MCM Training Kickoff

16 short weeks from now I will be a lean, mean, Marine Corps Marathon running machine.  Or at least that’s the goal.  In the next 111 days I’ll log a total of 430.2 miles and if that doesn’t get me ready then there’s really no hope for me.

Monday was the first official day of training and my training plan called for an easy 3 miles.  Sah-weet! This is something my running buddies and I can knock out in our sleep.  Speaking of sleep, the night before training officially started, I had a dream the world was ending.  I can’t figure out if the dream was coincidence or if my sub-conscious really believes that this training is going to be the death of me…

First training run done! I can do this – I think…
Thank you instagram for making this picture easier on the eye.

Either way, my Team Awesome girls and I met in Ocean Springs and decided to get a celebratory post-run daiquiri. (Not clean; I know.  But it was yummy. Please don’t hate me…) I really wanted to make the first day of training a positive experience and not one of “oh crap, what did I get myself into”.  The celebratory daiquiri was just what was needed! 

My gorgeous training buddies! Stacey, Karla and Lorena. We missed sharing a daiquiri with Mary, Peggy, & Donna who are also running the MCM.

I’m fortunate to be training with several awesome women and I can’t wait to run side-by-side with them in DC.  These women will be a support system for me when, not if, I hit a rough spot in training and I hope I can be equally supportive to them.   Since I’m running this marathon in memory of my brother I know there will be some rough spots both physically and emotionally; I would be fooling myself if I thought these next 16 weeks would be a piece of cake.  mmmmm…..cake….  Sorry I got side tracked.  With training in the South Mississippi heat I’m sure I’ll question my sanity at least a few times -heck who am I kidding? I’ll probably question my sanity daily- but I’m excited to see where this crazy journey takes me in the next 110 days!

P.S. I have the most amazing and supportive parents ever! (Sorry for the fuzzy picture quality.)


11 thoughts on “MCM Training Kickoff

  1. good luck with your training! my friend and i will be running the mcm10k, we weren’t quite ready to commit to the marathon. there’s always next year 🙂

    i’m with AmyC…got a little misty-eyed over dad’s post!

    • Thank you so much Susan! I’m excited that you’ll be there doing the 10k; that’s a big commitment, too! It seems like there are quite a few Sweat Pink Ambassadors running the MCM so I’m thinking about trying to organize a meetup.

      • in early october i’ll be running the diva half in NY, so i’m hoping that 10k will seem like a stroll through the park afterwards 😉 that would be fantastic! i’m actually from pennsylvania but i’m staying (and running the 10k) with a friend who lives in virginia, so i’ll be down for the weekend.

      • I’ve never heard of the Diva Half (I’m from MS, so that should explain it) but it sounds like something right up my alley! Will there be some sort of amazing diva-ish running costume involved? 🙂 I’ll post something about a meetup later this week in the SPA facebook group – yay!

      • from what i understand i should expect a sea of pink feather boas, glittery tiaras and a glass of champagne at the finish line for the diva race! excellent, i’ll keep an eye on the fb group!!

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