National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! You mean there’s a day specifically for running? Yep. If tortilla’s can have a national day, running can, too! How am I going to celebrate it? A few of us plan to do an easy 6 mile sunset run tonight across the Ocean Springs bridge and along the beach.  It’s really a gorgeous run, come join me!!

The lovely Ocean Springs Bridge where there’s almost always an amazing sunset.

I may have been guilty of sending one or two of these notes before…

New to running or not a runner but want to bet?? No worries, today is the PERFECT day to begin your relationship with running! So how exactly does one initiate a relationship with running? Thankfully, it’s a lot less complicated then when you were trying to date in high school. You don’t have to send your bestie to see if running “likes” you, there’s no awkward exchanging of phone numbers and waiting for running to call, and best of all there’s no dad sitting on the front porch waiting for you to get home from your date with running! But here’s the hard part: You have to make the first move! Scary? Yes. Worth it? Totally! Plus, running will never reject you!  It’s like a double win.

Now, we all have to start somewhere and the best place is from your current fitness level. This could be walking a block or slow jogging a mile. Just get out there and put one foot in front of the other. Yes, it’s going to be hard at first but the best things in life rarely come easily. When you’re tempted to give up, take a step back and realize what a huge accomplishment you achieved just by getting out there in the first place. One of my favorite quotes is, “Whether you run a 6 minute mile or 14 minute mile, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.” Help Competitor keep up with all the miles ran today by logging your miles on their website.

Whatever your reason, just run!

So once again, happy National Running Day!! Now get going!


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