Training Truths: MCM Week 2

Through the Sweat Pink Ambassador community I’ve been privileged to meet many inspiring bloggers. Amy from Running Escapades  is one of those bloggers – make sure to check out her site and say hello! Over on Amy’s blog she does a weekly post called training truths; I fell in love with the idea and have decided to ‘steal’ it.  So instead of recapping week two’s Marine Corps Marathon training, I’m going to give you the training truths I learned from this week.  Thanks Amy for the great idea!

Training truth #1: Running in the rain is fun….for the first 2 miles.  Anything after that and I’m miserable.  Wednesday I did a 4 mile solo run and it rained the entire time, well except for the times that it was a torrential downpour – that goes in a different category than rain.  I think I should stick to dancing in the rain.

I know rain makes me soggy & unattractive but it makes these flowers oh so perrrty!

Training truth #2: Soggy shoes = purple, pruny toes.  Oy, need I say more??

Training truth #3:  Training plans = accountability. I absolutely love the structure a training plan provides me. It would have been incredibly easy on Wednesday to get home and decide not to run due to the weather. BUT my training plan reminded me so nicely that I had a 4 miler to knock out and (thanks to my hectic life schedule deciding to intervene with my running schedule) I knew I wouldn’t have an opportunity to make the run up if I missed it. In my mind, any run that I miss can have a huge impact on my ability to run the Marine Corps Marathon in the time I want. Since I’m running the MCM in memory of my brother I want to make sure to give it everything I’ve got.

Training truth #4: Going to college full time, working full time and marathon training is hard. And time consuming. And I’m pretty sure I have no life right. Hello graduation in 2 weeks!

Training truth #5:  The best way to get to know a city is on foot.  I have noticed more cute little restaurants, awesome wall murals, and fantastic architecture in the past year running then I have the entire time I’ve lived here.

Saw this amazing mural (painted on a building) during one of my runs this week.

Well there they are, my training truths from last week. I hope you enjoyed them.  In my week 1 update I was aggravated at myself for my lack of foam rolling and yoga. This week I made sure to get at least a few sessions in with each.  Next week introduces hill training into my life – oh boy.  (Honestly, I’m looking forward to doing something other than an easy run.)

Question: What training truths have you learned? Leave a comment telling me and make sure to join the conversation on twitter with Amy or myself using #trainingtruths.


6 thoughts on “Training Truths: MCM Week 2

  1. Unless it’s a torrential downpour involving 50mph winds, thunder and lightening, I like running in the rain. I just make sure I wear really good socks that turn the moisure into heat or coolness, and go with it. It keeps you cool the whole time and there’s something peaceful/ empowering about it. Yes, running in the rain does do awful things to toes though.

    • Hi Colleen! I definitely agree with you about it being peaceful & empowering; I normally like running in the rain but it was the intermittent downpours that got to me during this run. I always wear dri-fit socks but I realized that they really don’t do any good when your shoe is soaked. Luckily, my toes recovered nicely. 🙂

  2. What a lovely idea! I agree with you about the fact that running helps me discover more about my community than I had before it. Maybe because when we are in cars, we go too fast to see whats around us!

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