Belated Birthday Fun Post

Did you vote yesterday? I did!  I go to bed early so when I went to bed last night the exit polls were still neck-in-neck.  I’m curious to see what the final result is.

Today starts day 3 of my no sugar challenge and I’m officially over the pouty stage – yay!  I think the 2 year personality that lives inside me realized that no matter how many ‘I want fruit tantrums’ she threw I wasn’t giving in. Y’all I promise I don’t actually have any dissociative  identity or multiple personality disorders.  This detox hasn’t been the easiest but I’ll give a recap of week one on Monday.

Last week when I was recapping the Marine Corps Marathon and also my MCM weekend fun I mentioned that my birthday was the same day as the marathon.  I wanted to do a separate recap since I have amazing family who went out of the way to make sure my birthday was special.  I love my family!!

Ha!!! There was also a tiara and sash that went along with this button – thanks Mary.

So my birthday festivities actually spanned several days and started with Jody and I enjoying a nice and quiet early birthday dinner at Kora in DC on Friday.   Then Saturday after the MCM expo Mary (my ‘runspiration’) and I headed back to the hotel while our hubbies did some sight-seeing.  This started birthday day #2!

I was surprised to find a lovely golden package sitting on my bed.  I was so confused because I had no idea where it came from.  Turns out my cousin Bridget mailed the package to the hotel so I would have it before the marathon / my birthday!  I. Was. Floored.

It was such a thoughtful gesture; but wait, it gets better! This birthday was actually my golden birthday so she wrapped everything in gold paper and each gift had a gold theme.  I mean, seriously, who thinks of something this creative?!

Just a few of the goodies Bridget sent me.

Rocking my new scarf and the ‘go wild on your birthday’ monkey.

After opening and savoring all of the goodies my cousin sent me, I decided to open a box that my Dad mailed from Colorado.  It had a super sweet card with plenty of motivation to help me run the marathon.  He sent a t-shirt and very cool glass/pewter mug that he had made commemorating the MCM and my Run for Roger.  My mom had already given me my birthday gift which was my race gear for the MCM.

The vino was for a post-marathon toast.

Sunday, day 3 of my birthday weekend: or what’s also known as my actual birthday.  I was somewhat pre-occupied the morning of my birthday (go figure, right?) but after the race, and after getting my husband successfully out of DC before Hurricane Sandy hit, we headed out to eat for a dual purposed celebratory dinner….To celebrate finishing the marathon and also to celebrate my birthday!

We were all craving some down-home all American grub so we ended up at Ted’s Montana Grill, a steak place.  I ordered a “spicy” (yeah, right) bison burger with jalapenos and cilantro and washed it down with a tasty sangria.  Totally not clean, but well earned.

Mary and Greg surprised me with an awesome 26.2 necklace and car decal.

I was seriously stuffed from supper so I had no room for dessert.   Which brings me to birthday #4.  It’s like the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day…It just keeps going and going and going.  Since I didn’t eat any cake on my birthday I felt kind of off.  It’s not a birthday until you’ve had cake, right? So I found the largest carrot cake cupcakes ever (like the size of my head…alright, slight exaggeration) and Jody and I went to town scarfing them down.

And with the disappearance of the last morsel of carrot cake, so my birthday extravaganza came to an end.  I can honestly say, hands-down, that this is one of the most memorable birthdays I’ve ever had.  I will never forget running a marathon in memory of my brother on my birthday, nor will I ever forget how my family went out of their way to make sure the marathon didn’t overshadow birthday fun.  I definitely think 28 is going to be a great year!

Question:  What’s your favorite birthday memory?  Do you have a favorite age?


26 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Fun Post

  1. Awww, Gina, your family and friends went above and beyond! The gold present was such a good idea–props to your creative cousin. And even though the bison burger wasn’t clean, you totally earned it (and the cupcake!); I totally would’ve ordered it, too. 🙂

    For me, each year keeps getting better and better, and so far, I really like being 22, and my 22nd birthday was the best one yet. My friends and I went to an Indian restaurant for dinner and then celebrated with lots of wine. 🙂 My 21st birthday was interesting because I was studying abroad in London, so I didn’t have a typical 2-1 blowout, which was totally fine. I’m excited to see what the next year holds!

    • I know, they totally did! I’m not really a big birthday person (*yawn* just another day) but so it was so much fun this year! How cool to spend your 21st in London and, btw, I didn’t realize you’re 22. I knew I was older than you but I had you incorrectly pegged at 24. This makes you even more awesome! You are so mature and forward thinking – the world is literally your oyster! 🙂 Any more thoughts on the job in the UK?

      • Yep, I’m 22, but people usually think I’m 24-26. I’m just *so* mature. 😉 That UK job looked perfect, but I needed to provide proof that I could work over there (aka get a work visa or something), which I don’t have. 😦 Oh well. Still sending out tons of job and internship applications, so hopefully something works out.

  2. Yay! You had quite the special birthday this year and it was definitely well deserved! I think I used to love big birthday dinners before, but now I enjoy more quiet evenings with my hubs and just a few’s more about the little things as I get older. In my 20s I was ridiculous 😉 xo

    • I’m really not a big birthday person (life’s a celebration, why limit myself to one day?) so the hubs and I typically spend them just with each other. I can totally imagine you had some pretty big bashes in your 20s!

  3. that cupcake looks FANTASTIC! what a sweet birthday gift too! i love super thoughtful gifts like that more than anything!! i never have a fave b-day because they are always great. i share one with my cousin, so we always celebrate together which is awesome! have a fabulous day!!!

  4. awww, yay and happy belated birthday!! 🙂 gotta say i’m glad u were able to stretch it out to span multi-days…and even better that ur fam spoiled u, way too cute! 🙂 congrats on the marathon too…and, hello, if u busted out a marathon u DESERVE to eat unclean, girl! 🙂

  5. Your family sounds AMAZING. So pleased you managed to truly honour your special day and RUN A FREAKING MARATHON!!!!!! You go girl! I love your “Before I procreate list” and don’t forget to cross your latest one of 😉 Awesome stuff!

    • Thanks girlie! They are a pretty fantastic family! Good call on updating the Before I Procreate List. I’m so glad I found your blog through Kate, I can’t wait to stop by and say hi from time to time! 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday! I really wanted that day/weekend to be special. You have to give Mary a big thanks for helping me pull off the gift caper. Next time you’re in Minnesota, we need a new cousin photo! 🙂

      • Thanks! Since I’ve lost 30, I lost 3.5 inches in my bust… thankfully not in my boobs/cup size. I’ve been losing all of my side boob. haha! 🙂 I’ll have to take a picture for you soon. 🙂

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