Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this amazing three day weekend.  I just got back from a quick trip to Colorado where I was spoiled with awesome, humidity free running weather with temps ranging from 40 in the morning to 70 in the afternoon.  It’s such a switch coming back to Mississippi where you’re immediately assaulted by the hot temps and humidity.

Ah, lovely Colorado. How I miss your gorgeous scenery and perfect temps already! (Side note…I have no idea why the picture is date stamped 1995…..)

While I know we all love a good three day weekend (no matter what the reason) it’s especially important to recognize the reason behind this particular extended weekend.  A bit of history first.  Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, while not a federal holiday until 1971, was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868, as a way to honor the lives that had been lost during the Civil War (both Union and Confederate were honored).   Hundreds of thousands have sacrificed their lives protecting America in countless wars.

Biloxi National Cemetery. Final resting place to approximately 17,000 of America’s finest men and women. This was taken Memorial Day 2011.

Fast forward 138 years to Memorial Day 2006.  This was the first Memorial Day that I fully realized that the three day weekend I had always enjoyed was more than barbeques and picnics; that it was a gift given to us, purchased with the blood of heroic men and women.  Four of those men are pictured below.  On November 16, 2005, they made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can continue to enjoy our barbeques and picnics.   Thank you to all who have given their lives to keep me (us) free and all of the men and women currently serving to keep us free!!

As you enjoy today, please take a moment to reflect on the reason why we’re able to enjoy it in the first place.  Then grab your spouse, kiddos, friends (heck even a stranger. Ok, just kidding on the stranger bit.) and head to the beach or a barbeque; it’s a beautiful day to enjoy your freedom!

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