Barely a 4k Beer Run

This weekend I ran my first 4k.  Nope, I didn’t hit the wrong number on the keyboard.  You read it right, a 4k; and a fun one at that!  When I heard about Yazoo’s Barely a 4k Beer Run I was instantly intrigued.

Swag! T-shirt and beer glass from the run.

I didn’t find out about the run until Thursday but after a few e-mails to my favorite running buddies we were all signed up.  I’ve noticed that it doesn’t take much arm twisting when beer is involved… I have the best running friends ever!

Hooray for awesome running buddies! (Even made some new ones.)

The run was in Bay St. Louis at a place called Sloppy Dogs (perfect for a beer run, right?!) and started about 8:45.  It was super informal; no bibs, no timing clock, just a bunch of runners (and some non-runners) getting together over a common interest.  Any guess what that common interest is??

Totally inappropriate but, oh, so funny!

Before I knew it the race director (and I use that term loosely, he was much more laid back) started shouting out directions about which roads to turn on.  We lined up haphazardly and then were off.  I shouted good morning to a family that was out for a walk and they asked if we were running a race.  I briefly entertained the idea of telling them we were running from zombies but managed to scream we were running for beer instead.  They laughed and joked about joining.  Fast forward a bit… A mere 18 minutes and 4 seconds later, the run was over.

As promised, there were plenty of frosty brews at the finish and lots of happy runners!  Now I have to admit, while I may talk a good talk, I don’t actually care for beer.  *Gasp*  I know, that’s almost un-American.  I did at least take a few sips and, as far as beer goes, it was pretty tasty.

Nice. and. frosty.

I had the so much fun at this 4k and it’s seriously up there on my list of favorite races.  It was awesome getting together with other runners outside of the competitive race atmosphere and I loved that it was the type of run that people from all fitness levels could feel comfortable completing.  Today starts my first day of training for the Marine Corps Marathon – yay!

Question: What’s your favorite fun event and why was it so awesome?

5 thoughts on “Barely a 4k Beer Run

  1. Hi! I headed over from Running with Sass.
    Any race with a group of friends is the best. This one sounds like a great one. Keep twisting arms for sure!

    • Thanks and I’m so glad you stopped by; I love meeting new people! I just checked out your super cute blog and have to say that I reeeeeally want to do a LoziLu run now. I left a comment but I’m guessing it may have gone to spam or something. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Fun! I am not too into beers either, though sometimes they come up with some nice flavoured ones. Have you ever tried an apricot tasting one by St. Ambroise? They are canadian (specifically Montreal) so it might not have made it south of the border.

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