MCM Training Recap: Week 12

I can’t believe it’s October 1st. Not only does today mean it’s officially the month of the Marine Corps Marathon (yikes!!) but today is also my brother’s birthday.  Roger would have been 31 today so in memory of him I’ll be running 3.1 miles this morning (then doing my scheduled training run this evening.  Who doesn’t like 2-a -days?).  And in just 27 short days (on my birthday) I’ll be running in memory of Roger again. This time instead of a 5k it will be the real deal 26.2!

I’ll have a post on the 5k run for my brother’s birthday later this week but for now, onto week 12’s recap.  I feel like I need to pre-apologize for the amount of whining that’s in this post.  Sorry.

I can honestly say this is the first week I was less than enthusiastic about my training.  In fact, I downright disliked it.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, I was just exhausted and overwhelmed. We had a huge fundraising event at work that I’ve been helping plan since March.  It was one of those weeks where training and work collided and there were a few times I {briefly} considered hiding under the blankets and refusing to come out.  However, I’m not really a hide in the closet type person so I grabbed the bull by the horns and got everything done.

Adding to the mix, I ate terribly, too.  A Larabar here, a peanut butter and honey sandwich there, I literally snacked my way through the week.  I didn’t eat a real meal until yesterday so I definitely didn’t properly fuel my body for the miles.  And let’s not talk about what I ate at the event Saturday night.

So back to the running.  Tuesday’s 7mile run was the best run (which isn’t saying much) of the week and included an amazing sunset.

Wednesday’s run was tough.  It was another 7 miles but it was 7 miles of speed work and because I read the training plan wrong, I had us (me + one of my running friends) running a much faster speed then we should have.  Oops…  By Thursday my legs were just beat.  I got the run done but it really wasn’t pretty.  I was so happy to have a rest day on Friday.

Then it came Saturday.  This was a cut back week so it was only 14 miles.  Easy, right? Well it should have been but not quite 2 miles into the run it started down pouring, complete with sideways rain.

We took shelter and waited for it to stop but it didn’t.  It wasn’t thundering or lightening so we decided to tough it out and finish the run.  At one point in time we were running in ankle deep water. Bleh.  It eventually stopped raining in between miles 6-7 and we finished with just enough time for me to run home, shower and help set up for Moonlight Masquerade (the work event).

I ended up working about 55 hours last week but by the end of Saturday night, it was worth it.  We had a great turnout of people (almost 500) who enjoyed a great evening raising both domestic violence awareness and critical funds for the Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence.  I’m going to leave you with some of the pictures from Saturday night; I may or may not have enjoyed several of the desserts from one of the pictures…

A few of my fellow gorgeous MCM’ers!

Yes, that is a replica Eiffel Tower filled with various wines.

Question:  How do you bounce back from a difficult week?

8 thoughts on “MCM Training Recap: Week 12

  1. Way to push through with during a difficult week! So close now and you got this!

    The pics look great as well as the food.

    As runners we have all had difficult weeks. It still amazes me that I can have a good 10 mile run one day and 4 can suck the next. Does’t seem right. The best thing is to put it past you and just lace up and get going.

    • Thank you so much for the motivational words, Nicole! You are so right with the good run one day and terrible run the next 4. Last week’s long run (21 miles) was amazing but then the entire training week sucked. Oh well, I’m determined to make this a great week! 🙂 (After all, I start to taper next week – eek!)

  2. So proud of you for pushing through a tough week, Gina. (And I’m glad you didn’t pull a Britney Spears! ;))

    In the marathon world, it seems like a lot of runners are starting to hit the wall in terms of training. You’ll power through! Plus, if you focus on your improvement, and why you love running, the sky’s the limit. 🙂 The fact that you ran 3.1 miles for your brother brought tears to my eyes; you’re going to rock the marathon–you’re so inspirational. 🙂

    • I’m soooooo glad I didn’t pull a Britney, too! This is really the last week before I begin tapering so it makes sense that I’d be hitting a road block right now. But I’m determined to make this week amazing! I have one more 20 miler this Saturday, a 1/2 marathon next Saturday and then *poof* the marathon! Thanks for reminding why I’m doing this in the first place; I love that the sky’s the limit! ❤

  3. Happy birthday to Roger today! I am satin a prayer for you! So sorry for a rough week but this one will be waaaay better! Hang in there gorgeous!!!! Spa love!

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