MCM Training Recap: Week 14

When I was typing the title to this post I seriously had to double check that I had the right week – 14.  14?? How in the world did that happen? I mean there’s only 16 weeks in my training plan so (go ahead and take off your socks for this insanely hard math problem) that means that there’s only 2 weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon!

Hello butterflies.  Nice to meet you.

This is the first week that I got to enjoy the benefit of {somewhat} reduced mileage.  I can’t really say I ‘taper’ because I still ran 32 miles.  I am happy to be backing down the miles because I’ve been experiencing pretty severe muscle aches that run up and down the side of my legs between my calves and shins.  They go away after 3-4 miles but then come back as soon as I’m done running.  Growing pains? Maybe I’m going to get some oober-bulgy calves?  *Sigh* Probably not.  I’ve actually taken to sleeping in my favorite compression socks (Pro Compression) after speed work helps relieve some of the post run pain.

Ummmm yeah, those are Mr. & Mrs. owls on my PJs. Don’t judge.

Speaking of speed work.  This week was chock full o’ it! Which is good because I know that speed work = faster running.  Yep, I did it.  I pointed out the obvious! Monday’s run included 6 miles with 6 strides, Wednesday’s run was 8 miles with 8 Yasso’s, and then Thursday’s run was 5 miles with 3 at marathon pace.  I got to chat with Duckie (the elderly guy I met while running Yasso’s last week) on Wednesday.  Turns out he was special forces in the army… i.e. The type of person who could kill you 36 different ways with a pencil.  I’m sure he has some awesome stories to tell.  I think it may become a Tuesday routine to stop and chat with him.

Then Saturday was the Gulf Coast 1/2 Marathong which was my first half of the fall! I’ll have a full recap on Wednesday’s post but let’s just say it was awesome! (And included a surprising PR, too!)  I have to admit that it was really strange only running 13.1 miles which is my shortest long run distance in almost 2 months; my legs were totally confused when I stopped.  I can honestly say that I feel very prepared for the MCM.  If any of you are training for a marathon, I highly recommend running a ½ a few weeks before your full.  It will give you a huge boost of confidence!

Annnnnnnnnnd with the end of week 14, I officially start to taper.  I’m pretty nervous about dropping down the miles and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t encounter the taper madness everyone talks about…  I guess we’ll see!  For now, I’m off to foam roll the kinks out from today’s ½ marathon.  I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend, too!!

Tell me, what exciting things did you do this weekend? I want to hear from you!

18 thoughts on “MCM Training Recap: Week 14

  1. Yaya, Gina!! I had a perfect mix of activeness and laziness this weekend … now I just need to get myself off my butt and head out for a run this morning. 😉 Have a great Monday!

  2. Congratulations on getting through the toughest part of training! I’m in the taper, and I keep having these random pains and aches. I don’t know what they are, but they’re freaking me out! Good luck at MCM!

  3. Hi Gina,
    I’ve really been enjoying your blog. I am planning on doing my first marathon in May 2013 so your blog has been nice for me to read as I’m already trying to mentally prepare myself for it. I spent my weekend getting drenched running in the rain, twice, and going go-karting. Congrats on your 1/2 and especially on your PR.

    • Hi Kristy!! Sounds like you had a pretty darn good weekend – especially the go-karting (I’m totally a big kid at heart). I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my random thoughts and ramblings. 🙂 That’s so exciting you’re running your first marathon in May! Which one are you running? I hope that I’ve been able to make marathon training less frightening; I figure if I can do it, everybody can! I have no doubt that you’ll do amazing during your training.

      • I know, I love go-karting and most kid stuff too. I think that it runs in my family. My dad and sister love that kind of thing too. The marathon that I will be doing is the BMO Vancouver Marathon (I live in Canada). I’m also doing another 1/2 in February and I’m hoping to get my time under 2hrs. My last one(and fastest so far) was 2:05:41. It’ll be tough but I’m determined to try. I’m interested to read how your half went. Did you get under 2hrs?

      • Your family sounds like soooooo much fun! The BMO Vancouver Marathon – how exciting!! I’m always so jealous of my Canadian readers, y’all make me miss Minnesota (where my family is and where I spent a great deal of my childhood). Obviously, I live in the South where we have 3 seasons – spring, summer and fall. No winter which means no changing of the leaves or pelting people with snowballs. 😦

        2:05:41 is a fantastic 1/2 mary PR and I have no doubt you’ll be able to shave off those last 6 minutes by February! Do you have a blog? I’d love to follow your training! If not, shoot me an e-mail update whenever you want some encouragement or need to vent about training! 🙂 noshingonasphalt {at} gmail {dot} com

  4. Those pj pants are ridiculously adorable. And nice work on your training! You earned that taper. My weekend was some laziness, a run, some socializing and covering an event for work (boo).

    • Boooooo for having to do work stuff on the weekend! Glad you still got to have some fun and laze around. I’m totally a big kid at heart so my choice of PJs reflects that. Victoria’s Secret has nothing on my owls – lol!

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