteins (chicken/pork) cooked vegetables, brown rice.

Chicken and vegetable soup.

Whole wheat pasta with ground turkey.

Snacks: Cut up vegetables, hummus, cottage cheese, clean crackers and cheese, almonds and pistachios, and natural peanut butter.

Love this hummus!!

I may or may not have eaten almost an entire jar of natural PB.  Whoops.

After the detox, I feel better, sharper mentally and my headaches have subsided a bit.   Other than 2 cheats [gum (that’s for the benefit of others) and communion (it was maybe a tsp. of grape juice)] I am really pleased with how I did.

The Good:

  • I control sugar, not the other way around.  I have minimal sugar cravings right now; even the thought of something sugary sweet makes me cringe a bit. {Side note: I am excited to get my fruit back.}
  • I’ve retrained my taste buds to appreciate the natural sweetness found in vegetables.
  • I’ve learned I can live without adding honey to everything.
  • I realized just how much processed ‘healthy’ items I was relying on.

The Bad:

  • It messed with my running…badly.  Not properly fueling myself during the first few days of the detox left me feeling light headed and ill. There is absolutely no way I could maintain this detox any further into marathon training.  Especially once I get back into the high double digit runs and have to refuel during the run.  Carrots and snap peas just don’t seem like they’d do the trick on a 20 milers.
  • The sheer amount of time it took to plan/prepare my meals and snacks was ridiculous.
  • My diet wasn’t nearly as balanced or complete as it should have been.  I found myself eating same stuff again and again because I knew that food was ‘ok’.
  • Sugar is everywhere and in everything! It’s almost unavoidable.

What I’ll continue doing:

  • Drinking hot lemon water in the morning.  I fell in love with this!
  • Avoiding all refined/processed sugar while keeping a watchful eye on my natural sugars.
  • Treat myself occasionally.  Like last night… I had small piece of all natural dark chocolate and a protein smoothie made with pineapple, blueberries, ground flax, plain greek yogurt and RAW protein powder.  After a two week sugar detox and 6 miles of hill work last night, fruit never tasted so good!

What does this mean for the upcoming Turkey Day? Well, it means that I do not get a carte blanche pass to eat whatever I want.  I worked too hard to sabotage the benefits from these past two weeks so I will enjoy a clean Thanksgiving with my family.   Holidays are not an excuse to go crazy off a diet.  FYI: The average person consumes almost 7,000 calories on Thanksgiving!

With that being said, don’t deprive yourself, either.  Watch your portion size and if you want something, eat it in moderation.  For me, it’s not Thanksgiving without the French’s Green Bean Casserole.  Totally not clean, but I’m going to eat it anyway.  No need agonizing over a certain dish.  Tomorrow is a day to enjoy, to celebrate and to give thanks for the many blessings in life.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


22 thoughts on “2 Week Sugar Detox….Mission Complete!

  1. Sounds like a successful detox overall, Gina–nice job! I hope you are loading up on fruit and dark chocolate right now. 😉 I didn’t think of this before, but carbs and whole-grains that would be perfect run fuel contain sugar, right? Even energy gels have sweet stuff in them. PS – As an awkward/somewhat TMI sidenote, my skin is pretty clear except for the area by the chin, which I’m sure is from using my t-shirt to wipe off sweat. 😉

    • Thanks Carrie! My breakouts tend to be either on my forehead or chin because, like you, that where I wipe sweat away. Whole grains (complex carbs) are great for running but they digest a slowly and since I workout after work my body responds best to fast (simple) carbs. Prior to the sugar detox I’d grab either a Kashi or a Clif bar before my run; post sugar detox, I’m going to see how whole foods like raisins, dates and figs work for me. I know I’ll still need to fuel during my long runs but I’m ok with keeping my Honey Stingers gel.

      Happy Thanksgiving, chica!

      • Given the name of your blog, you may appreciate this. Last summer I was looking for a way to fuel naturally and keep from over heating during 100* runs so I decided to freeze some grapes. I thought it was genius (perfect little pop-able morsels of sugar) until I pulled them out of my Cambelbak at mile 10 only to realize that not only had they completely thawed, but they had also been smashed to smithereens. *Sigh* It seemed like such a great idea, too.

  2. Yay for the detox! Hmm I might need to try that lemon water thingie ma jig. Being hypoglycemic makes it hard but running definitely makes you crave sugar! Sour patch kids rule my lifeeeeee

    • I’m actually hypoglycemic, Kat. That’s why the detox affected my running so much. I get the shakes, lightheaded, etc… when my blood sugar gets too low. Not to mention I get really, really, hangry.

  3. Congrats, Gina!! 🙂 Have you thought about doing a 2 week grain elimination to see if it helps with your skin? While a Whole30 is quite extreme, so many people say it clears up their skin like nothing else! (if it is a big issue for you!)

    And do you like sweet potatoes? So many ways to prep them (mashed, fried in coconut oil, baked, with almond butter!) and they are a good carb to fuel with!

    • Thanks Jen!! The acne on my face is just a breakout here and there so it’s really not bad but I have heard that eliminating grains can help. I’m just so attached to my grains that I really don’t think I could go without. That’s a big part of the reason I’m a clean eater and not paleo.

      Ok, it’s confession time…I’m really not a big sweet potato person. *gasp* I know that they are SUPER good for you but it’s very rare that I’ll just sit down and eat one…

      • Haha.. I used to hate sweet potatoes.. until I found other ways to eat them, and now I’m obsessed! It’s weird, I know. But once you cut out grains and sugar, it’s enough to satisfy that craving lol.

    • Hi Lauren! I have different types of headaches (don’t we all?) but I can definitely tell that ones that are caused by my sugar intake. I’m sorry you’re experiencing headaches. 😦 If you’ve ruled out major medical problems, I’d definitely give the sugar detox a try!

    • I didn’t want to list a ton of (boring to most) details in the post but I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have. If you want, I can do a breakdown of one of my days (food wise) and e-mail it to you. Happy Thanksgiving, lovely!

  4. Wow! Why a fantastic job you did!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself!! I can’t imagine how hard that was, but I’m feeling really inspired to try my own detox now! Maybe for the new year?! Have a very very wonderful thanksgiving!!! Xo

  5. 7000 calories?!?!?! That is one scary statistic. That is impressive. We don’t do Thanksgiving here but I certainly make up for it on Christmas Day. Although I am pretty sure I wouldn’t get near the 7000 calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on the sugar detox and glad to hear you are feeling so well from it :=)

  6. I can’t believe it! Did my daughter really say she ate some dark chocolate? When Terry was in Paris she accidently bought dark instead of milk chocolate. What a great gift I received from Paris again.

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