MCM Training Fears

One more week.  Seven full days.  168 hours until I pass the point of no return.  I have all of my affairs in order and in the event of my demise I would like to will all of my earthly fortune to go to…  What?! You think I’d actually tell you who stands to benefit from my death? Yeah, no.

Seriously though, I start training for the marathon next week. While I’m not worried about the intensity of the plan until week 10 (jumps to an 18 mile long run), I do have some fears about the training in general.  BUT by recognizing these concerns and being proactive about them, I’ll be more likely to avoid them.

1. Training in the heat.  Living in South Mississippi where the temps soar above 90 and the percentage of humidity parallels the heat, most runners cut their distances dramatically from June – September.  The ideal marathon training months down here are November – April.  In order to not cook my internal organs I’ll be running at night during the week and getting up on Saturday between 3:30 – 4:00 am to meet my running buddies for the long run.  I will also be consuming liquids like a drunken sailor (only with water instead of rum).

This is from a very sweaty 5 mile run last Tuesday…103 heat index. YOWZA!

2. Injury.  Because I’ve already torn my MCL (knee injury) once I’m really worried about tweaking it again.  The worst thing I can imagine is to train for so many months and then not be able to run because I was dumb.  Nope. Not happening.  I will become a foam rolling fool and commit to doing yoga after each long run and several times during the week.  I will also listen to my body and back off if necessary.

P.S. this is TERRIBLE yoga form. I was starting to tip over because Jody had me laughing…

3. Weight loss.  For most people this is a benefit of training.  For me, it’s a big concern.  My BMI is already over a full percentage underweight.  If I lose more weight I risk amenorrhea  among other issues.  Weight loss seems like it would be an easy thing to not let happen but because I’m a clean eater my food choices are naturally low in calories.  I find myself eating constantly just to maintain my current weight.  I am committing to myself to be more conscious of my food choices and eat more calorie dense foods.  Did someone say cheesecake?! Holla!

4. Lost time with Jody.  My husband is the most important person to me (sorry Mom & Dad) and I don’t want to sacrifice any time together.  With both of us working full time and in school full time, we are already so limited and now I’m taking even more time away from us.  So I promise to ‘carpe diem’ it with him whenever possible! Maybe even talk him into doing some training runs with me. (Alright, probably not. He’s smarter than that.)

Love this guy!!

Ok, sorry about the long post… The next one will be shorter – promise!


13 thoughts on “MCM Training Fears

  1. Keep the long ones! I like reading about your training and the big day! 🙂 Are you going to do strength training at all or just stick to yoga?

    • Thanks Bridget (and I’m glad the long one wasn’t overkill)! 🙂 I’ve been doing strength training now but I’m going to back off during the marathon training. Too many taxing activities without letting your body rest is begging for bad news.

      • Sounds good! I was just curious. I take a weight lifting class 2x a week and there are some runners in there. I love lifting weights and I can’t wait for Tuesdays/Thursdays to roll around. 🙂

  2. We share the same fears (except for the “fear” of weight loss), but the heat, risk of injury and loss of family time are all factors that ring in my head each time I think of the training/marathon. I have a love/hate relationship with this marathon thing so far….a sense of dread then excitement for the potential accomplishment :). We all will get through this together because, after all, we are Team Freaking Awesome!

    • Yes mam we sure will get through this (and beautifully, too) together! I think lost time with loved ones is probably one of the main fears for every distance athlete so at least we’re in good company. We just need to make sure to have fun during the training and everything will be all groovy. I’m definitely looking forward to our training kickoff party! (I’ll use any reason to have a party!)

  3. On the count down honey! WOOHOO! I have already started and it is intense mentally! We can do it though. we need to take a rest day together at a casino pool and relax one day, lol! Cant wait to follow your training:)

    • I know!! Tomorrow’s the day! I’m excited and nervous at the same time because things just got real; I know you know how I’m feeling. We do need to get together sometime before the race, I’d love to meet you!

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