MCM Training: Week 6 Recap

If you remember from last week’s training recap, I had pretty apathetic training week and declared my attitude toward this week’s training to be resolved (firm in purpose or intent; determined).  I’m happy to report that this week’s training was exactly that.  I was eager and excited to tackle the runs and truly enjoyed each run.  I don’t know if the great training week was because I finally felt rested from all of my graduation excitement or if declaring a positive attitude before the week started kept me on track.  Either way, I’m glad week 6 went so well.

Another positive experience I had this week was being able to visit my brother during a 5 mile training run.  My friend Stacey is training for the Marine Corps Marathon, too, so she went with me on this training run.  She’s heard a lot about Roger and understands why running the MCM in memory of him is so important to me so it was really nice to ‘introduce’ (I know, sounds strange) her to him.

During this weekend’s long run, I tackled the longest distance I’ve ran since April…12 miles.  I’ve done several 10 milers over the past 4 months but backed off the distance knowing I’d have crazy miles to run during training.  I was a bit apprehensive about the distance because I was running with some ladies who are faster than I am.  I don’t know why I was nervous, everything turned out perfectly! The weather was phenomenal, in the lower 80s instead of the 90s that it has been, and running with faster women challenged me to kick it up a notch.  My training plan pace was supposed to be 11:15 but I ended up doing a 10:28 pace.  The only problem is I somehow bruised the side of my right foot next to my big toe.  We ran on the beach which has a pretty decent slant so I’m thinking it has something to do with the slant.

The last thing I want to report on are the goals I set last week.  In order to keep myself focused I gave myself some mini-goals which I really enjoyed having.  So how’d I do?  I did my devotions each day except for Saturday.  I made it to the gym for cross-training and got a 10.5 mile cycling session in.  I did my yoga and got my foam rolling in.  Those were all easy goals for me.  The challenging goals were the pushup/squats/burpees combo.  I did pretty well on this but I did only do it 5 days instead of every day.  I’ve said this before, but I have 0 upper body strength.  When I created this goal, I totally under estimated how taxing the pushup/burpee combo would be on my upper body. By day 3 I was totally hurting so I took it off.  I also decided after Saturday’s long run, there was no way I was subjecting my legs to any burpees which subsequently led to me not doing any pushups or squats either.  Funny how that was like a landslide effect…

I really enjoyed the accountability of posting my goals, so here are my goals for next week:

Question:  What do you do to keep yourself accountable?

6 thoughts on “MCM Training: Week 6 Recap

  1. wonderful job with your goals this week! you set some high and strove to get them! Thats great!!! congrats on the 12 miler too! thats great! ive never run more than 7miles! very inspiring. i absolutely love the photo you shared of the visit with your brother also ❤ spalove and happy monday!

  2. Well done! You really packed it in this week. I get nervous about running groups too. And about long runs – solo or not. As soon as I start, I wonder why I was so worried xx

    • Thanks, Kate! I wonder why we do that to ourselves? It’s so silly because the people in a running group are in that group because they want to run with other people – regardless of pace! I guess (for me) it’s fear of failure. Happy Monday, girlie!

  3. Great job on your 12 mile run! And 5 days is still fab for burpee/pushup/squats 🙂 I couldn’t imagine squats or anything much after a long run either.

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