MCM Training: Week 4 Recap

I completed my first month of training this past week and I’m happy to report no injuries, no missed training runs, everything is still on track.  Hopefully the next 3 months go just as fabulously; although, I know that from here on out the intensity moves up quickly.  I’m looking forward to seeing my progress but I know that I’m also going to miss these easier training runs.

As far as this week goes, it was a busy week for just regular life stuff.  I graduated this weekend (yay!) and took a few days off of work so I could spend time with my mom and dad who flew in from out of town.

This also made getting my runs in a bit more difficult but I have fantastic training partners who were willing to accommodate my odd schedule.   Monday I had my first of three time trials.  The time trial is running just a single mile and the purpose is to chart your progress the further you get into the training.  Let me start by saying that Monday we were in a heat advisory – yikes! I debated going to the gym but knew that I wouldn’t be able to simulate an outdoor run so I reluctantly drug myself to the track.  The heat index was 105 but I took a deep breath and got started.  Oy, it was hot! 7 minutes and 57 second later I was done.  I was SO excited to have broken 8 minutes!

After my time trial. I was definitely sweating pink!

Saturday I was up at 4:30 to meet my running girls before my graduation.  It rained the last ½ of the run but it was the refreshing type rain and not the downpour type.  I was glad to have that run out of the way early so I could get ready for graduation.  I received my degree in psychology (with honors – yay!) and am looking forward to not having any homework or research projects to turn in.  I’m truly blessed to have had the support of a wonderful husband and a great family to get me through some tough times. I’m not sure what God has in store for me next but I know it will be great whatever it is!

The love of my life

My wonderful parents


6 thoughts on “MCM Training: Week 4 Recap

  1. so much to celebrate!! congrats on your graduation, your sub-8 AND your first training month completed!!!

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