MCM Training: Week 11 Recap

Week 11…..done!! I absolutely had a blast during training this week; all 38 miles of it!  My legs aren’t too happy with me right now and my IT band has already made it known that it wants some group therapy with me and the foam roller for the beating I it gave earlier, but all-in-all I feel fantastic and accomplished!

Accomplished: Proficient as the result of practice or training <an accomplished dancer>.

Well, I’m swapping dancer with runner.  Although, I would love to be a dancer, I’m just not that graceful.  Case in point, I fell down the stairs after my long run yesterday.  Woops.

Thumbs up on my 21 mile run!

My midweek runs aren’t really worth mentioning other than the further I get into this training, the more the intensity dials up.  I’m loving the speed work but between strides, Yassos and marathon pacing sessions, my legs are like jello and begging for a day off.

So I gave them Friday off and most of Saturday. I did do a one mile test drive on my new kicks Saturday; 7:21 pace for the mile, not bad, Gina, not bad.  So my legs were pretty fresh and happy for Sunday’s 20 miler.  Yep, you read that right, 20 miler!  I have been eyeballing / dreading / anticipating this run on my training plan since May.

Saturday night, I gathered all my gear together so I could sleep as long as possible but when my alarm went off around 4:00am I was not ready to get up.  I begrudgingly drug my behiny (thanks Stacey for that word – love it!) out of bed to make the 45 minute drive to meet my running girls.  We usually do our long runs on Saturday but had to swap it this week due to some scheduling issues.

When we finally got to our meeting, I went potty one last time (TMI? sorry…), and then we were off! We did two 10 mile loops.  The first loop was uneventful except for a snarky runner tell us that we were running on the wrong side of the road. Really?  I just looked at her and said “Good morning”.  I’m well aware of what side of the road to run on. Some people, I tell ya… I did get to run through a gaggle of geese which made me less aggravated.

Somewhere around mile 12 I lost my running girls.  They stopped to grab some water but I kept going, not wanting to break my pace; I knew the route so I wasn’t worried about getting lost.  As much as I love running with my girls, it was surprisingly nice to have time to myself to ponder the wonders of the universe and come up with a solution to world peace.  Ok, just kidding on that; I didn’t come up with a solution for world peace.  But I did take the time to meditate for several miles and work some things out in my head.  It’s amazing what some miles on an open road can do as far as sorting out life things.

One of the lovely views from the run.

I heard my Garmin beep and realized that I’d made it to 18 miles and still felt fabulous.  Then another beep. 19 miles.  Finally, the beep that I’d been anticipating my entire summer….20 miles! But I wasn’t ready to stop running yet – crazy, right? I ended up doing 21 miles total – I can’t believe it!!  I got back to my car, grabbed my Cytomax and Clif Bar and then dipped my legs in the pool. Sooooo nice; almost instant relief.  We hung around the pool for a bit and then we stopped at Cracker Barrel where I got a protein/pancake fix! It was great and I ate almost all of it!!

I didn’t run the 21 miles at a fast pace by any means (it wasn’t slow either, just average) but I’m very grateful to have had the experience.  I’m reminded at how fortunate I’ve been to avoid injury during this training as several runners I know have had to defer their MCM entry to next year.  I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to make that decision.

Question:  Have you ever found your groove doing something and not wanted to stop?


24 thoughts on “MCM Training: Week 11 Recap

  1. i love the word “behiney” LOL! im def going to have to steal that! hahaha. great job this week with the training! you are awesome! i havent been to a cracker barrel for years, and i always loved it there! i must go back soon!! have a happy monday! spa love!

  2. Wow, 20 miles–congrats, Gina! You are so ready for your marathon! It’s great to meditate and think things through while running; whenever I have a problem, I can usually come up with a solution during a long run. You know what they say: “Running is cheaper than therapy.” This summer, I’ve had my fair share of tough, OK, good, and great runs, and one of the best outings I’ve ever had was during the Boilermaker 15-K in July. I ran with one of my friends from college, and I *did not* want the race to end–I was in the zone and was having a blast! 🙂

      • Oh I try all the time, it’s kind of how I measure progress. I just need to set aside more time. After the MCM I should have plenty of time. 🙂

        Also, did you notice how I said I’m working on my pull-up, as in singular? Ha! Maybe I’ll be able to do 2 before I die.

      • I can do 2.. and haven’t practiced enough to get much further, so 1 is AWESOME!
        Try negatives too– like jump up and then hold as long as you can with your chin over the bar.. then lower yourself as slowly as you can.
        I also used some bands (like huge rubber bands) that you hook over the bar and slide your foot into it for resistance; it helps to pull you up so you’re doing the whole movement, just not solely lifting your own weight.
        LOVE that you’re trying!! 🙂

      • I just got an incredibly funny visual of my trying to use some sort of rubber band thing to help me with the pull-up…Did I mention I fell down the stairs yesterday – I’m horribly klutzy!

      • Aww.. but you worked hard for that fall! 😉 I ran 2.5 miles this weekend and fell off my porch trying to stand back up.. :\
        I’ll have to get a pic of me and the band to show you.. it’s not THAT bad lol

    • How exciting that you start training next week! Sounds like your first marathon; what race are your running? Don’t worry about not being able to fathom that distance; it took me right up until I started the run that morning to realize that I could do it. I’ve just heard so many horror stories and I just knew I’d be one of them. (I’m so happy I wasn’t!) I have no doubt that you’ll rock your 20 miler when the time comes, too!

    • I smiled to hard reading your comment, Abby! ❤ I don't know if I'm a marthoner yet but I'm definitely getting there! I think if I would have pushed myself harder I wouldn't have been able to go that extra mile. Gotta love easy paces!

  3. Well done Gina! Great run :-). I clearly went out too hard – because the last thing I wanted at the end of my 20 miler was to do more! I wanted to pass out :-P. You are so ready…go get ’em!

    • Don’t get down on yourself Kate, you’re going to rock your first 26.2!! I have no doubt about that. I think I just had the perfect conditions. After training in close to 100 degree heat all summer it was only in the upper 70s and I was also running a really pretty loop. I’ve learned my route has a big part of whether I have a good run or a bad run. If I hate the route (particularly out and backs) then all I’m thinking about is when am I going to be done. Now my body on the other hand, is still not happy with me. Yesterday was a recovery day but I’m still sore today and have 7 miles to do tonight. =/

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