Kick the “I Can’t”

This wasn’t the post I intended on writing, but apparently I needed to write it since it’s what came out of my fingers/brain.  I’m totally overwhelmed with things going on this week and needed to remind myself that I can get things accomplished.  I had a terrible run last night and between work (we have a huge event Saturday), marathon training, and just life in general, I think I might be bald by Monday.  I’m pretty sure my face can’t pull off the Britney Spears look.

Something I hear come out of my mouth way more than I care to admit (especially weeks like this when there’s not enough hours in the day) is “I can’t…”  I can’t do this, I can’t do that, blah blah blah… I have so many things that I want to do but have never done because “I can’t”.  After Sunday’s long run, I had the realization that unless I have some physical impairment, which thankfully I don’t, I should be able to do anything I put my mind to.  I may not be great at it, but who cares?

One of my favorite quotes of all time!

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever be able to run 20+ miles, I would have looked at you like you were crazy and then I would have spit out something like this: “Oh, I can’t do that because I injured my knee a while back”.  Oh boy, have I used that excuse WAY to much. Well luckily I came to my senses sometime over the past year and something amazing happened.  I was able to do something I “couldn’t” do.  Yippee! (Side note – I’m certainly not telling you to ignore an injury; just don’t use it as a crutch like I did.)

But I really started wondering.  Just how many times have I cheated myself out of something amazing because I told myself I couldn’t do it? Honestly, I have the type of personality that if I don’t do something well the first time or don’t see instant results, I chock it up as lost.  Call it fear of failure.  I sometimes get so scared of failing that I convince myself I can’t do ‘x-y-z’.  Seriously? With that type of mentality, it’s amazing that I’m not living in a plastic bubble, quivering at the sight of my own shadow.

I am happy to say that I’ve noticed the older I get the less I worry about failing and the less I hear “I can’t” come out of my mouth.  I’m pretty happy with myself and I actually tend to embrace my imperfections and have fun with life.  If I can’t keep up with the big dogs, I can at least entertain them, right?!  Maybe by the time I get into my 30s I’ll have life figured out.  Probably not.

So why am I sharing this? In hopes that you realize you can be amazing.  There isn’t anything you can’t achieve with the proper amount of work.  I have some goals in my sights for 2013 (like a triathlon) that I’m going to have to set aside the “I cant”s in order to accomplish.  So we’ll see if I can stay true to myself and kick the “I can’t”s out of my life.  As far as the rest of my chaotic weekend goes, if do lose all my hair, I’ll make sure to post some pictures!

Question:  Have you ever told yourself you can’t do something only to surprise yourself later on when you did it?

17 thoughts on “Kick the “I Can’t”

  1. Wonderful post!!! You’re so inspiring! We all have those “I can’t” days, but you’re so right: where we as humans fall short at times and “can’t,” god steps up and says “I can!” hang in there, love and dont pull your hair out!!! It’s Friday!! :o) spa love!!

  2. I love this topic. All to often, we tell ourselves that we can’t. I, personally, have some sort of perfectionist complex and often tell myself I can’t because I’m afraid to fail. That’s no way to live! I rather try and fail, than live my life wondering “what if” 🙂 Happy Friday!

  3. Great post, Gina! I literally LOL’d at the “I’m pretty sure my face can’t pull off the Britney Spears look.” Gotta love pop culture references. 🙂

    I’d be lying if I said I’ve never uttered the words “I can’t.” Honestly, one of the things that prompt me to give triathloning a “tri” was how challenging it seemed; even just reading recaps of other bloggers’ races, I got goosebumps. It seemed so intimidating, and I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone. When you come cross things like that, you have to do them! (At least that’s how I think! ;)) I think the next step for me–besides a half-Ironman–is completing a marathon, and I think 2013 might be the year! Running 26.2 miles seems daunting, but reading about your journey has definitely demystified it a bit. And you will be a great triathlete! 🙂

    • So glad you laughed at that! I know what you mean about reading the tri recaps – y’all triathletes are truly amazing! A half IM would be epic and I know that you can totally do it (and then eventually a full 140.6)!! I hope you tackle a marathon – think of all the peeps you can “reel” in! And I’m glad it’s been demystified. 🙂 It hasn’t been the easiest, but I really thought that it would be much harder then it has been. Happy Friday, girlie!

  4. Every day I run, G! having asthma I always psyched myself out and would worry that if I went too hard or too fast I’d tucker out – I always surprise myself now and try to just keep going farther! SPA ❤

  5. Fabulous post =) I definitely needed to hear this today. I’m a perfectionist, so when I can’t meet my ridiculously high expectations (usually time goals with running), I get really down on myself. I have started to realize what I have accomplished instead of focusing on the stuff I will be able to do someday.

    • I’m so glad you like the post! I apparently needed to hear it, too. It’s good to have time goals but it’s also ok to not meet those goals. (I say that partly to remind myself that it was ok to not make my time goal on last night’s run.)

  6. Gina, you are such an inspiration to me. I love you! Think The Little Engine That Could (“I think I can. I think I can.”). Know Mom is always praying for you. In one month your first marathon will be history. Your blog really encouraged me today. Hang in there.

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