Garden of the Gods

#25 on my {Before I Procreate} list is to run through Garden of the Gods.  Garden of the Gods is an outdoor lover’s paradise located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and sits at an elevation of over 6,300 feet. Yeah, 6,300 feet is pretty high for this sea level runner.

It was a really dreary, overcast morning so this was the best picture I was able to get. Ignore the date stamp; I used someone Else’s camera and didn’t know that feature was turned on…

This was sort of a full-circle goal since {My Journey} with running started in Colorado Springs and prematurely ended in the Springs.  Now that I have my running groove back I couldn’t wait to tackle Garden of the Gods.  With my stepsister Sarah graduating, I knew I’d be going home and would have the perfect opportunity.

Doing what I do best….goofing around! Love these kids.

I was already pumped to tackle Garden of the Gods but even more stoked when Sarah said she’d go with me.  Seriously?? What better way to get in some quality time with her; cha-ching!  I really wanted to see the sunrise so I drug a very sleepy Sarah out of bed at 5:45 and off we went.  Did I mention that it was only 40 degrees out?? This was a lovely system shock after running in almost 90 degree weather for the past few weeks.

How in the world is this kid old enough to graduate?

As we started to run through the stunning rock formations, I couldn’t help but notice how Sarah had grown into such a beautiful, compassionate young woman – with a goofy sense of humor!  She was 8 when I graduated and in some ways I still look at her as that kid. (I guess this is similar to the feeling parents get when their kids grow up.)  We chatted about college goals, a little bit about boys and a lot about life in general. In the end, we totaled 5.25 miles which is the farthest Sarah has ever run.  (Yes, future runner in the making.)

When I put #25 ‘Run through Garden of the Gods” on my list I had thought that I would enjoy God’s beautiful handiwork with the natural rock formations and running trails.  I had no idea I would gain much, much more during this run.   I got to know Sarah as the woman that she is and not the kid she was.  While I did end up appreciating God’s handiwork, it wasn’t what He had created thousands of years ago but who He created 17 years ago that made achieving this goal memorable.

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