Training – Week 1

Week one down, 15 to go! This was by far the easiest training week.  Yep, I just stated the obvious. Of course the first week’s the easiest.  Duh.

I’ve already shared that one of my biggest fears with training is the weather but I was pleasantly surprised that it played nice, for the most part, all week.  We’ve been having some insanely hot days recently 100+ degree heat index but this past week it was only in the 90s.  I never thought I’d be excited for the weather to drop back into the 90s but it’s much more manageable.   Is it fall yet? Training in the summer heat’s no joke!

Speaking of serious weather, check out these clouds from Saturday’s long run.  If you guessed that my running buddies and I got rained on just a bit, you’d be right.  At least it was a nice and refreshing way to end the run!

Scary cloud shot #1

Not so scary cloud shot #2

So Monday marked the first day of official training (complete with a kickoff celebration), followed up with runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Because the training is so strenuous in later weeks, my training plan only has me doing 4 days of running which gives my body enough time to recover. Yay, for injury prevention!

My super intimidating game face. It’s ok to be scared by this picture….I am!
(I really need to figure out how to take a serious picture.)

The total mileage for this week was only 15, but it increases pretty quickly over the next few weeks.  All-in-all it was a great training week and I’m still feeling refreshed and energized to tackle more!  I do really well with schedules and plans so it’s nice to know that I’m working toward a goal but I have to admit that I failed miserably on my stretching and cross training.  I foamed rolled 0times this week and I did yoga (which I love) 0 times this week.  I can offer up my excuses why I didn’t do anything other than run, but bottom line is they’re still excuses.  I’m going to try to make a bigger effort this week to make sure it happens.

On a non-training note, I found out that I was selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador by Fit Approach.  Holy flattering!! This is from the Fit Approach website explaining what an ambassador is: Sweat Pink Ambassadors live the Fit Approach mission every day: they sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves. I am humbled to be part of this community of awesome and inspiring Sweat Pink sisters.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be featuring an exciting Sweat Pink giveaway so make sure to check back often!  Training week 2 starts today; oorah!


7 thoughts on “Training – Week 1

  1. Welcome Sweat Pink Sister and best of luck with your training! I will also be training soon for my first marathon! Very exciting!

    • Welcome to you, too! How exciting you’re training for your first, too. 🙂 I just checked out your blog and it looks like we may be fairly close to each other. Good luck training; we’ll have to send each other some motivation!

  2. Welcome, fellow Sweat Pink Sister! Good Luck to both of you on your first marathon training! I completed my first full in November and it is an amazing feeling crossing that finish. My finish line photo actually shows me in tears as I shut off my Garmin!

    • Aw, thanks!! That’s so exciting about finishing your first marathon; there are few things that take so much internal and external strength to complete! Hopefully I’ll get a good finishers picture but in reality I’ll probably be bawling like a baby… lol! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful community. I’ve already met so many inspirational women and can’t wait to meet even more. I can’t lie, I’m pretty stoked about sweating pink, too!

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