Just “Du” It

This past weekend I was able to check another goal off of my {Before I Procreate} list.  Yay!  #9: Race in a duathlon.  This weekend was Jackson County’s Bicentennial Duathlon in Ocean Springs and I knew I just had to take advantage.

My running buddy Lorena signed up, too, which made this race even better!

It was an “easy” duathlon made up of a 2 mile run, 2 mile kayak, and finished with another 2 mile run. 6 miles total.  Easy, right? HA! Wow, did I underestimate this duathlon.

This is me ignorantly thinking that kayaking 2 miles would be a breeze. HA!

The race didn’t get started until 8:15 and the weather was a balmy 86* with 99% humidity.  Suicide weather for a runner whose not acclimated.

Ready. Set. GO!
Bonus points if you can spot Lorena and me. (It’s pretty easy…)

Pretty soon we were off on our first two miles.  This part was effortless and before I knew it I was at the staging area pushing my kayak into the ocean.  At this point I was pretty pleased with myself.  I had maintained a great pace on the 2 mile run and now I only needed to kayak two miles.

We looked like a little line of ants.

About 5 minutes into the kayaking portion, I knew I was in trouble.  It had been almost a year since I last kayaked and I apparently thought I was much better than I actually am.  I struggled with the current to keep the kayak straight and I really started to feel the heat.  I may or may not have considered swamping my kayak just to cool down…. I shouted some words of encouragement to others kayaking and I was comforted by the fact that I wasn’t the only runner struggling.

I’m about 500 yards from the shore in this shot. YAY!

Finally, after almost 40 minutes I could see solid ground.  Yes! As I pulled my kayak up onto the beach I realized just how soggy I was.  I seriously felt like I had peed my pants – obviously, I was wet from the ocean; not because of incontinence – and my shoes felt like they weighed a ton.  I didn’t care.  I was so ready to get my legs moving again.  I took off and hit my running groove and coasted back to the finish line.  A volunteer was handing out cups of Gatorade and I believe I proclaimed my undying love for him; I think I may have been a bit delirious.

It took me 1:17:00 but I had finished my first duathlon (8:45 pace on the run  portion and 42 minute kayak).  I was so happy to finish and actually ended up taking 3rd in my age group.  I really want to venture into the world of triathlons so this was kind of like getting my feet wet.  I’m a big fan of baby steps.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. Also, I need to hit the gym big time to increase my upper body strength.

My pretty trophy.

What’s something you’ve been wanting to accomplish in life? Tell me in the comment section; I loving hearing people’s goals!


5 thoughts on “Just “Du” It

  1. Awesome job!!! I’ve done a du, but it was run (5k), bike(18 miles), run(5k). My legs were like jello when I got off the bike and started the second run. I can’t imagine being in a kayak and then running again! You rock!!!

    • Thanks, Stacie! Awesome job – I bet your leg were like jello when you were done!! This one was just an itty-bitty du but it was so much fun! I adore cycling but I have a fat tire bike so I’m always afraid of entering a real duathlon and looking (for lack of better words) like I brought a knife to a gun fight.

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