10 Running Questions Answered

Today is my hubby’s birthday! It’s hard for me to believe he’s 27; especially since he was 17 when we met… GAH, we’re getting old! Time for a throwback pic – Jody’s Senior prom!

We had a fun day of kayaking planned (I even took today off from work) but he’s not feeling great so I’m not sure what today has in store for us.

As far as this post goes, I’m totally taking the easy way out and doing a survey.  I’m not really one to do survey/answer type posts but when Darlena from Run Find Your Happy Pace tagged me last month I put it on my things to do.  If you have a minute, check out her blog, she’s always posting something inspirational; plus she makes SUPER cute headbands for runners. Also, thanks to Another Mother Runner for originating this great idea.

Another Mother Runner posted 10 questions about running and here are my answers:

1. Best Run Ever.  Hands-down, my first 1/2 marathon which was Rock-n-Roll New Orleans this past March.  It was a phenomenal race and I loved everything about it and it solidified my love for racing.  I remember at mile 12 having marathon envy watching the marathoners split from us as we entered the last mile of the course while they continued on to achieve their 26.2.  I felt so great at mile 12 that I {briefly} entertained the idea of following them.  Luckily common sense kicked in and I stayed in the 1/2 marathon lane.  But that 26.2 finisher’s medal will be mine; I’ve already registered for the 2013 full (yes, I’ve registered for my 2nd marathon without having run my 1st)!

2. Three words to describe my runningEntertaining (I like to sing very off tune to my running friends), focused (because I know when to stop singing and get down to business), accomplished (nothing feels better then tackling a hard run you thought you couldn’t finish).

3. My go to run outfit.  Anything that covers me so I’m not charged with a public indecency crime.  HA! I don’t actually have a go-to outfit but my must have accessory is my Garmin.  I literally cannot function without it!

4. Quirky habit while running. I guess I gave it away in my answer to #2 but I’ve been know to burst out singing random lyrics on occasion….

5. Morning, midday or evening runner?   I’m an equal opportunity runner…no discrimination here, I’ll take it anytime I can get it.  (Does this make me sound like an addict? I might need to rephrase the answer…) Typically I run at night during the week and in the very early morning on the weekend.

6. I won’t run outside when its... Pre-marathon training, I had a huge list of elements I wouldn’t run in but I can honestly say I’ve ran in every single condition possible – to include a hurricane.  Thanks Isaac

Soaked to the bone = thumbs down

7. Worst injury & how I got over it.  The worst injury I’ve ever had from running was years ago when I was in high school.  I tore my MCL (from running) and had to do physical therapy for a few months followed with wearing an annoyingly huge brace for what seemed like forever! Unfortunately I let this injury dictate my running (or lack there of) for the several years until I just said ‘no more’.  So last year I figure if I have to have knee surgery eventually I should at least wear my knee out doing something I like.  Yes, my logic is very flawed…I realize that.

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when…I finished my first half marathon in New Orleans.  In just a few short months I went from someone who was just getting back into running and had trouble with a 5k to someone who ran a 1/2 marathon and still had energy left over! Seriously, for anyone who has ever said “I can’t run”, I’ve been there and if I can do it so can you! You just have to train, train, train!

9. My next race is?  This Saturday; woot-woot!!  I’ll be running the Gulf Coast 1/2 Marathon and then just two weeks after that I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC – AHHHHH!

10. Potential running goals for 2013.  Speed is the name of the game for 2013.  I really, really want a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon which is totally doable if I train myself properly.

I am tagging the following four of my favorite fitness blogs to participate:

Carrie from Fitness and Frozen Grapes

Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints

Abby from Back at Square Zero

Jennifer from Wine to Weight Lifting

I want to hear from you, too! Tell me, what is your answer to #2? What 3 words describe your running/cycling/lifting/ect?

19 thoughts on “10 Running Questions Answered

  1. This survey is actually on my to-blog list–great minds think alike! 🙂 Hope you and the hubby have fun today!

    Although not running-related, my worst injury was tearing ACL and meniscus the summer before my junior year of high school. Luckily, I didn’t have to wear a brace–I refused! Ha!–but it was a challenge to regain my running fitness. After getting cleared to jog on the treadmill, I could handle only three minutes! Now, though, my right knee is definitely stronger than my left, and I’ve never sustained any other injuries. (Knock on wood!)

    • ACL – ouch! That’s like 10x worse then the MCL. I’m so glad you didn’t let it sideline you like I did. I totally have regrets over that… Can’t wait to read your answers! (But don’t feel like you have do it asap – it took me almost 3 weeks to do mine.)

    • It’s a great course, Kristen! There are parts of the streets that are pretty busted up and do an number on your ankles but other then that it’s great! And you do run through the French Quarter (right by Cafe Du Monde which is torture!) and tons of historic homes. Definitely a race to put on your calendar someday. 🙂

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