MCM Training: Week 5 Recap

Apathetic: (adj) 1 : having or showing little or no feeling or emotion : spiritless
2 : having little or no interest or concern : indifferent
Apathetic is the way that I would have to describe week 5’s training.  I completed every training run but that’s about the extent of it.  There was no excitement with any of the runs, I just did it because I had to.  I think a lot of my indifference towards training last week had to do with the fact that training interfered with my life for the first time.  My mom was still in town (I only get to see her once every year or two) so I really felt bad having to take time away from her in order to run.  She was a great sport about it which made me feel less guilty.  The other part of my apathy I think can be attributed to pure exhaustion.  Between my graduation and trying to get caught up on work after taking a few days off, I was operating on fumes by the end of the week.
The second way I would describe training last week would be wet.  My running buddy Lorena made me laugh by saying we were ‘sloshing on asphalt’.  With the exception of Wednesday, it rained during every run last week, to include Saturday’s 10 mile long run.  I typically enjoy running in rain and find it usually find it refreshing HOWEVER when it’s raining hard enough to see the wind pattern, I have a hard time finding it enjoyable….This is what happened Saturday.  The last 3 miles of the run the sky opened up and the bottom fell out. Yay.
Thumbs down for this soggy 10 miler.
Now the eternal optimist that I am, I try to seek out the good in each situation.  Because it rained Thursday during our run, I got to witness one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve seen in a long time.  (Sorry for the lack of photo proof…Did I mention it was raining?)  The sun was a huge orange orb illuminating the sky that looked like it had been painted with streaks of amethyst and magenta.  God’s handiwork at it’s best.  It really was quite stunning and I’m sad I didn’t get a picture.
Saturday’s run was a bit harder to have a positive spin on but never-the-less I was able to find the beauty of it in an unusual place. My backyard.  When I got home from the run I went directly to my back yard to wring the water out of my clothes before going inside.  (Puddles of water are ok outside, but I don’t want them inside my house.)  I was surprised to find that a portion of my backyard had been turned into a mushroom garden.  Huge white mushrooms had bloomed (do mushrooms bloom?) overnight.  Standing in my soaking wet clothes, it made me appreciate how delicate our ecosystem is and how many organisms thrive on water.  With so many droughts and wild fires going on around our country, I had the audacity to complain about a little bit a rain; talk about being served humble pie.
There’s beauty in every situation; sometime we just have to look a bit harder for it.
Resolved: (adj) Firm in purpose or intent; determined.
Resolved is the name of the game for training this week.  Total mileage for last week was 22 and this week it steps up to 24; I feel rested (physcialy & mentally) and ready to attack training head on.  In order to maximize my efforts this week, I’m going to write out a few goals that I hope you will hold me accountable to accomplish.  I’ll report back on next week on whether I was able to accomplish my goals.  Other exciting news…..I officially booked my tickets for the Marine Corps Marathon!! I’m really a bundle of emotions knowing I’m running this in memory of my brother and purchasing plane tickets really made everything very real.  Oorah!
Notice anything different about the blog? I gave it a facelift over the weekend and would love to know should I: love it, leave it, or lose it?

11 thoughts on “MCM Training: Week 5 Recap

  1. Face lift on the blog looks really good! I must say that your attitude is so very inspiring, and the way you set goals is awesome! Keep on working hard! SPALove!!

    • Thanks girlie! You’re absolutely right, we have to take the bad with the good; I needed that reminder! Glad you like the theme. I’m missing my bright colors but I think this will grow on me.

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