Hurricane Isaac

In my last post on Monday I mentioned some concern about Tropical Storm Isaac who was headed towards the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Well TS Isaac did turn into Hurricane Isaac and he also decided to grace the Gulf Coast with his presence…..on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Well played Mother Nature, well played.

After much discussion, the hubs and I decided that Isaac wasn’t much of a threat to us or our home so there really wasn’t a reason to evacuate.  We braved Walmart, which is worse than last minute shopping at Christmas, and got stocked up on supplies should we lose power and get cut off from food supplies.  As I was unloading our hurricane supplies, I had to laugh at the distinct separation between His and Hers staples.  Care to take a guess which side belongs to whom? If you’re wondering about the bottle of wine, that’s an essential for any hurricane supply kit!

Tuesday morning was still fairly calm so I tried to get a quick 4 mile run it.  After 2.5 miles of alternating wind and rain bands (not to mention still feeling like crud) I threw in the towel and walked/sulked home knowing I’d be trapped inside for the next 24-36 hours.  This is when my serial stalking of NOAA’s website started.  Several times an hour I was on the computer checking the track of Isaac and seeing how close/far away he was.  You gotta love technology; although, I have to admit that it was very strange watching the neon bands of the hurricane creep closer and closer to us on the radar while the weather deteriorated at the same time.

Tuesday night was a bit rough, we ended up losing some siding on our house but thanks to Nyquill I slept right through all the excitement. (Sorry for not posting pics of the house but I really don’t want to advertise where I live.)  I woke up Wednesday to find that Isaac really hadn’t moved much, he was still on top of us.  We’d lost power sometime throughout the night but it was back on by the time I woke up.  I made breakfast for Jody (french toast) and myself (oatmeal…I’m so fun, right?) and we just settled in for a day of wind, flooding, tornadoes and idiots who decided that it would be a good time to start looting. 

Jody’s french toast.  Cafe du Monde style.

In order to help curb looters (which for the most part worked) and keep people from traveling around in the storm, Biloxi implemented a city-wide curfew.  The last time there was a curfew was after hurricane Katrina and prior to that it was when I was still in highschool. I’m not a big fan of being told when I can and cannot leave my house.  So how did Jody and I spend our 36 hours locked inside? Well, there was lots of storm/cloud watching at first. It’s really fascinating watching the clouds swirl around you.

Lots of eating. (Turkey on whole wheat with avocado, tomato, and honey mustard. Proof you can still eat clean during a hurricane).

Lots of sleeping.

And lots of watching The Office.  We have all of the seasons (up until they replaced Michael Scott, it went downhill after that) and Jody and I just about die laughing everytime we watch them.  It doesn’t take much to amuse us.

There is extensive damage done to my lovely Coast (thank you, Isaac), after several days they’re just starting to get major roads open and lots of businesses flooded, but with everything all said and done, I feel like we were very fortunate.   7 years ago, the Coast witnessed first hand with Hurricane Katrina the devestation that Mother Nature can cause.  However, we also witnessed the generosity of our country as strangers from all over reached out to help us recover.  As long as I live, I will never forget the kindness and selflessness displayed during Hurricane Katrina.  I’m just incredibly happy that Isaac was nothing like Katrina.  I also want to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts and well wishes.  Like I said before, we were very fortunate, but parts of Mississippi and Louisiana were not so lucky.  Please still be in prayer for them.  Below are some images from Hurricane Isaac’s visit in Mississippi.  I didn’t take any of these, they were all submitted to our local news.

Question:  Have you ever gone through a natural disaster?  What do you like to do when Mother Nature locks you inside for an extended period of time?


17 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac

  1. I just couldn’t imagine dealing with a natural disaster and having the fear leading up to it!! I’m so happy ya’ll are safe! FYI: the avocado turkey sandwich is a serious go to of mine!yum! Spalove!

  2. So glad to hear you are okay! It is so scary. I was in Mississippi for Katrina, thought no directly affected and I was in Japan for the Tsunami and Earthquake. The husband was deployed and it was my girlfriend, me, and our two infants … in a cold house with no electricity for 3-4 days. We made forts, warmed up water to bathe kids, and by the end of it we were stinking delirious. As scary of a time as this was for you.. I am sure it gave you good, quality time for your husband! 🙂 Glad the worst is over for you. – Cassey

    • Cassey, I couldn’t imagine going through a tsunami with infants and without my husband there. I’m sure that was one of the scariest times of your life but it sounds like you and your girlfriend rallied to the challenge! It was really nice getting some quality time in with my hubby. ❤

  3. Don’t feel bad about complaining about Isaac. Hurricanes are very scary and I applaud you for living there and dealing with them. Can I complain about blizzards?? Depending on how bad the blizzard is, I’ll end up shoveling the driveway a couple of times to keep up with the snow. Other than that, we just laze around the house and watch the snow fall. We play games, do puzzles, watch movies, and cuddle. Cuddling is very important because we keep our heat down very low (65° during the day and 58° at night).

    Anyway, I’m babbling. You’re a rock star and I’m amazed at how awesome you are and how brave you are to live through these events. 🙂

    • You totally weren’t babbling!! And I think I would much rather take a chance with a hurricane then a blizzard. We get hurricanes so infrequently but y’all are pretty much guaranteed to get at least one nasty blizzard a year… PLUS I don’t have to drive in a hurricane! Although, I do miss being able to put the emergency brake on and slide around snowy parking lots. Good call on the cuddling – Jody and I would freeze! lol

  4. New fan here! I found you through Run Find Your Happy Pace’s Facebook page! I went through both Rita (the one a month after Katrina) and Ike (2009). They both stunk pretty bad. I’m from Beaumont which is about 45 min from the Gulf in Texas. My sis and bro in law had to evacuate for Isaac (they live in Louisiana), but they came out ok! Glad you came out safely this time too! Can’t wait to keep up with your posts now! 🙂

    • Hi Sarah and welcome! Run Find Your Happy Pace is one of my favorite blogs; you have great taste! I’m so glad so glad that your sister and brother-in-law came out alright! Lousiana really took a beating with Isaac. I have some family in Texas so I know exactly where Beaumont is and I remember Rita and Ike hitting Texas; I guess that’s the price we pay for living on the Gulf Coast. Can’t wait to check out your blog!

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