MCM Training: Week 8’s Epic Fail

Woo-hoo, I’m ½ way there! This week reached the ½ way mark in my training plan which means I’m on the downside of training.  It also mean that I’m now tackling my hardest training runs.  I’m sure these next 8 weeks are going to fly by like nobody’s business – eek!


Now, onto week 8’s training recap which I have dubbed as an epic fail.  I wish I had some fun, exciting training news to pass on this week but unfortunately this is the first week where I wasn’t able to get all of my scheduled training runs in.  I supposed to run 25 miles this week but only managed 19.67 miles.


Seeing the empty spots on my training calendar makes me want to cry but both Mother Nature and my body had different plans for me.  While the Coast was battling Hurricane Isaac outside, my body was having its own internal battle.  If you remember from week 7’s recap, I felt horribly sick on my 15 miler but hoped that it would go away with some rest.  Well the flu symptoms went away about midweek but then I started coughing up green stuff – yuck! (TMI? Sorry…) If it doesn’t clear out by Tuesday, I guess I’m going to have to go to the doctor.  I’m not a big fan of meds (I normally let stuff run its course) but I can’t afford to lose any more training miles.  Each run I miss is going to make running the marathon in the time I want much harder.

So the breakdown for my runs this week.  Monday was a time trial so it was only 1 mile.  I was able to run it in 7:57 (with a fever) but felt like death after.  Tuesday I knew Isaac would keep me inside for the next few days so I tried to get in 4 miles.  After 2.5 miles of alternating wind, rain, and intense heat I gave up and sulked home.  On Wednesday, Isaac was in full force.  I did nothing. Nada. Zilch.  Not even yoga.  By Thursday afternoon I was going stir crazy and needed to do something.  My friend Stacey was brave enough to navigate the closed/flooded streets to meet me at my house.  It was still raining on and off but nothing to terrible until 3.75 miles into the run when the sky decided to open up and rain so hard we couldn’t see.  We were just a little bit away from my house so we made a break for it and ended up with 4.17 total miles.  (And I wonder why I’m still sick…) And the pièce de résistance for the week was Saturday’s long run.  I went to bed a 9:30 knowing I had to get up at 4am but by 1:00 I still hadn’t been able to fall asleep.  I sent my running girls a message letting them know I most likely wasn’t going to make it.  When my alarm went off at 4 I was already semi-awake so I figured what the heck, it’s only 12 miles (delusional thinking) and I would be upset with myself if I didn’t run it.  I already had my stuff laid out from the night before so I just packed some Kleenex and cough drops.  Long story short, the run was terrible.

 I missed posting my goals last week, so here they are for this week:

I’m so glad that today starts week 9 and I can officially put week 8’s epic fail behind me.  Only 55 days left and I’m ready to tackle this beast! Oorah.  Make sure to come back for Wednesday’s post, I have a giveaway coming up that I want you win!


12 thoughts on “MCM Training: Week 8’s Epic Fail

  1. awh! we all have crappy weeks sometimes! i know that you’re not going to let that set you back though!! just make this week that much better!!! you can do it! i’m excited for your giveaway!! have a great labor day and keep smiling! spa love!

  2. Just got the chills seeing those MCM arches. You’re going to absolutely love that race. No worries about the week 8 fail. It’s in the past, use it to help power you through Week 9 🙂 think positive & run strong!

    PS did you make that training calendar yourself? I love the planned/actual aspect of it. Always wanted one of mine to be like that.

    • Thanks Melissa, I’m definitely thinking positive this week! I’m so excited about it and seriously can’t wait for the next 8 weeks to be over with. 🙂 I’m kind of a spreadsheet type person so when I found a training plan I liked I created the spreadsheet with what I’m supposed to do and what I actually did. I find that it holds me more accountable because I don’t want to look back on it and see where I didn’t give it 100%.

  3. Everybody has an off week. I missed two (short) runs this week, but ran 16 miles today. It was the farthest I’ve ever run! Keep it up! Almost there!

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