Welcome to My Blog!

Hi everyone! Much to the chagrin of my husband, I have crossed over into the blogging world.  I fought the idea for a long time but finally caved to pressure from family and friends.   Since I work full time, go to school full time, and still attempt to have a life with my hubs, I’m really bad at keeping in touch with my family and friends from across the country.  This blog is a way for me to keep everyone updated (mainly my parents – hi, Mom & Dad!) on the ups and downs of marathon training and share my thoughts on clean eating, healthy living, and life in general.

Oh, yes! This is where I’ll be spending my birthday and I can’t think of a place on Earth I’d rather be! {Photo credit}

This fall I’ll be running my first marathon (26.2 miles – EEK) in Washington, DC.  In honor of my brother.  With some amazing women.  On my birthday!  I am so excited and honestly get emotional thinking about it.  I just keep thinking this is the least I can do to pay tribute to my brother (Lance Cpl. Roger W. Deeds) and his friends (Cpl. Jeffrey A. Rogers, Cpl. Joshua J. Ware, Lance Cpl. John A. Lucente) that were KIA Iraq. I know that I’m going to face my fair share of struggles (the main one being training in the South Mississippi heat) but it’s going to be totally worth it!  If you want to get notified when I update this blog, there’s a subscribe button to the right and you’ll get an e-mail whenever I post something new.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out Noshing on Asphalt!


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